Zhejiang Shaoxing Institute of Health Research Center, life Sciences division Center hiring people with lofty ideals

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According to the development needs of Zhejiang University, Shaoxing Institute of Health Research Center, life Sciences division Center for overseas careers is!

  1. Unit introduction

Zhejiang Shaoxing Institute is composed of Zhejiang University, Shaoxing Municipal People's government jointly set up by the institutions, 2022 1 month was formally established, with the microelectronics Research Center, Health Research Center, the Asian Civilizations Research Center. The Institute combined with Zhejiang University in scientific research, talent cultivation strengths and Shaoxing City, location, resources and industrial advantages, carrying out biological medicine, new materials, medical devices, integrated circuit, the cultural industry in areas such as research and innovation, designed to lead the education of a group of high-level talent, cutting-edge development of key technologies, hatch a batch of high-tech industry projects, the building became the leading domestic and international first-class new R & D institutions.

Life Sciences division Center hereinafter referred to as“sub center”and relying on Zhejiang University, Life Sciences Institute, established Zhejiang University, Shaoxing, Institute of life and Health Research Center of two plates, one located in Shaoxing Binhai New Area, Xing the Bay of precision medicine industry Park, to the national strategy for the traction, the focus of major diseases, accurate diagnosis and treatment, gene therapy, cell therapy, a new type of vaccine research and development and other cutting-edge disruptive technologies, and focused on conversion of research work.

From Shaoxing Institute since its establishment in the various departments of the support, the center currently has to the post R & D team of 11, the distribution of immune cell therapy, stem cell therapy, molecular diagnosis and targeted therapy, biological, genetic, and synthetic biology to the five directions. To promote basic research to innovative pharmaceutical products across the development, supporting the construction of a one million square meters of compliance with regulatory requirements for cell and gene therapy GMP laboratory, supporting the project Hatch special funding and incubation mechanisms to support innovation and entrepreneurship provides a systemic environment and services. Sub-centers adhere to the“high starting point, create a character, seeking excellence”development, bringing together high-level innovation and entrepreneurial talent, to create Zhejiang Greater Bay Area life and health industry, innovation engine, striving for a world-class Biomedical Innovation Center.

  1. Basic conditions

1. Law-abiding, strong sense of responsibility, good character, academic integrity, and has a good team spirit;

2. With a solid theoretical basis that has the ability, has the potential to engage in innovative scientific research, technology development and results of the conversion work, have a pioneering and enterprising skills and team spirit;

3. Candidates should have a master's or above degree, with age, in principle Dr. not more than 45 years of age, Master of not more than 35 years of age; and for recent Ph. D. graduates of not more than 35 years of age, master's graduates of not more than 28 years of age; in particular, the excellent persons age may be appropriate to relax.

  1. Recruitment type and requirements

  1. Team description

  1. Compensation and benefits

1. Postdoctoral treatment:

(1)pre-tax pay 35 million/year, including local subsidies

(2)funded: full-time and on-the-job post-doctoral respectively, supporting the funding of 20 million and 15 million, while the Institute will actively assist and guide the declared National Natural Science Foundation, postdoctoral Fund and other kinds of scientific research projects, to get the appropriate funding, Shaoxing City will provide matching funding.

2. CDMO platform of post:

(1)QA Director/Manager salary: 20-40 million/year;

(2)QC Director/Manager salary: 20-40 million/year

(3)cell platform supervisor, fermentation and Culture platform leader, purification platform supervisor, EHS Engineer, Public Works Engineer Salary: 15-30 million/year

3. R & D technician salary: 10-20 million/year

4. Benefits:

(1)the six Insurance: Pension Insurance, basic medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, mutual health insurance, housing provident Fund bilateral pay a proportion of 24% of the

(2)benefits: travel allowance, communication allowance, meal allowance, travel security, double-break, paid annual leave, health examination, birthday, sympathy, education, training, interests, associations, Dating networking, sports activities and other multiple benefits.

5. Local subsidies: according to Shaoxing City, the introduction of talent policy, Dr. buyers subsidy of 40 million yuan, the home subsidy of 12 million yuan; the master of the purchase subsidy of 20 million yuan, the home of subsidies 9 million;“the double first-class”undergraduate housing subsidies of 15 million yuan, the home subsidy of 9 million yuan, more than subsidies according to Shaoxing City personnel policy dynamically adjusted.

  1. Application materials

1. Personal resume

2. Degree qualifications certificates scan

3. The results prove the material

The above material in order to merge into a PDF file,to“name+degree+graduate colleges”named 作为附件发送至application@techtalentsuk.com, the 送一份至tingzhang2016@hotmail.com邮箱 message subject unified to“Shaoxing Institutes of the life Sciences division center+job title or team name+job name of the job”, the body of the message description of the candidate's personal profile, apply by reason.

Job Features

Job Category

Biology, medicine

Academic requirements

Master and above

Number of vacancies


Age requirement

35 years old and below

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