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Unit introduction

Zhejiang Shaoxing Institute is composed of Zhejiang University, Shaoxing Municipal People's government jointly set up by the institutions, 2022 1 month was formally established, with the microelectronics Research Center, Health Research Center, and the Asian Civilizations Research Center. Institute of play, Zhejiang University on scientific research, talent cultivation strengths and Shaoxing City, location, resources and industrial advantages, carrying out biological medicine, new materials, integrated circuits, cultural industry in areas such as research and innovation, designed to lead the education of a group of high level professionals, the development of cutting-edge key technologies, hatch a batch of high-tech industry projects, the building became the leading domestic and international first-class new R & D institutions.

Health Materials Center, hereinafter referred to as the“center”is the life and Health Research Center of two plates, one located in Shaoxing City Yuecheng District Medical Complex in the industrial Park, the first phase of the development site of approximately 8000 square meters. Center for major national needs and people's lives and health, relying on Zhejiang University, polymer science and engineering disciplines and talents, focus on healthy materials in the field, major research interests include biomaterials, high-end medical devices, healthcare, medical consumables, functional film materials and devices, light-emitting materials and devices and graphene materials and products, etc., adhere to the“high starting point, create a character, seeking excellence”development of the road, and strive to build a world-class health Materials Innovation Center.

According to the sub-center development needs, is now facing the domestic and overseas universities and the public the recruitment of R & D talent, welcome to the eligible young talents to join the big health material each research team!

Apply basic conditions

1. Law-abiding, good health, ideological and political performance is good, non-academic ethics, academic integrity and other issues;

2. With a solid theoretical basis that has the ability, has the potential to engage in innovative scientific research, technology development and results of the conversion work, have a pioneering and enterprising skills and team spirit;

3. Candidates should have a master's or above degree, with age, in principle Dr. not more than 45 years of age, Master of not more than 35 years of age; and for recent Ph. D. graduates of not more than 35 years of age, master's graduates of not more than 28 years of age. Particularly outstanding persons age may be appropriate to relax.

Recruitment type and requirements

R & D team and research direction


1. Technology development experts

35 to 80 million/year, a conference. The Institute will actively recommend and guidance condition excellent reporting at the national and provincial Talents Program, the selected candidates in addition to enjoy the appropriate level talents scientific research start-up funds, subsistence allowances and working conditions.

2. Post-doctoral

35 to 50 million/year with local subsidies, according to the work performance in addition to enjoy the performance benefits and post-doctoral talents treatment full-time post-doctoral grant of 20 million yuan, on-the-job post-doctoral grant of 15 million daily funding, out of the station after leaving the described work can also apply for up to 20 million settlement subsidy in. The Institute will actively assist and guide the declared National Natural Science Foundation, postdoctoral Fund and other kinds of scientific research projects, funded, the city will provide funding support.

3. R & D key personnel

(1)a senior R & D engineer: 20 to 40 million/year.

(2)R & D Engineer: 15 to 30 million yuan/year.

4. Analysis and testing the talent

10 to 20 million yuan/year.

All of the above posts talents, and eligible can apply Shaoxing City, the introduction of talent treatment: Dr. buyers subsidy of 40 million yuan, the home subsidy of 12 million yuan; the master of the purchase subsidy of 20 million yuan, the home of subsidies 9 million;“the double first-class”undergraduate housing subsidies of 15 million yuan, the home of subsidies 9 million. The above subsidies according to Shaoxing City personnel policy dynamically adjusted. 

Recruitment process

1. Resume

In line with the above post conditions candidates send your resume, degree academic certificate, the results prove that the material in order to merge into a PDF file,to“name+degree+graduate colleges”named 作为附件发送至邮箱application@techtalentsuk.com message subject unified to“Shaoxing Institute of Health material candidates”, the body of the message description of the candidate's personal profile, apply by reason.

2. Qualification

According to the job requirements for eligibility, determined to participate in the interview list of persons, because the candidates are numerous, did not enter the interviewer subject to change without notice.

3. Interview

By Zhejiang Shaoxing Institute of Health materials center Committee of experts on the corresponding recruitment of personnel for the interview, the assessment is not provided finalist in proportion, according to the applicants qualifications, work history consistent with the degree, the research results prove that, the award-winning honor certificate, and other related material for the consolidated examination, the results of the interview will be held after the interview within 1 Week by telephone or email to inform, interview by persons determined to be recruits.

4. Hire

Proposed staff must be available at the Institute's notification of registration within the period, holding a medical examination report and qualifications, titles, separation certificate or with the original units terminate the labor contract and other evidence material to the check-in registration procedures. If there are special reasons not scheduled to report for duty shall be promptly informed, otherwise, overdue will no longer retain jobs hiring qualifications. Candidates offers candidates the material should be real and effective, where the fraud who, once verified, cancel their hiring qualifications.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements

Master and above

Number of vacancies


Age requirement

35 years old and below

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