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Unit introduction

Tan force of Ming, a researcher and doctoral supervisor. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institutes of advanced technology, brain cognition and brain disease Institute, PI. Long-term commitment to nervous system development and plasticity of the molecules, cells, and loop mechanism research. University of California, Los Angeles Dr. 2010-2016 year, the post-doctoral(2016-2022 years. 2021 won the National Young Talents project of overseas support. Find the regulation of retinal loop-specific Assembly of a key regulatory protein family; and in the molecular and cellular level to elucidate the visual cortex advanced features of Loop after birth the development and plasticity, as well as the visual experience of the regulation of the process mechanism. The outcome to the first author or the corresponding author with co-published in a Cell (2015, 2022), Neuron (2018, 2020), Current Biology (2021), J Neurosci (2022) and other magazines. And co-author of Identity published in Cell Reports, eLife (2), Neuron (2). the

Wang Li Qiang, chief physician, Professor, doctoral tutor. People's Liberation Army General Hospital Ophthalmology Department of Medicine Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of PI. Harvard University post-doctoral, the United States, MIT Department of Biochemistry visiting scholar. Eligible for Army science and technology leading talent 2021, the Beijing Science and Technology Progress first prize(2021-1, the National Innovation rushed medals(2020), Wuzhou women's science and Technology Awards in 2021, and the Army science and Technology Progress Award and many other awards. Engaged in the problematic of ophthalmic surgery and stem cell research, as the project head of the bear in 2017, the National Key R & D program of stem cells and Translational Medicine projects 2017YFA0103200, the funding 2983 million yuan, the project successful conclusion, each of the topics in Knot topic is excellent. The project to establish the animal in vivo stem cell lineage tracer technology, real-time monitoring, tracking, reproducing cells of origin, migration and the properties of the conversion. In the Beijing Natural Science Foundation key project, funded by the successful use of stem cells induced to differentiate into corneal endothelium. Clinical conduct of the artificial cornea Joint Stem Cell surgery, so that cannot be the treatment of end-stage corneal blind patients see again, the number of cases, disease complexity, and literacy rate are obtained international peer recognition results at the International Congress on the Special Report. Went to Harvard University, Tufts University, Oregon Health and Science University, guest lectured, and establish long-term relations of cooperation.

Job description

Job responsibilities:

In the PI under the guidance of, and carry out independent scientific work, using a large animal model, goat, monkey research visual neural circuit plasticity and cell transplantation to rebuild the loop of the regulatory mechanism. Through the function of nuclear magnetic and multi-channel electrode recording quantitative assessment of optic nerve disease large animal model after cell transplantation after treatment of visual loop reconstruction, and to study the loop after the reconstruction of the plasticity changes and rebuild the mechanism. This topic has been awarded the Ministry of science fourteen five key research and development plan project support, the entire project will be for glaucoma and other optic nerve diseases in the clinical treatment of the development of effective programmes, the academic and industrial prospects are very broad.

Recruitment conditions:

1. In the domestic and Foreign well-known universities has been or is about to obtain a PhD; and

2. Has been or is about to, the first author of the identity of the published high-level research papers;

3. Proficiency in magnetic resonance imaging(fMRI)experimental operation and data analysis, or mastering the multi-channel electrode recording experimental operation and data analysis;

4. The scientific passion, the ability to independently carry out research work, to learn new knowledge and new technology, problem solving ability, Team cooperation ability;

5. There are non-human primates and other large animal research experience is preferred.

Application process

Applicants will be cover letter, resume content, including photos, education, work experience, scientific research, and undergraduate/graduate diploma(photocopy), and three letters of recommendation, including doctoral supervisor, by referral direct mail sent to Tan force-Ming, PhD, the research results prove that send to: subject of the message, please indicate: apply for postdoctoral+name

Job Features

Job Category

Biology, medicine

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Number of vacancies

2 people

Age requirement

No limit

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