Zhejiang University Maritime Academy Postdoctoral job posting

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Unit introduction

Zhejiang University Fu-dimensional Qi, Lin Jianping, Professor team joint recruitment of Marine Science, Bio-Chemical, Environmental Engineering, Marine Technology and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Environmental Microbiology and other related professional post-doctoral research assistant, Zhejiang University, Marine Research Institute sheets Sea Life Fellow of the ocean II by the Director as the team's chief adviser. Welcome domestic and foreign universities/research institutes graduated from graduate students to join.

Job description

Job responsibilities:

The appointee will assist in the team's study, relatively independently undertake research work, the cooperation of the published top dissertation help guide the PhD/Master students, cooperation and application of scientific research projects.

Recruitment conditions:

1, a post-doctoral requirements in the past three years in domestic and overseas first-class universities or research institutions, made of marine science, bio-chemical, marine technology and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and technology, environmental engineering, Microbiology and other related professional doctorate, or about the jobs report before obtaining his doctorate, physical and mental health, law-abiding, has a good therapist-German artist of the wind and the academic ethics;

2, the age of the principle of the thirty-five years of age; and

3, has a strong research interest, strong independent research skills, English reading and writing skills;

4, have strong communication skills, political science, rigorous, strong sense of responsibility, has the good team cooperation spirit;

5 full-time at Zhejiang University Zhoushan campus is located in Zhejiang province, Zhoushan, or zijingang campus, located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province, or the East China Sea Lab is located in Zhejiang province, Zhoushan City, the ten Provincial Laboratory of preferential treatment, the annual salary of up to half a million dollars to work with.


1, the salary and benefits: according to National Post-Doctoral relevant provisions and Zhejiang University to the relevant provisions, the specific treatment based on expert interviews to assess the results and papers published case agreed.

2, the team with the domestic first-class involved the sea research institutions such as the Ministry of natural resources of the second Institute of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego(UCSD), New York University Abu Dhabi campus(NYUAD), etc. have a good working basis for post-doctoral future development support; team full support for post-doctoral as official application for postdoctoral Science Foundation, the National Natural Science Fund Youth/Project and Zhejiang all levels of the issue.

3, such as apply for Zhejiang University postdoctoral fellow, human relations into Zhejiang University, in the station time in principle 2 years, the station during a may be identified as a research assistant job title; enjoy the school's medical insurance, pension insurance, work injury insurance and other basic social insurance. Minor children by the College assistance contact the nearest care, and school. To provide a good scientific research work conditions.

4, to apply for Zhejiang University post-doctoral treatment to the pit stop after the Zhejiang University postdoctoral management implementation approach of the subject; apply for the East China Sea Lab postdoctoral paid gross salary of up to fifty million yuan, the specific treatment is negotiable.

Application process

Recruitment will adhere to the open, fair, competitive, merit principles. Where interested, please prepare the following material:

1, detailed personal resume, arrogant learn to begin a continuous learning, job resume, including published papers, are responsible for the scientific research projects, etc.

2, papers, books, patents, awards, and other can be shown that the applicant research capacity and academic level of support material.

3, application materials sent by mail to the following contacts, messages title, Please indicate the“name+post-doctoral candidates”, the first instance after passing'll notice an interview.

Recruitment deadline: 2022 Year 12 month 31 day;

Contact information: application@techtalentsuk.com and, please indicate the“name+post“)

Job Features

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Number of vacancies

2 people

Age requirement

35 years old and below

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