Shanghai motor Academy first on River International Young Scholars Forum officially launched!

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Technical stand the school, the application for the present. To actively promote the school new era of talent strong school strategy, the building has national influence of the exemplary application of Technical University, Shanghai motor Academy will be held in 2022 12 mid-held the first on the river of the International Young Scholars Forum.

The forum will be in“communication, collaboration, innovation, sharing”purposes, around the school advantages of the characteristics of subjects of development, the focus of intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence and other emerging industry development direction, we sincerely invite domestic and overseas young scholars to discuss the research focus, in an effort past the difficulties of the development blueprint.

The forum will use the online mode, through the special reports, academic discussion and exchange of negotiate, etc., for young scholars to carry out academic exchanges, presentation of research results to build a communication platform for young scholars to understand the full range of schools to provide a convenient channel.

We sincerely invite domestic and overseas talents copolymer cloud, on Taoism surgery frontiers! Welcome young talents to join the school, hand in hand to create a better future!

Sign up objects

Participants scholars of the age is generally not more than 40 years of age, having at home and abroad well-known University, a doctorate, or a related scientific research institutes, industry leaders work experience.

Research in line with the Shanghai motor Academy related disciplines direction of development, with good research and academic development potential.

Forum schedule

A forum time

2022 12 mid particular time of the notice, for a period of 1 day.

II forum of form and application disciplines

Shanghai motor Academy first on River International Young Scholars Forum online hosting of the“main forum+Forum”in the form of carried out. The sub-forum, according to the disciplines set sub-forum is provided as follows:

1. Electric and new energy sub-forum: electrical engineering and automation, Automation, Control Engineering, New Energy Science and engineering.

2. Smart manufacturing & design art sub-forum: intelligent manufacturing, mechanical design manufacturing and automation, mechanical engineering, vehicle engineering, robotics, new energy vehicles, industrial design, product design, digital media arts, etc.

3. Materials science sub-forum: materials science and engineering, electronics packaging technology, welding technology and engineering and material molding and control.

4. Electronic information sub-forum: computer classes, artificial intelligence, computer science and Technology, Software Engineering, networking engineering, data science and Big Data Technology, Electronic Information class photoelectric Information Science and Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering Centre.

5. Economic management sub-forum: international economy and trade, economic and Finance, Energy Economics, Economic Statistics, Business Management, Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, industrial engineering, logistics management, quality management, engineering, etc.

6. Humanities and Social Sciences sub-forum: the ideological and political education, ideological dissemination, law, international politics, history, philosophy, sociology, English, German.


If you are interested to participate in this forum, please scan the QR code below to register personal information, to meet the participation conditions, will have staff take the initiative to contact.

Registration deadline: 2022 12 on 8 May

School description

Shanghai motor Academy is a for advanced manufacturing and modern service industry, and in engineering-based, Economics, management, literature, arts, science, and other disciplines to coordinate the development of ordinary colleges and universities, with Rinko, Minhang two campuses, the main campus is located in Pudong New District of Shanghai LINGANG dripping Lake. Schools adhere to the“technology stand the school, the application for the”educational strategy, adhere to the production teaches the integration of development, based on Shanghai, radiate the“Yangtze River Delta”, a discipline close to Shanghai intelligent manufacturing and equipment manufacturing industry development needs, is committed to developing the high technology applied talents.

School for a master's degree granting units, the existing control Science and engineering 1 a-level discipline master's degree authorization points, energy and Power, International Business, electronic information, machinery, materials and chemical engineering 5 professional degree category master's degree authorization points, 39 undergraduate programs. School through the introduction and training and ways to build technology application-oriented teaching staff, with countries Jay Green, a hundred million engineering national talent, enjoy the State Council Special Allowance experts, the Shanghai leading talent and a number of high-level talent. The school is focused teaching core part of innovative education teaching philosophy to deepen the educational reform in recent years has received national teaching Achievement Award, Shanghai teaching achievement prize and other awards, and was inducted the first batch of Shanghai colleges and universities first-class undergraduate construction to lead the program.

Discipline construction tightly around the focus of the service of intelligent manufacturing and equipment manufacturing industry development, the existing levels of various key disciplines 11,“materials science and engineering”for the Shanghai ⅳ class peak of disciplines,“mechanical engineering”for the Shanghai Class II plateau disciplines,“electrical engineering”for the Shanghai first-class disciplines monitoring of construction disciplines,“power electronics and electric drives”“mechanical manufacturing and automation”of the Shanghai Municipal Education Committee key construction disciplines. School“large Forgings manufacturing engineering and Technology Center”to be included in the Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center,“the Big Heat Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center”“multi-directional Forging Engineering Technology Research Center”was approved, Shanghai Engineering Research Center,“the Shanghai Equipment Manufacturing Industry Development Research Center”was included in the Shanghai College of Humanities and Social Sciences key research base. Schools in the national major scientific and technological project, National Natural Science Foundation focused on supporting the project on continuously made new progress, won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award and other awards.

Standing at a new historical starting point, the school is in XI Jinping's new era of socialist ideology and the party of the big twenty spiritual guidance school career by leaps and bounds, and vigorously promote the talent strong school strategy, seize the opportunity, ride on, for the construction of the distinctive features of the high level of application of Technical University and work hard!

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40 years old and below

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