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Electronic Science and Technology University Shenzhen Institute, hereinafter referred to as the“Institute”is at the National deepening of higher education reform, promoting the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area construction, accelerate the socialist first demonstration area construction in the background, by the University of electronic technology and the Shenzhen Municipal People's government in the 2019 year 12 month work together to build, is located in Shenzhen City Longhua district is. The Institute for Advanced Study of active service national major strategic needs, and oriented to the world of cutting-edge technology, give full play to University of electronic technology in the field of electronic information disciplines chain, innovation chain and talent chain advantages, is committed to building into the field of electronic information of International First-Class Advanced Research Institute. 

The Institute for Advanced Study will carry out a wide range of innovative talent cultivation, leading scientific exploration, joint Technical Research, Scientific and technological achievements transformation, the focus of electronic information materials and integrated circuits, the next generation of wireless communications, the industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing, advanced test with high-end equipment, intelligent equipment and robot, quantum information and optoelectronic devices, artificial intelligence and meta-universe, industrial software and information security, marine electronic information, etc. of the nine research areas, to create innovative training new base, high-tech new source of the head, the outcome of the hatch with the new engine, the strategic emerging industries to accelerate the development injected a strong“into electric power.” The Institute for Advanced Study sincerely welcome excellent Dr. affiliate engaged in post-doctoral research! 

First, the recruit basic conditions 

1. PhD, the excellent, the health of the body. Age at 35 years of age; and 

2. With strong scientific research ability and good team spirit, can be a full-time engaged in post-doctoral research work; 

3. Having good political quality and morality, law-abiding, no adverse record. 

Second, the enrolled subjects direction 

Main enrolling in Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, School of materials science and engineering, physics, optical engineering, computer science and Technology, Software Engineering, instrument science and Technology, Management Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, control Science and engineering, and other disciplines, see the specific attachment of the Advanced Research Institute postdoctoral position requirements table 

Third, the benefits 

Into the station, will be full-time in Shenzhen, the work of the Institute for Advanced Study offers competitive remuneration: 

A remuneration: 

1. Remuneration: to provide not less than 34 million yuan/year comprehensive annual salary with the Shenzhen tax-free subsidies to 18 million per year. As elected to the National“the new plan”, the National“the introduction of the plan”and other excellent post-doctoral Support Program, a comprehensive annual salary before tax of not less than 54 million/year; 

2. Talent allowance: a graduate of World Universities top 300 strong well-known institutions Dr. May apply Longhua District 20 million people before allowances; 

3. Living allowance: the world before College 300 strong well-known institutions Dr. May apply Longhua district one-time subsistence allowance 8 million graduation 2 years; and 

4. Research support: Longhua District postdoctoral key scientific research project award, the highest 20 million; the results of research in the area of transformation and achieved good economic and social benefits, a one-time reward of 10 million; the station during May apply University of Electronic Science and related professional and technical positions review; 

5. Life support: can apply for units of transitional housing or a rent-free stay at 70 below the level of area talent-room, the number of years the maximum length of not more than 3 years; schooling of children enjoy a Shenzhen Hukou students equal treatment. 

Two out of the station leaving to Deep Work treatment: 

Excellent postdoctoral may be preferentially recommended as the University of Electronic Science and the corresponding professional technical senior job candidate. After leaving the station full-time in the Institute of work, in addition to the enjoyment of the Institute for Advanced Study benefits outside, assist in the application of the city, the area of the outbound post-doctoral funding, Longhua district to provide home subsidy of 30 million, the Shenzhen scientific research funding of 30 million. 

Fourth, apply manner 

Accepted throughout the year postdoctoral stint application, interested candidates please send your resume including the basic situation, learn, work experience, research interests and results by e-mail sent to the recruitment mailboxapplication@techtalentsuk.com , With a copy tohr_sz@uestc.edu.cnAnd indicate“apply for postdoctoral+cooperation mentor or discipline+name”lettering. 

Accessories: electronic science and Technology University Shenzhen Institute postdoctoral position requirements table 


Cooperation tutor

Mentor belongs to the discipline

Mentor of the main research direction


The beam should be open

Information and Communication Engineering

Intelligent wireless communication, wireless, big data, and smart Internet of things, etc.


Han Yong Xiang

Coding theory


Cold masterpiece Peng

Wireless and mobile communication system, anti-interference and security communication system, etc.


Zhang Pei

Wireless and mobile communication systems, communication integrated circuits and systems, etc.


Beam rock

Environmental pollution, microbial


Wang Hua

Machine learning and artificial intelligence, signal and intelligent information processing, special application scenarios, such as a high temperature and high pressure wellbore of the instrument design and development, rocks, microscopic pore structure of the quantitative characterization, the intelligent deep deep detection technology and equipment, including the formation Tester, underground fiber optic sensors, downhole data transmission of The Associated R & D


Zhang Bo

Electronic Science and technology

New power semiconductor technology research


Li Cedar

Graphene large-scale preparation and their use in electronics, optoelectronics, energy and environmental areas of application


Yellow peach

Microwave device design technology, large industrial software development


Zhang Bo

Solid-state terahertz front end of the key technology, terahertz chips, etc.


Kang Kai

RF, microwave, millimeter-wave and terahertz integrated circuits and systems, semiconductor device modeling techniques, electromagnetic theory and antenna design.


Zhou Qi

Wide bandgap semiconductor devices and applications


Ming Xin

Power integrated circuits and systems


Any Zhiyong

Computational physics, computational chemistry, computational biology, etc.


Li Yun

Computer science and technology

Explain the new generation of artificial intelligence, and in EDA, IC design, industrial design and intelligent systems of innovation to create


Million Shaohua

Explain the new generation of artificial intelligence, edge intelligence, multimedia smart


Section new

Machine learning, computer vision


Tian Ling

Digital media technologies, cloud computing and Big Data Processing


Zhu Xiaofeng

Big data pre-processing, health, Big Data, computer-aided diagnosis, etc.


Luo Lei

Car operating system and security, blockchain technology and data security


GU solid

Computational Neuroscience, the class Brain artificial intelligence, etc.



Transfer learning, computer vision


Zheng Kai

Database, data mining, artificial intelligence


Song of the well width

Multimedia retrieval and understanding


Zhang Yan as

Game theory network resource management, etc.


Commercial BRI

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence


沈复 people

Computer vision, multimedia search


Shao Chun-Ming

Data mining, machine learning, brain science


Cui Army Red

Underwater Internet of things, the wisdom of the sea, marine electronic information


King of the thickness of the army

Instrument science and technology

Broadband time-domain measurement technology and instruments, electronic system integrated test in the diagnosis and prediction, etc.


Field book Forest

Broadband time-domain measurement technology and instruments, electronic system integrated test in the diagnosis and prediction, etc.


Ye Peng

Broadband time-domain measurement technology and instruments, high-speed high-precision data acquisition and processing, etc.


Zhao Yi JIU

Broadband time-domain measurement technology and instruments, integrated circuit testing and testability design theory and techniques, etc.


Soup Zhiwei

Management Science and engineering

Digital governance, digital economy


Zou effective

Control Science and engineering

Intelligent information processing and control, unmanned systems and special robots, new energy system control and comprehensive


Where when Choi

Pattern recognition and machine learning algorithm, based on the unmanned system multi-source heterogeneous data environment situational awareness, target identification, abnormal state determination, fault diagnosis and PHM


Week snow

Based on the video image of the target detection, tracking and pedestrian re-identification algorithm research, etc.


Week de Hong

High power energy conversion and motor drive technology, high-frequency high-density energy conversion technology, etc.


Lin yuan

Materials science and engineering

Information function of the thin film device


Chen Jun Pine

New energy materials and devices, electrochemical energy storage and catalysis


Deng Xu

The surface of the material science and engineering, surface and interface of physical and chemical


Luo Jun

Battery materials and devices


Yin light intensity

Software engineering

Artificial intelligence, network security, Hyper-scale data processing


Wang Zhiguo

Artificial intelligence, materials physics and chemistry


Zhang Komatsu

Cyberspace security

Network and system security, data security, blockchain and cryptography, artificial intelligence, security


Chen office

Network and system security, data security, blockchain and cryptography, artificial intelligence, security


Yang Jun

Mechanical engineering, software engineering

Additive manufacturing, smart manufacturing and the industrial Internet, industrial AI, acoustic and intelligent sensors, micro and nano-manufacturing, micro-electro-mechanical system, a metamaterial technology, micro-nano Photonics sensing, aircraft design and engineering, aerodynamics, aircraft control, structure, lightweight, additive manufacturing/3D printing, printed electronics, wearable electronics, brain computer interface, healthcare big data, precision forming, etc.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

35 years old and below

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