The China Securities Regulatory Commission post-doctoral scientific research workstation, 2023 was a post-doctoral recruitment announcement

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Posted 9 months ago
The China Securities Regulatory Commission in 2008 to establish post doctoral scientific research workstation, hereinafter referred to as workstation, the aim is to conduct Capital Markets long-term, forward-looking, global in nature and regularity of studies provide strong talent support and intellectual support. The workstation is committed to promoting China's capital markets sustained and healthy development, the analysis of international and domestic economic and financial areas of major hotspots, the focus of the question and the Capital Markets system construction of important theoretical and practical issues of the capital market in the long-term development planning and regulatory system improvement, etc. to provide reports on research and policy recommendations, the Culture Capital Markets high-level scientific talent.

Since 2012 enrolled in the inaugural post-doctoral since the workstation has accumulated culture 11th of more than 70 postdoctoral。 2017, 7 month, by the National Postdoctoral management Committee approval, granted independence to recruit a post-doctoral personnel qualifications. Workstation daily management of work by the CSI financial Institute to bear. CSI financial Institute is the China Securities Regulatory Commission Policy Research, the positioning of the Decision Support Centre, strategic think tanks and theoretical academic base, the focus of decision-making support, service centers and improve the academic research capabilities, is responsible for capital markets long-term, forward-looking, global in nature and regularity of the problem of the research.

For the strengthening of the economic financial and capital market reform and development of major research, and to improve the regulatory quality of work and level for the capital markets to accelerate the cultivate and foster the young academic leaders and scientific backbone, the workstation is now facing the domestic and international public to recruit 2023-stage post-doctoral researchers.

A recruitment plan

Plans to enroll 2023-stage post-doctoral researchers 7 name.

Second, the recruitment conditions

An embrace people's Republic of China Constitution, to embrace the Chinese Communist Party's leadership and the socialist system;

II love the Securities and futures regulatory career, dedication, strong sense of responsibility, have a good sense of cooperation and teamwork, physical and mental health;

Three principle in 35 years of age, the excellent, such as personal conditions are particularly excellent persons age may be relaxed to 40 years of age;

(四)with a strong research ability and professionalism, with research topics related to the professional knowledge. Having a computer and other composite type professional background, overseas background, capital markets related practical experience of personnel is preferred;

(Five)the present, the Suk, Bo principle are studied in domestic and overseas first-class universities; and

VI 2023 recent Ph. D. graduates or PhD time not more than 3 years as of 2023, 7 months; and

Seven full-time in the station for research work.

Third, the research direction

The applicant may be around the following research topics direction, it can also be from the quasi-selected topic:

1. Building the China features a modern capital markets research

2. A sound capital market based system issues related to research

3. The capital markets to support technological innovation and mechanism study

4. Capital markets financial technology innovation in the theory and practice of research

5. The capital markets to support green, low-carbon development studies

6. Capital Market Investment end of the reform and investor structure optimization studies

7. Capital Markets Services my pension reform and Development Studies

8. Capital market cross-market risk conduction mechanism and control mechanism research

9. Built with Chinese characteristics of the valuation system research

10. Lifting listed companies to quality issues related to research

11. Corporate governance and investor protection research

12. Program trading and other new ways to trade and conduct research

13. Bond market development and risk prevention and Control Research

14. Build a real estate development of the new mode of study

15. The digital economy and the Capital Markets Regulatory Impact Studies

16. The registration system under the conditions of intermediary liability System Research

17. Commodities period now market efficient linkage and regulatory research

18. The futures market Service Public Company high-quality development

19. Commodity futures market service dual-carbon strategies and energy transition studies

20. The asset management industry serving the real economy high-quality development studies

21. Private equity differentiated development and regulatory innovation research

22. The Securities and futures law extraterritorial effectiveness issues related to research

23. Chinese capital market law enforcement system construction studies

24. Delisting related to investor protection and civil compensation mechanism research

25. Open condition the Integrated Capital Market Development and Security Studies

26. Global financial risk evolution, conduction and Crisis Response Research

27. Capital Markets Risk Prevention and control and the stabilization mechanism research

Fourth, the filing requirements

A Declaration of materials

1. The China Securities Regulatory Commission postdoctoral application form of the China Securities Regulatory Commission postdoctoral reporting information tables on the attached photo, please go to the CSI financial Institute official website to download it;

2. Proposed research topic plan book: plan book No more than 5000 words containing selected topics in design. Each person selected a subject; and

3. Dr. graduate certificate and doctorate certificate scan; foreign PhD students is also to be submitted by the country's Embassy issued by Returned Overseas students to prove and the Ministry of Education issued a doctorate certification scanned; the 2023 graduating graduating doctoral students can be in after graduation to pay; and

4. Three academic research made by the representative; and

5. Two related disciplines doctoral supervisor recommendations, including the applicant's doctoral supervisor; and

6. ID scanning device.

B. submission requirements

Please 2023 年 3 月 31 days according to the following requirements of the application materials of the electronic version is sent to the registration mailboxes; and

1. Registration e-mail subject:“XX University/unit-XXX(name registration China Securities Regulatory Commission, 2023 was a postdoctoral fellow”; and

2. Please declare the material is placed in a folder, in accordance with the foregoing declarations of the order number, and the folder to“XXX(name). rar”ZIP file form as e-mail attachment submitted.

Three materials review

The present station according to“open recruitment, admission,”the principle of open, fair, fair to recruit a post-doctoral researchers, through the material of the audit staff will be telephone notification.

Download the attachment

Annex 1 to the China Securities Regulatory Commission postdoctoral application form

Annex 2. The China Securities Regulatory Commission postdoctoral reporting information statistical tables

Annex 3. Research proposal

Annex 4. Expert recommendation

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35 years old and below

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