To compile+40 million people before the subsidy is! Qinghai University for nationalities political and public school recruitment announcement

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Qinghai University for nationalities politics and public administration in the existing political science and public administration of the two-level discipline master's degree in points and Public Management Professional Master point(MPA)。 Political science and Public Administration are in Qinghai province key construction disciplines. Beginning in 2005, Political Theory, foreign political systems, the CCP history, scientific socialism and international Communist movement and Administration, Social Security, Land Management, city management, education, Economics and management, government, economy and management, etc. the secondary discipline continuously enrolled graduate students; in 2007 began to recruit culture MPA professional master's students; from the beginning of 2014 with the Tianjin University joint enrolled in the Public Administration PhD students. The prior administration, public administration, Labor and Social Security, political and Administrative Sciences, four undergraduate majors. After years of efforts and development, the College has formed a team of age structure, the title structure, academic structure, the school Edge structure reasonable and part-time combined with a high level of teaching staff, and built to meet the teaching laboratory, library and other teaching facilities as well as the stability of the graduate workstation, undergraduate social internship practice base, forming a complete training system, the disciplines of the more complete, as a College of further development and to the first-class disciplines in the direction of the efforts of the Foundation. Through long-term development, the College formed their own school guidelines and educational ideas.

For the full lifting my College talent team overall level, to adapt to the new era of teaching, research and service the needs of society, invites the community of high level talents.

Recruitment principles

Combine school academic building of the actual needs, adhere to the“scientific planning, on-demand introduction, ability and integrity, guarantee quality”principle, the use of“thing”“one person, one policy”in the form determining the introduction of the treatment.

Recruitment plan

Academic degree Post categories Recruitment needs Professional
PhD students Designed technology jobs Two Public Administration, Political Science and related professional
PhD students Designed technology jobs Two Law, Economics and related professional

Basic conditions

(A)full-time PhD degree, and was awarded the appropriate degree;

(II)Age, in principle, not more than 40 years of age(performance excellence may be appropriate to relax the age limit);

(III)good moral character, professional solid, outstanding performance, with a strong research and innovation capacity and better overall quality.


A provincial treatment: recent Ph. D. graduates can be directly identified in Qinghai province“high-end innovative entrepreneurial talent”top-notch talent, inclusion can enjoy the 40 million of talent subsidies.

(二)school-level treatment

1. Into business units prepared;

2. Disposable introduction treatment of funding: public management, the theory of the Economics of 40 million yuan, political science, law 35 million yuan;

3. Dr. to school to enjoy the 3 year on-campus Associate Professor salary a year later can be identified, associate Professor titles, while offering 3 million scientific research fee;

4. Having a Deputy senior titles in the original treatment, an increase of 5 million yuan, is Senior an increase of 10 million yuan; return of studying in Dr. by professional shortage degrees enjoy the treatment on the basis of the developed high-level College graduate, in the original treatment on the basis of an increase of 5 million yuan;

5. The need to solve a spouse working within the system in principle consider the solution; based on the actual situation to provide free working capital room;

6. High-level talents treatment for the after-tax amount.

Apply for the program

Candidates please send your detailed resume from the undergraduate to the date of application of continuous learning, work, resumes, papers, writings, directory, primary teaching, research results, undertake research projects, patents and awards, and future research plans, etc. materials are sent to the mailbox: Mail the title note: apply for jobs+School+own name.

Job Features

Job Category

Management, Economics, law

Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

4 people

Age requirement

No limit

Apply Online


A valid phone number is required.
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