Dr. knitting within the 7-stage treatment, the minimum award of 46 million yuan! 2023 安陆市 business unit talent introduction supplemental announcement

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Posted 9 months ago

For in-depth implementation of talent strong city strategy, play talent in speeding up“two to a city”in the construction of a supporting role, to promote 安陆 economic and social the high-quality development, 安陆市 business unit intends to introduce a group of high-level and the shortage of much-needed talent. Now the relevant matters are announced as follows:

First, the introduction of the object

安陆市 Business Unit Plan introducing all kinds of talents a total of 62, mainly for the domestic full-time ordinary higher education graduate degree or above degree and focus of the University undergraduate students with recent and previous graduates of. Now in Xiaogan city, within the jurisdiction of the party and government organs, institutions, people's organizations and mass organizations have formal preparation of the personnel is not included in the introduction of talent range.

Second, the eligibility criteria

1. Having people's Republic of China nationality, championing people's Republic of China Constitution, compliance with national laws and regulations, to have good conduct and ethics, having a normal fulfill the responsibilities of the physical condition.

2. Undergraduate students age not over 30 years old for the 1992 Year 1 month 1 day after birth, a graduate of age not more than 35 years of age for the 1987 Year 1 month 1 day after birth, the PhD is not more than 40 years of age for the 1982 Year 1 month 1 day after birth in.

3. 2023 years 8 months 1 days ago you made a post corresponding to the requirements of the diploma, degree certificate.

4. Introduction to Business Unit personnel are required to comply with the public institutions open recruitment staff interim provisions of the basic conditions.

5. One of the following circumstances shall not registration: once subject to criminal penalties and is expelled from public office; at all levels of the Civil Service and business units audition(External)is concluded that there was fraud and other serious violations of Khao recorded Discipline Act; the civil servants to be dismissed under 5 years; is legally classified as a breach of the joint disciplinary object; and during the school trained faculties above the level of punishment; on the required to the orientation of the work is not 满服 service period; and active military personnel as well as relevant laws and regulations shall be recorded(hired with the other cases.

Third, the policy treatment

1. Post treatment.安陆市 institutions attract talent into career preparation management, probation after passing the examination, full-time doctoral students, master's graduate, undergraduate, respectively enjoy professional technology Level 7, 10, and 11-level salary treatment or management positions 7 Class, 8 Class, 9 class wages.

2. Track culture.On the introduction of talent for tracking the culture management, outstanding performance and compliance with the civil service was transferred to the provisions of, the priority of promotion used.

3. Policy treatment.

Music industry subsidies: the introduction of the new PhD graduate within 3 years were distributed in 20-40 million yuan, the introduction of the new postgraduate or key universities undergraduate 3 year annual payment of 2 million music industry subsidies.

Rental subsidies: a new introduction, Dr., master's, Bachelor's graduates who own rent, 3 years each year by 2 million, to 1 million, a 0.6 million issuance of rental subsidies.

Housing subsidies: a new introduction doctoral, master's, Bachelor's graduates, in the town, the first commercially available from live commodity housing, respectively, the one-time issuance of 20 million yuan, the 15 million yuan, with 8 million yuan purchase subsidy.

Free housing: Bachelor Degree or above graduates may stay for free in the city of talent apartment.

4. Nurturing support.Recommended to participate in all levels of the talent program and talent awards, selected provincial and above Talent Program and talent awards program, the municipal personnel office by 1:1 to give 2-20 million reward.

5. Other treatment.The introduction of the talent of the children attending compulsory school, in accordance with his will prioritization, guarantee admission; spouse willing to 安陆 employment by the employer in consultation about the Department the responsibility within the scope of the corresponding coordination or arrangement.

6. Service life.The introduction of talent required to sign a service agreement should be in the units of the minimum service of 3 years, the service period may not participate in the various civil servants, institutions, state-owned enterprises and other recruiting recruitment exam by the organization agreed to except it.

Fourth, the recruitment process

Mainly in campus recruitment, qualification, organization, testing and other processes, in particular the recruitment process another announcement.

Five, the relevant requirements of the

安陆市 Commission personnel work Leading Group Office of talent introduction negative body responsibilities, in strict accordance with the relevant requirements do good talent introduction of all aspects of the work, the qualification through hired to work full, to ensure that cited only work steadily and orderly. The city Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission will strengthen the introduction of talent the whole process of supervision and inspection, such as fraud or favoritism, etc., is a verified will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of serious processing.

1. Talent introduction policy and other related matters by 安陆市 Commission Personnel Office is responsible for the interpretation, 2023 安陆市 business unit talent introduction post plan listed in the contents by the employer and the competent authorities responsible for the interpretation.

2. For violation of the open recruitment discipline of candidates and staff, according to public institutions open recruitment disciplinary violations processing the relevant provisions of the processing, the alleged crime of transfer of the judiciary process.


4. Online registration deadline is 3 May 25, matters not otherwise notice, consult the phone see the 2023 安陆市 business unit talent acquisition recruiter Advisory Mode List action.

The introduction of talent Advisory Tel: 0712-5236743(安陆市 Commission Personnel Office, the registration e-mail: application@techtalentsuk.com and CC to: alzzbrck@163.com Mail name: candidate units+of intent job+name+school)。

Annex 1. 2023 安陆市 business unit talent introduction post table

Annex 2. 2023 安陆市 business units, the introduction of talent recruiters consultation list

Annex 3. 2023 安陆市 business unit talent introduction application form

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