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Posted 5 months ago

The new material is the future of technology and industrial development of the cornerstone and the pilot, the birth of a new round of technological revolution, the innovation paradigm is undergoing profound change.

Suzhou laboratory to“four-face”is simply to follow, around the“strategic products, strategic industry, the future of technology”development of the major of materials science and key technical issues, to strengthen the strategic, structural materials, functional materials and cutting-edge material breakthrough, to create materials in the field of national strategy for scientific and technological strength, building breakout type, lead type, platform type one of the strategic platform, efforts to build a world-class laboratory.

As the Central approved the establishment of new research institutions, Suzhou Laboratory in the beautiful Suzhou Industrial Park, we sincerely invite domestic and overseas field of materials science and technology elites and the young talent, enthusiastically joined together, Yong Yi front row together to tackle tough, work together to climb the peak!

Research direction

1. Structure material high temperature alloy, special steel, light alloy, carbon fiber and composite materials, structural Ceramics, Materials, molding, etc.;

2. Information materials integrated with the key material, the third-generation semiconductor materials and devices, etc.;

3. Dual carbon strategic materials, film materials, large-scale long-time energy storage technology and materials, catalytic materials, green hydrogen and energy storage materials, bio-based materials, etc.;

4. Cutting-edge new material, two-dimensional materials, metamaterials, nanomaterials, biomimetic materials, smart materials, biomaterials, etc.;

5. Material characterization technology, high-end characterization of the instrument development, etc.;

6. Material calculation, materials, genetic engineering, etc.

Job requirements and conditions

Strategies scientists

Having a deep scientific literacy, long-term fighting in the research of the first line, vision, forward-looking judgment and interdisciplinary understanding of the ability, acquired through systematic, creative and internationally recognized achievements and significant contributions, with a strong sense of mission, it is possible to grasp a national strategy needs to determine the major research direction, and good at Organization and leadership large-scale scientific research, the courage to explore, not difficult, dare to innovation, with rigorous scientists spirit. Physical health, age is not limited, can be a full-time single external or dual-employed. With a team of introduction of a meeting.

Number of vacancies: 30 people

Leading scientists

In the areas of focus emerge, made by the domestic and foreign counterparts experts recognized scientific or art and other outcomes, there is a certain academic influence and Project organization and implementation capacity. Can be in accordance with the national strategy needs to lead important research direction, the Unity team, the coagulation hearts meet force, pioneering and innovative, the Storming of the G hard. Age is generally not more than 45 years of age, can be a full-time single external or dual-employed. With a team of introduction of a meeting.

Number of Vacancies: 50

Youth Science and technology talent

With strong scientific research ability and potential for innovation, and strong sense of team, involved in the important scientific research or technology development projects, forge ahead, with a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism. Generally have a doctorate, age not over 35 years old, full-time single employed.

Number of vacancies: 300

Basic conditions

Adhere to the correct political direction, to embrace the Chinese Communist Party leadership, to comply with PRC laws and regulations, has a good scientific ethics, good character, honesty and trustworthiness, all good records.

Supporting policies

1. To provide internationally competitive, can make the candidates feel at ease academic, committed to innovation of remuneration; and

2. To provide a more abundant research funding and conditions of the guarantee;

3. Provide a good transitional housing or talent to apartment, to help solve their children to school and other needs;

4. Provide five insurance payments, holiday welfare, annual physical examination and vacation and other benefits;

5. Provide a wealth of professional training, have the complete talent development system.

Contact information

请有意加入者发送个人简历及相关证明材料至, with a copy to: Mail name to the“Apply job+name”is. Proven materials and are not limited to, papers, patents, awards, etc. representative of the outcome document.

Application delivery all year round entertained. The first round of the introduction of the review is planned for 2023 1 mid-on.

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