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School description

Nanjing information engineering of the University is the National“Double First-Class”construction of colleges and universities, is Jiangsu High-Level University construction focus on supporting colleges and universities. The school's main campus is located in the city of Nanjing Jiangbei new district, state-level new area of the core region. The existing 7-level discipline doctoral programs, the 44-level course(professional)master points and 75 undergraduate programs, and has 4 post-doctoral flow station. School of atmospheric Sciences in the disciplines evaluated in two consecutive rounds of ranked first in the country in 2022 soft section published a world-class disciplines ranking, atmospheric science disciplines ranked sixth. Earth Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Environmental Science and ecology, chemistry, agricultural Sciences, materials science, and social Sciences General theory, etc. 8 disciplines among ESI disciplines ranked in the global top 1%, including Earth Science and computer science into the ESI global ranking of the top 1 per thousand.

Centre summary

Recently, the world climate research programme WCRP approved the establishment of the global extreme weather and climate platform, Global Extremes Platform, GEP), and as Regional Information for Society(RIfS new Core project is the important part.

Global extreme weather and climate platform integration WCRP extreme weather and climate-related research, focusing WCRP Science user attention of the global extreme weather and climate events and their social impact to global climate researchers, governments and international organizations to provide with extreme weather and climate related services and academic frontier, and provide service to the science and user communities with extreme weather and climate-related databases, and services in the future, the IPCC seventh scientific assessment for mitigation and adaptation to future extreme weather and climate change to provide scientific decision support to better support international climate policy and the global climate governance.

For comprehensive promotion of the WCRP this new research program, 2022 7 months, Nanjing information engineering of the University with the WMO co-signed the world climate research programme WCRP—global extreme weather and climate platform Nanjing Center GEP-SU of the cooperation agreement, South-letter greatly GEP-building support unit of the GEP-SU River. 2022 Year 11 month 28 day, the global extreme weather and climate platform Nanjing Center GEP-SU in the South dated Taisho style the unveiling was established.

GEP-SU will be relying on the WCRP and South-letter large relations of cooperation, the integration of schools advantage of disciplines; by deepening and international organizations in scientific research, team building, personnel training and other aspects of cooperation, the establishment of international scientists and South-letter great scientist between positive and friendly science partnership; in more of the area of climate, especially extreme weather climate areas, conduct original research, and strive to build a world-class cutting-edge cross-platform; the joint of the world climate research programme, facing global climate researchers, governments and international organizations to provide with extreme weather and climate-related services.

GEP-SU center is now facing the global recruit outstanding talent, warmly welcome domestic and overseas elites to join! The center will leverage the WCRP partners the opportunity to provide a broad opportunity to work together for development, concentric create brilliant!

Team of experts

The introduction of talent will be in the GEP experts and

South-letter great scientist co-directed work

A Francis Zwiers Professor

The Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, the American Geophysical Union and American Meteorological Society Fellow in. The current University of Victoria, Canada Pacific Climate Impact of the Joint Center PCIC Director of the, A former Canadian climate change with the Ministry of the Environment Canada climate modeling and Analysis Center CCCma senior research scientist and head, as well as climate research unit Director. Published more than 200 papers and book chapters, of which 12 papers published in the journal Nature, is the Thompson-Reuters highly cited scientists. Served as the IPCC in the Fourth Assessment Report of the coordinating lead authors and the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report of the members of the Bureau and the Working Group Vice-Chair. Had any of the Journal of Climate editor-in-chief and International Journal of Climatology, Deputy chief editor. The current is a Journal of Climate and the Journal of Geophysical Research–Atmosphere, the Deputy editor, as well as interdisciplinary journal of Advances in Statistical Climatology, Meteorology and Oceanography of the joint editor.

(二)Zhang Xue-Bin, Professor

The Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, the Canadian Environment and climate change, a senior research scientist. Mainly engaged in extreme climate change, climate change detection due and statistical climatology research. In 2007, the journal Nature published the world's first article about human activities on the global rainfall distribution on the article, its research team in 2011, the discovery of human activities on the Northern Hemisphere land of extreme rainfall evidence of the impact of, and as the cover article published in the journal Nature. The leadership of the international cooperation, is proposed for the observation and simulation of a series of extreme climate indices, called“ETCCDI”, has been widely used in climate science being. Had any of the world climate research programme WCRP major challenges of extreme weather and climate program co-chair of the World Meteorological Organization and the WCRP climate change detection and indices of the expert group ETCCDI co-chair, IPCC SREX and the Fifth Assessment Report of the main author of the Sixth Assessment Report of the coordinating lead authors authors. Current Weather and Climate Extremes editor.

(三)Jiang Zhi red Professor

Nanjing Information Engineering University Professor, secondary, and Ph. D., a former Nanjing Information Engineering University Vice-Chancellor。 Mainly engaged in climate change, extreme weather detection is attributed with this, statistics, climate and other research, has presided over the National Key Research and development project, the National Natural Science Foundation key project of national major scientific research projects. In the domestic and international authoritative journals published more than 300 articles, published 6 unit. Research is the IPCC report Series reference, as the main author participated in a series of Chinese Climate Change Assessment report written, obtained the Ministry of Education, Jiangsu province, China Meteorological Administration, and other provinces more than science and Technology Progress Award many items. Current Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, Deputy chief editor.

(四)frequency Tao Professor

Nanjing Information Engineering University Professor, secondary, and Ph. D., The National Outstanding Youth Fund winner, Major National Talent Plan B class youth top-notch talent, Jiangsu Distinguished Professor, The IPCC Sixth climate change assessment report, AR6 main author. The current Nanjing Information Engineering University atmospheric science Dean, weather and Environment, Joint Research Centre, the Director of the meteorological disaster forecasting and early warning and assessment, Collaborative Innovation Center Executive Director, the Chinese Meteorological Society climate change and low carbon development Deputy head of the Committee members, the National Climate and climate change Technical Committee for standardization of Secretary-General. Mainly engaged in climate change, extreme weather events, and the East Asia climate variability and mechanisms and other aspects of the research. Published academic papers more than 170 articles, had been painted a long desired youth meteorological science and Technology Award, Zou bid Monte meteorological science and Technology Awards, ten national outstanding youth meteorological scientists and many other rewards.

Research direction

•Climate big data development and application

•Extreme events and composite event statistical theory research

•Extreme events during parsing, and mechanistic studies

•Climate change detection due, the research on the mechanism and to predict and influence

•Extreme events and high-impact composite of extreme events change, attributed, and this

Post profile

A job type:

  1. Job type:

  1. Subject leader with Deputy senior titles; the

  2. Bachor Systems Division postdoctoral。

(二)recruiting areas: with the above research directions related disciplines.

Post support

1. South-letter large and WCRP to establish partnerships annually to the Central office hardware and software, personnel, funding and other support; the common of the WCRP-GEP maintenance, operation and improved to provide guidance; GEP scientists and hired personnel carried out jointly with the GEP and RIfS strategic objectives related to the originality of the research. 2. Hiring staff can be with GEP scientists to carry out the deep cooperation and exchanges may participate in the WCRP related activities. 3. The center of the main working language is English.


South-letter large given hiring staff(non-adjunct)University career preparation, providing the domestic first-class salary and improve research conditions and strong team support. Relying on the South-letter large Declaration approved overseas cited only chair projects, youth projects, Jiangsu distinguished Professor, postdoctoral introduction plan and other talent programs and full-time landing, according to the school by 2023 the latest talent policy of cash-related treatment.

Other various type talent post-treatment details, please see Nanjing Information Engineering University high-level talent recruitment notices(2022 in action. Specific information can be scanned schools job posting QR code.

How to apply

A candidate registration period: all the year round recruitment, feel free to contact.

  1. Candidates must provide the following materials:

  1. The Nanjing Information Engineering University High-Level Talent Recruitment Application Form; and

  2. Education, academic degree, title certificates, award certificates scanning device;

  3. Nearly five years 2-5: masterpiece.

Please send the above materials sent to the candidates email:

A copy to:

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