Nanjing University School of Marxism 2022-2023 annual quasi-external length external teachers jobs Recruitment Notice

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First, the College introduced

Nanjing University School of Marxism has an excellent history of the tradition, is a foothold in Jiangsu, radiation throughout the country, the Marxist theory research and talent training base, is a National Key School of Marxism, Jiangsu advantage of disciplines. Discipline strong, in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics theory and practice of research, traditional Chinese ethical thought of the creative transformation studies, Marxist history of the development of research, Foreign Marxist social theory to cutting-edge research, the Chinese Communist Party and China's political history, such as the direction on the formation of a distinctive character. The College has a high-level team of teachers, the overall size of about 80 people, including the Yangtze River scholars distinguished Professor 2 people, four Green Talent 1, the Central Propaganda Department of ideology and culture of the youth of Excellence 1 person, Ministry of Education New Century excellent talent support program for 4 people, Jiangsu province 333 high-level personnel training project of 3 people, the Ministry of education“preferred financing program”for 2 people, Jiangsu province Social Science Excellence, preferably green 6 people, Jiangsu province, College Sisi administration division outstanding young teachers“pilot sail”Talent Plan 4 people.

Second, the recruitment post settings

Nanjing University School of Marxism is proposed for the global recruiting interested in engaging in Marxist theory, the history of party building in the field of major research direction of the young talents to College work. This recruitment post of assistant Professor in not more than 10, quasi-employed associate Professor of not more than 5, particularly outstanding high-level personnel positions are negotiable. Recruitment research directions include:

1. The Marxist rationale research

2. A Marxist history of the development of research

3. The Marxist in China Studies

4. Foreign Marxist research

5. Traditional culture and ideological and political education

6. XI Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics thought research

7. Modern Chinese history research

8. The history of party building research

Third, the application conditions

1. To comply with PRC laws and regulations, and loves teaching and research career;

2. Having a good teacher-German artist of the wind, adhere to the academic ethics, hard work, and no criminal record, no violation of morality therapist wind and academic moral punishment of records;

3. Excellent academic background: a relevant subject areas of the Ph. D., with first-class teaching and research institutions of learning, work experience, familiar with the related field of international cutting-edge research developments. Wherein assistant Professor asked Dr. graduation engaged in academic research for more than two years; the quasi-appointed associate Professor at the request of Dr. graduation engaged in the academic study of four years or more;

4. Excellent teaching skills: should have qualified for this professional core of basic courses and advanced courses teaching capabilities, very good knowledge of teaching methods, with a strong language expression ability;

5. To highlight the research results show the degree and future research development potential: should have relevant research results show the degree of related field of study has originality view, future research plans ideas clearly, with good academic potential.

6. Has certain civic governance lessons teaching experience and peer and student evaluation excellent.

Fourth, the application of the material

1. Job application letter should clearly declare the direction of research, the specific positions)

2. Detailed Curriculum Vitae including a published academic achievement directory

3. Research results and innovative

4. Research plan and research potential

5. Three letters of recommendation

6. Teaching experience

Five, remuneration and related to working and living conditions supporting

1. Career preparation the post or reference to the career preparation of hiring

2. Implementation of the annual salary system, specifically otherwise agreed)

3. Research start-up funds

4. Graduate admissions

5. The school provide short-term working capital for housing and housing subsidies, the appointed person may offer to buy the school provide goods room

6. To help solve their children enrolled in primary and secondary schools

Six, application deadline

2023 Year 3 month 14 Day Forecast 2022 3 at the end of the publication selected results

If the expiration of a single post to declare the number is less then the appropriate extension.

VII, contact information

Contact: horse the teacher

E-mail: mail subject marked as“name+job post”)



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Master and above

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所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR