Jining Medical College, 2022 PhD jobs Recruitment Notice

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Unit introduction

Jining Medical College, founded in 1952, the existing Jining taibai Lake campus, 任城 campus and sunshine campus, and Jining national high-tech Zone co-construction of teaching science and technology Park, covering a total area of 115 thousand square meters, construction area of 47 thousand square meters.

The school is a medical education as the main body, medical, science, engineering, management, literature and other disciplines to coordinate the development of the province, belongs to the normal undergraduate higher medical colleges, there are 1 Direct affiliated hospitals, 16 the non-subordinate Affiliated Hospital, 191 practice teaching base. 19 existing teaching unit, full-time students more than 18,000 people, with a clinical master's degree authorization points, 35 undergraduate programs. There is a national specialty construction points, the comprehensive reform pilot projects, excellence in physician education and Training Plan 4 national demonstration center, the international cooperation laboratory, 4 provincial key disciplines and Key Laboratory of experimental teaching demonstration center, talent training mode Innovation Experimental area, the teaching team, etc. 23; there are national first-class undergraduate courses 2-door, provincial superior at the undergraduate level 20, state-level excellent courses, boutique resource sharing courses, provincial excellent courses, etc. 34 the door.

Clinical medical disciplines into the ESI global ranking of the top 1 per cent. 2020 the world of Medicine China Best Medical School clinical strength rank of 67 bits. Existing National Post-Doctoral scientific research workstation, 1, National Research Platform 1, a provincial-level scientific research platforms 10, Shandong province academician workstation 1. Chinese society of Behavioral Medicine branch and the Shandong province of Behavioral Medicine Professional Committee anchored my school, sponsored by the Chinese Journal of Behavioral Medicine and Brain Science Journal of the Chinese diagnostics of the Electronic Journal and the Jining Medical College action. Forensic center of Shandong province, the only forensic full field of leading institutions.

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

  1. Having people's Republic of China nationality;

  2. To comply with the Constitution and the laws, have a good character and work ethic, love of Education, a strong sense of professionalism, teamwork and dedication; and

  3. Have to adapt to the positions of the physical condition, mental quality;

  4. Apply for intermediate positions of persons age under 45 years of age, 1976 12 months 13 days after birth, the recruitment of senior staff positions in the age under 50 years of age 1971 12 months 13 days after birth; the

  5. Meet the recruitment requirements of academic degrees, professional, research direction and other conditions;

  6. Meet Shandong Province public institutions open recruitment staff of the other relevant provisions and conditions. Because of the crime by the criminal punishment of personnel, due to the division De anomie, academic misconduct is the disposition of the personnel, was expelled from the party personnel, is dismissed from service personnel, in reading the full-time ordinary colleges and universities, non-graduates and active duty military as well as the legal provisions shall not be employed other circumstances in which persons shall not be candidates. Read in full-time ordinary colleges and universities non-graduates can't use has been made of the degree as a condition of application. Candidates may not apply for the business unit personnel management avoidance provisions on the community rules〔2019〕No. 1 provides for the case of the post.

  7. Having a pair of senior and higher professional and technical positions


Hiring staff for my correction formula workers, wages, and welfare in accordance with the national, provincial and school-related policy implementation.

Application process

A registration and eligibility

1. Sign up

Sign up time: the recruitment of long-term recruitment, registration is valid until 2022 Year 12 month 31 day. According to the epidemic and post-enrollment, timely inform the candidates start the exam, study, medical procedure, post-trick full stop.

Registration: meet the job criteria of the candidates, according to the requirements fill in the Jining Medical College, 2022 recruiting staff information registration form of Annex 2, and to“apply for job—name—learned professional”such as: Teacher 1—King**—clinical medicine in the form of naming, sent to the mailbox. Per person and are limited to a post.

2. Qualification

Corresponding to the recruits of the qualification work, throughout the recruitment process. Candidates need to fill out and submit the relevant personal information. Candidates provide relevant material information as false, once discovered cancel the candidates qualifications.

Eligibility use of on-site confirmation of the way, review the time and place of notice. Eligibility review material include:

(1) the Jining Medical College, 2022 recruiting staff information registration form of Annex 2; and

(2)ID card, national recognition of qualifications and diplomas; the recruitment post of the section of the stage of the mathematics required, must be submitted to the undergraduate degree and diploma; overseas study in personnel recruitment, provided by the Ministry of Education Study Abroad Service Center issued by the foreign academic degree certificate action;

(3)full-time College graduates candidates, providing employment recommendation form can be successfully graduated and obtained the corresponding qualification certificate; and

(4)incumbent candidates, offer useful human rights limit of the departments or units issued agree to apply for a letter of introduction; and having agreed to apply for a letter of introduction is indeed difficult on-the-job personnel, the consent may be in the study phase; and

(5)the post has directions for research requirements, the need to provide the ability to reflect the research interests of academic papers and dissertations just a cover, table of contents, summary; and

(6)The Post there are other conditions required, to provide the corresponding certificate, proof.

II exam

According to provincial institutions open recruitment of the relevant provisions of the approved, facing Dr. hiring the adoption of simplified procedures direct interview of the organization, the interview score is the total score.

Interview taken of the test-speaking, interviews manner, mainly to examine candidates for the professional theoretical knowledge, research capacity and the post basic skills, etc. Interview time, location, notice, candidates keep an eye on the personal registration e-mail and my school personnel website.

Interview total score of 100 points, the interview passing score set at 70 points, reach the interview qualified score line to enter the inspection examination scope. Interview results calculated to two decimal places the number, the mantissa is rounded, in an interview after the end of the spot the publication.

Three visits a medical examination

According to jobs, according to the candidates of the total score, from high to low by hiring a 1: 1 ratio to determine the proceeds to examine the medical range of candidates.

Trips to take access to archives, individual conversations, etc., mainly examine the candidates of the ideological and political expression, moral quality, competence and work performance and other aspects of the case, and the corresponding recruits compliance with the provisions of posts, eligibility criteria, provide information related to whether the material is true and accurate, etc. for review. In accordance with the Convention on the further strict management cadres archive opinion of the Lu group FA [2017] and No. 2 on the study of the object file to a rigorous review, the focus of the audit“third age two calendars-one parts”, etc. The archives there is a problem and the investigation could not identify the implementation, not the check-hire procedures.


IV publicity hire

According to examination, study and examination results, to determine the quasi-hire list of persons, in the Jining Medical College Personnel Office website, publicity, publicity period is 7 working days. Publicity without objection, the provincial human resources and Social Security Department of the audit record. In line with the terms of employment, the issuance of the business units of recruiters filing of the notice by the business units of recruiters filing of a notice on the check-in formalities, the employer and the employed personnel required to sign a contract of employment, to establish a personnel relationship. Recruits required to implement the probation system, the expiration of the qualified formal employment, the failure of the lifting of the contract of employment.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements

Dr. and above

Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

50 following

Apply Online


A valid phone number is required.
A valid email address is required.

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