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Unit introduction

The research group research

Westlake University Institute of technology-solid-state ion Science Laboratory Lu Kai Yang Research Group is mainly devoted to the solid-state ion science, surface and Interface Science and solid-state electrochemical cross-field research. Specific research directions include, but are not limited to:

(1)functional oxide ion defects influence of solid/liquid and solid/gas interface electro-catalytic reaction mechanism studies;

(2)Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/electrolytic cell and high-temperature electrochemical enhancement of the catalytic mechanism studies;

(3)solid-state ion chemical applied to a novel ion-electron calculation of the memory device of the underlying research;

About the research group of the head of the Lu Kai Yang to Dr.

Lu Kai Yang, Dr. graduated from Tsinghua University materials Department, then at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)studying for a doctorate under the tutelage of Bilge Yildiz, Professor of the current international solid-state ion-learn the Chairman, returning before at Stanford University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Advanced Light Source carried out post-doctoral research. Has won the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Annual Best Doctoral Paper Award, American Materials Research Society graduate student Gold Award, American Ceramic Society, Ross Coffin Purdy award and other honors. In 2020, 9 months full-time to join the West Lake University Institute of technology, as an independent PI to carry out the solid-state ion-chemical aspects of the research work. Currently in including Nature Materials two articles in such leading journals on published papers, are incorporated in selected countries overseas high-level talent introduction plan project.

On the solid-state ion Science Research Group

The research group scientific Atmosphere, Research Funding is sufficient, teachers and students exchange closely, the research group leader know that the research project each detail, and students together to overcome research challenges. The research group has now been with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Vienna University and other international universities and research institutions established long-term cooperation relationship. Welcome to having Materials Science, Condensed Matter Physics, electrochemical and other related professional background of the researcher join us in the promotion of scientific research of cross fusion, the collision of new thinking sparkles!

Job description

Required major: materials science, Condensed Matter Physics, electrochemical

Recruitment conditions:

(1)around the research group related to the direction of the independent to carry out high-level scientific research;

(2)assist PI guiding PhD students and research assistants.


1, of age not more than 35 years of age; has been made or is about to obtain a PhD; and

(2)have a good academic ethics and team spirit; proficiency in material characterization methods, the best oxide thin film preparation of relevant experience;

(3)in the art of the important publications by the first author of the article.


Based on personal research and the ability to work and post-doctoral relevant provisions from the issuance. The laboratory will provide a stable work environment with excellent research platform, assist in filing a post-doctoral relevant to the project, and according to the interests and needs support personal career development.

To get the China postdoctoral Science Fund of Zhejiang province postdoctoral preferred project funded, Hangzhou, giving a 1:1 matching funding. For outbound stay hang to hang work of post-doctoral, Hangzhou given per person 40 million grant.

Application process

请将以下材料以PDF形式发送至application@techtalentsuk.com Mail the title Please note: the“Apply for postdoctoral+your name”, for compliance with requirements and by the first instance who will be notified for interviews. Job posting in the positions filled before the effective.

1. Personal resume;

2. A personal statement, including the work of Dr. highlight of the presentation and a brief research plan

2. Doctoral degree proof material.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements

Dr. and above

Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

35 following

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