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Unit introduction

1. Laboratory introduction

Westlake University of new environmental contaminants analysis and degradation lab, mainly dedicated to the combined mass spectrometry and quantum chemical calculation method, the study of new contaminants in the environment, occurrence, migration, transformation, degradation mechanism and reaction pathway, repair techniques, and green alternative design. The laboratory has been equipped with the new pollutants analysis and degradation studies of the device, including the Exploris 120 UPLC-Orbitrap-HRMS, the AB6500+ UPLC-MS/MS, CIC, IC, HPLC, GC-MS, lyophilized gauges, glove box, light reactor, etc. At the same time, the West Lake University molecular science platform, material science platform, Biomed Central, and Super-Computing Center, the school has a common platform for the research group studies to provide a world-class instrument platform support.

Research directions include:

1. the new pollutants PFAS, the PPCP such occurrence features, environment and health risks

(2)non-target identification and high-throughput targeted analysis techniques

(3)new contaminants PFAS, the PPCP, etc degradation mechanism and the conversion behavior

(4)based on quantum chemical calculations of pollutant degradation mechanism and reaction path analysis

(5)the modified Nano zero-valent iron degradation of pollutants mechanism analysis and optimization

(6)the new pollutants to microbial degradation and group studies

2. The head of the profile

Zhang rock, Westlake University, a fellow at the independent PI, doctoral tutor. 2010 Wuhan University environmental science bachelor's degree in 2015 Peking University environmental geography PhD; in 2013-2014, the Connecticut Agricultural Institute of Environmental Chemistry joint training of PhD students; the 2016-2020 in Canada McGill University environmental engineering direction of post-doctoral study, 2021 so far in the Westlake University in the College of engineering as a distinguished researcher, engaged in the new pollutants analysis and the degradation mechanism studies. In Environmental Science & Technology, Water Research environment in the field's top journals academic more than 50 papers, Google Scholar references 4000 times, the h factor of 37. The auspices of the National Natural Science Foundation Project, Youth Project, the Zhejiang provincial Natural Science Fund key projects and the like.“ Zhejiang University a leader in the talent development program” high-level top-notch talent winner.

Job description

Proposed research direction either of the following to be: the

(1)contaminants in the reaction mechanism, the interface-pollutants mechanism of action of the quantum chemical calculations

(2)based on high resolution mass spectrometry and machine learning the new pollutants to non-targeted identification and mass spectrometry to understand the spectral method for constructing

(3)full/polyfluoroalkyl compounds degradation, transformation behavior and reaction mechanism studies

(4)the fluorine-containing and chlorine-containing pollutants, homogeneous, non-homogeneous and microbial degradation studies

(5)LCA(LCA), pollutant transport and multi-media distribution simulation, etc.

Job responsibilities:

(1)with the research group of the head of the co-development of research plan, the relatively independently carry out research work and a high level of academic papers;

(2)join in school outside, domestic and international academic meetings and networking activities;

(3)assist in the research group of applications for funding, and actively to the head of the identity of the relying on the research group applying for postdoctoral Science Foundation, the National Natural Science Fund Youth Project and other national, provincial and city-level projects.

Recruitment conditions:

1. Job title: postdoctoral(3)

2. Qualifications:

1, of age not more than 35 years of age;

(2)has been made or is about to get chemistry, environmental chemistry, computational chemistry, environmental engineering and other related professional doctorate; and

(3)have in the relevant field of mainstream journals published a first author Paper 2: more;

(4)with good English communication and writing skills;

(5)have independent thinking, good at teamwork, there is a strong sense of responsibility.


Based on personal research and the ability to work and post-doctoral relevant provisions from the issuance. The research group will provide a stable work environment with excellent research platform, assist in filing a post-doctoral relevant to the project, and according to the interests and needs support personal career development.

To get the China postdoctoral Science Foundation funded and provincial post-doctoral research project funded, Hangzhou, giving a 1:1 matching funding. Outbound stay-hang work of Hangzhou given 40 million RMB living allowance. Eligible to apply for Hangzhou high-level personnel, and other related policy treatment.

Application process

(1)are interested in applying, please prepare the following materials and placed in a PDF file, sent to the mailbox: application@techtalentsuk.com Mail the title, Please indicate:“name+postdoctoral application”to:

A cover letter contains the research content and research interest statement

Personal resume contains a complete academic papers list

Participation in research projects, conference reports list, and other research results described, such as monographs, patents, teaching, student mentoring experience, etc.

2: representation of full-text articles

2 referees name and contact details, including the representation of the unit, position, contact telephone number and email address.

(2)for suitable applicants, the research group will soon organize interviews;

(3)the hiring long-term effective trick full so far.

Job Features

Job Category

Science, engineering and technology

Academic requirements

Dr. and above

Number of vacancies

3 people

Age requirement

No limit

Apply Online


A valid phone number is required.
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All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


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