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Unit introduction

Zhang Ze Force Dr. long-term engaged in the virus SARS-CoV2, the LCMV, HIV and Influenza infection and Immunity Research, focusing on the analysis of host innate and acquired immune control of viral infection mechanisms, the focus of vaccines how to induce T cell, B cell immunological memory and neutralizing antibodies, as well as the development of new vaccines. Representative work includes:

1. Innovative comparison of the 4 new Crown vaccine in populations of specific immune response reaction; it reveals 4 new Crown vaccine-induced CD4+and CD8+T-cell immunity can identify different new Crown variants; the first discovery of naturally infected with the new crown or inoculated with Ad26. COV2. S vaccine can induce higher levels of Spike-specific CXCR3+memory B cells;

2. Proved based on the protein structure engineered LCMV-neutralizing antibodies M28 can be therapeutic and prophylactic to prevent LCMV-cl13 caused by chronic infection;

3. The first discovery of human A3H-II-type protein restriction SIVcpz replication, confirmed that the A3H-Type I Protein Expression instability of the lack of inhibition of SIVcpz ability, and made A3H-type II restriction SIVcpz cross-species transmission of the model;

The laboratory will use the Virology and immunology of the method, combined with single-cell OMICS and structural biology techniques, for the coronavirus, influenza virus, for the following main research but not limited to:

1. Vaccine-induced sustained T cell, B cell and neutralizing antibody immune response mechanisms;

2. Memory B cell antigen imprinted(Antigen imprinting or original antigenic sin against vaccine-induced immune response effects;

3. R & D neutralization epitope-targeted vaccine;

4. Using high-throughput small molecule in vitro screening, in vitro Nano-Assembly as well as in vivo Tfh and GC B cell immune response detection technology, R & D of nano-adjuvant.

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

1. Job title: postdoctoral(1)

2. Qualifications and requirements:

(1) for the scientific research has a strong interest in, to carry out independent research work;

(2) Age not more than 35 years of age; has been made or is about to obtain a PhD; and

(3) with good English and essay writing skills to first identity of the author is published or forthcoming research papers;

(4) there Virology, immunology, genomics, Structural Biology, Bioinformatics background is preferred;

(5) having good communication skills and team spirit, physical and mental health, long-term stable work.


Based on personal research and the ability to work and post-doctoral relevant provisions from the issuance. The research group will provide a stable work environment with excellent research platform, assist in filing a post-doctoral relevant to the project, and according to the interests and needs support personal career development.

To get the China postdoctoral Science Foundation funded and provincial post-doctoral research project funded, Hangzhou, giving a 1:1 matching funding. For outbound stay hang to hang work of post-doctoral, Hangzhou given per person 40 million grant.

Application process

请将以下材料以PDF形式发送至application@techtalentsuk.com Mail the title Please note: the“Apply for postdoctoral+your name”, for compliance with requirements and by the first instance who will be notified for interviews. Job posting in the positions filled before the effective.

1. Cover letter: tells the story before been involved in the project, the research interest and future career planning;

2. Personal CV, 1-2: representative articles;

3. 2 peer experts letters of recommendation-one letter for supervisor letter of recommendation; and

4. Doctoral degree proof, or PhD in reading proof.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

1 person

Age requirement

35 years old and below

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All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


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