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Unit introduction

Chinese Academy of Sciences, University Wenzhou Institute by the Chinese Academy of Sciences University, Wenzhou municipal People's government and Wenzhou Medical University in 2019 5 on third party build of the court of justice in cooperation mechanism, the Chinese Academy of Sciences University of the immediate secondary research mechanism. The Institute is the basis of the innovation-driven life and health and medical Intelligent Equipment Technology Incubation and transformation, focusing on Goal-Directed Medical biomaterials, stem cells, clinical transformation and the application of precision medicine and personalized care, intelligent medical equipment, etc. have significant clinical application prospects of the research, focus on building with the International advanced level of the“material, medicine, machinery, medical”the integration of the Center for innovation and scientific and technological achievements to transfer into the center


The center will focus the eye, brain and other tissues and organs and the corresponding tumor organ class, around the organ class research with the conversion of the whole process, innovative research and development with independent intellectual property rights of the organ class of the core engineering technologies and materials; for cancer precision therapy, drug evaluation screening, regenerative medicine and other organ class critical medical applications, the interdisciplinary joint research and clinical testing, to achieve organ class technologies industry transformation.

Ongoing R & D projects include:

  1. Ingredients clear organ class culture medium and the culture system;

  2. Based on the deep learning analysis of retinal organ class rapid detection classification;

  3. Based on the force-electric coupling of the high-throughput, non-marking organ class drug screening test system;
  4. Tumor organ class chip of mechanical and electrical integration testing and Clinical Drug Evaluation.

Job description

Recruitment long-term effective

Researcher, Associate Researcher, assistant researcher(career preparation)

Recruitment conditions:

Career preparation the post is required to have a PhD, academic background, including but not limited to:

Biomedical background: with cell and Molecular Biology, basic medicine, clinical medicine and other related professional degrees, organ class or cancer, immunology, stem cells, developmental biology related research experience is preferred;

Chemical Material background: with Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science and other related professional degree, with a hydrogel material or biomedical materials, tissue engineering-related research experience is preferred;

Optical and electrical background: with the precision instruments, Optical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and other related professional degrees, can design, assemble, debug, optical and electrical equipment; or proficiency in a programming language, be familiar with the measurement control programming, image processing, machine learning algorithms;

Microelectronic background: with microelectronic-related professional degree, there are micro-nanofabrication, MEMS, microfluidic chip processing experimental experience:

Physical and mechanical background: with the physical, mechanical and relevant professional degree, the mathematical basis of the good, a numerical simulation or mechanical experimental research experience.


According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, University Wenzhou Institute of the relevant provisions, to provide a competitive talent treatment.

1, job researcher at the business preparation: the base salary(40-50 million+performance incentives; settling-in allowance of 20 million yuan, scientific research start-up funds of 100 million.

2, a Deputy researcher at the business preparation: the basic salary of 25-40 million+performance incentives; home fee of 10 million yuan, a research start-up funds 30-50 million.

3, assistant researcher at the business preparation): basic salary of 18-25 million+performance incentives; settling-in allowance of 5 million yuan. 


Press Wenzhou-related policies, relying on the Institute for the application of Wenzhou high-end talents apartment, talent, room, rent, housing subsidies, etc.

Application process

Candidates please send a detailed CV and other relevant materials are sent to the mailbox:

Job Features

Job Category

Bachelor of Science, Biology

Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

No limit

Apply Online


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