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Unit introduction

  1. Court of justice case description

National Science Wenzhou Institute was established in 2019 and 5 January, formerly known as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wenzhou biological materials and Engineering Research Institute(chip)(2011 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang Provincial People's government and the Wenzhou municipal People's government Third party to build it.

National Science Wenzhou Institute for basic research innovation and promote scientific and technological achievements Hatch transformation, focused on medical biomaterials, intelligent medical equipment, biomedical physics, Translational Medicine and precision medicine, etc. have significant clinical application prospects of the research, focus on building with the International advanced level of the“material, medicine, machinery, medical”the integration of the Center for innovation and scientific and technological achievements to transfer into the center.

National Science Wenzhou Institute to promote the high-end construction of talent team, the 2019 Year 5 month so far, with a number of academicians reached a cooperation intention, and from Harvard University, Cambridge, etc. the introduction of many excellent researchers, the existing research team of more than 50 branches, the researchers more than 300 people. Institute full storming of the life and health of the field of key technology research and development, the build-thaw incubation, acceleration, test and industrialization in the one of the whole chain of the formula results into the model, has a number of representative results into clinical trials or financing stage, and with the city of Wenzhou related companies reached a number of cooperation agreements.

National Science Wenzhou Institute of public technology service center has biomedical materials, nanotechnology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, medical equipment and other research in the field of advanced scientific research instruments and equipment. The center of the existing equipment worth over a hundred million, which includes the domestic advanced transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, Micro-CT and confocal laser scanning microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and other large-scale precision equipment. Institute in 2017 approved the Zhejiang province of clinical functional materials and diagnosis and treatment device Engineering Technology Research Center, 2020 approved the tissue repair material, Zhejiang province Engineering Research Center, 2021 approved, Zhejiang province, the new R & D institutions. Institute of tech Zone building with 31 acres, a total construction area 5. 8 million square meters, it has been to 2020, 10 months and put into use.

National Science Wenzhou Institute of the planned five years, the cultivation, the introduction of a high-level talent is the backbone of the forces, personnel size of less than 500 people, the research team; five years built a set of basic research, applied research, research services, achievement transformation, industrial development, education and training, academic exchange as one of the top international model of scientific research institutions.

  1. The research group description

Zan Xing Jie research group in recent years to the active protein delivery and protein material development as the starting point, the focus of nano-drug delivery and Tissue Engineering on the basis of scientific issues, combined with clinical needs, design and development of a disease treatment and promote tissue regeneration or repair the functions of the medical functional materials. Currently, the research group has been through 1. the polypeptide/protein/natural polymer with metal ions between the ligand effect and 2. the polypeptide of plants with polyphenols between the multiple interactions to build a series of active protein delivery systems, including nano-particles, micro - /nano-vesicles, hydrogel, etc.

Soup Sicheng, job researcher, the main research direction for(1)based on oxazine molecular switches in intracellular pH detection, cell labeling and super-resolution fluorescence imaging applications; (2)the functionality of the fluorescent molecules in the detection of intracellular polarity, viscosity and other micro-environmental changes in the context of the application; 3. the amphiphilic polymer structure with the nature of relationships, and their parcel lipophilic organic molecules in cell imaging applications. Currently focusing on(1)functionality of the fluorescent molecules in the drug delivery aspects of the secondary application, and(2)based on the molecular switch of the Smart Response-type drug delivery systems construction and application. Co-published SCI papers 24 articles, which the Chinese Academy of Sciences partition one of the 11 articles that were published in JACS, NSR, Nature Comm, ACS Sensors, etc. International Journal on it. The laboratory has an organic, polymer, inorganic synthesis conditions, with bacteria console, import the freeze dryer, UV-visible spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy based analytical devices. The research group is currently focusing on smart-release drug carrier synthesis and application, while with Northwestern University, the University of Miami and domestic experts in the field of cooperation, to engage in more interdisciplinary research, focusing on basic research and the actual clinical application of the combination.

Jobs and recruitment conditions

Postdoctoral 3

Requires a PhD or soon graduated to the first authorship in high level international journals have published articles priorities, academic background has any of the following on the one hand can be of:

1, organic synthesis background: with the fluorescent organic small molecules or polymers, hydrogels and other synthetic experience is preferred.

2, Chemical Material background: with the bio-medical materials, pharmaceutical carrier research experience is preferred.

3, biological or medical background: with materials science, a variety of diseases in animal models of learning experience is preferred.


According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, University Wenzhou Institute of the relevant provisions, to provide a competitive talent treatment.

Postdoctoral fellow, The Academy of Sciences of the University post-doctoral mobile stations, duty stations in Wenzhou. Annual salary of 30-40 million+installation fee of 2 million+mentor of the annual subsidies of up to 18 million+performance bonus+five insurance payments, according to the Wenzhou policies enjoy the talents Rooms 6% off purchase offer; by Wenzhou policy, outbound stay in Wenzhou working full-time post-doctoral grant of 8 million employment subsidies.


Relying on the Institute for the application of Wenzhou high-end talents apartment, talent, room, rent, housing subsidies, etc.

The hiring long-term effective, excellent performance can be recommended to study abroad PhD/Exchange, welcomed the research has the enthusiasm of domestic and foreign outstanding researchers joined our group!

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