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Peking University College of chemistry Tang Chun Professor of the research group


Now due to work needs, recruiting a post-doctoral research technician, to carry out bio-physics, biochemistry, structural biology experiments and theoretical calculation studies.

1. Candidates in the: ① Biological Physics, ② Chemical Biology, ③ Molecular Biology, one of the specialty, to obtain or about to obtain a PhD, and age less than 35 years old;

2. Has a strong independent research skills;

3. There is good experimental design and summarizing skills;

4. A strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, good communication;

5. Have to participate in the application or implementation of research projects experience is preferred;

6. Particularly outstanding person may apply for a University Distinguished series or a research Series Post(age limit relaxed to 45 years of age on.


1. According to the Peking University postdoctoral regulations, the implementation of the binning annual salary before tax of the total annual salary of not less than 20 million yuan.

2. Encourage candidates while applying for the National Expo new or international international exchange plans to introduce the postdoctoral, University of the liberal arts program postdoctoral, Beijing Molecular Sciences National Research Centre for Youth Research Fellow, life Sciences Joint Center of excellence postdoctoral and other Fund-successful candidates can not only enrich their personal history, but also to obtain better individual treatment and housing subsidies, etc.

Tsinghua University intelligent network linking car research group

Application requirements

1. Graduated within 3 years, or recently will reply made doctorate holders, a 35-year-old the following, in line with Tsinghua University postdoctoral Recruitment Management Regulations.

2. Includes the following areas related to the study background: artificial intelligence, Vehicle Engineering, Computer, Communications, automation, machinery and electronics, etc.

3. The research work of interest, serious efforts, having a sense of responsibility, has the team cooperation ability.


1. According to the Tsinghua University postdoc salary-related provisions, the excellent young scholars research group supported the Declaration“Mizuki Scholars Program”.

2. The research group while providing additional monthly research subsidies, according to the research task to provide additional bonuses.

3. Priority applications School Turnaround housing or subject group received rental subsidies, enjoy the Tsinghua University Teachers, medical, children into the Park entrance and other policies.

4. Team to support post-doctoral research during participation in relevant international cooperation in research and Exchange, participate in domestic and international academic conferences.

Fudan University School of late Nan, Professor of the research group

Application requirements

1. The applicant has obtained or will obtain the domestic and Foreign well-known universities PhD, received his doctorate of time not to exceed 3 years. Age is generally not more than 35 years, the particular good except.

2. Having integrated optoelectronic devices, signal processing, optical communication and other aspects of the educational and research background, a love of scientific research, with the exploration ability and the team cooperation spirit.

3. Have to carry out independent scientific research ability, has published a high level SCI thesis experience or technical capability is particularly excellent applicant priority.

4. In line with Fudan University on a post-doctoral recruitment of the relevant provisions.


1. Annual salary of 20-to 45 million, and was selected for the“National Expo new program”,“national plans to introduce the”'s annual salary of 40 million, in addition, selected at Fudan University or Shanghai Super postdoctoral program can also improve remuneration, Fudan University Super postdoctoral gross salary of 30 million, the Shanghai Super postdoctoral gross salary is 35 million, according to the research performance of an additional performance:

2. Providing excellent research conditions and stable support, encourage post-doctoral in accordance with national and local policy related to filing a postdoctoral fellow of the Fund and other funds;

3. Postdoctoral apartment, household and children to school in accordance with school regulations; and

4. Bo The Post-performance excellent, can be preferentially recommended candidates school open recruitment jobs

Nankai University, College of chemistry Xie Micro research group

Application requirements

1. Job title: postdoctoral(2)

2. Qualifications:

(1) has obtained a doctorate or is about to obtain a PhD, specializing in chemistry, materials, optics and other related direction;

(2) with the analysis of Science, Nano Materials, photoelectric catalysis, computational chemistry, etc. research background and experience can be;

(3) with good English heard literacy skills, be proficient in the writing of scientific papers; and

(4) has the good team cooperation ability.


1. Postdoctoral A shift to appoint personnel of 47 million CNY/year pre-tax employer costs; and postdoctoral B shift the appointment of personnel of 32 million RMB before tax employer costs. Annual salary contains 2 million reward performance, rewarding performance in the hiring period the nucleus after payment. Postdoctoral C shift the appointment of personnel annual salary before tax of about 13 million 1340 yuan/person/Year yuan, no reward exemplary performance. Selected Bo new planner, and give States and school support, and the highest at the age of salary a total of 60 million RMB before tax employer costs.

2. According to the Nankai University Youth staff turnover housing interim measures for the management of the relevant provisions of the school application turnaround housing.

3. Their children to school primary, and into the care and enjoy school career preparation teacher treatment.

4. Inbound after school finds mid-level professional and technical positions, out of the station after the school was awarded post-doctoral certificate. Enjoy the country and Tianjin, the postdoctoral policies, including Fund application, overseas projects and the like.

5. The tutor and the school is approved, the station during a may be paid as a joint training doctoral go international top research institutions engaged in scientific research.

6. Postdoctoral second recruitment period before the end of the work outstanding performance application for the Post review by the evaluation procedure can be hired as a University teacher.

Fudan University Brain Science, Frontier Science Center bear Raman Research Group

Job title

A young associate Professor(1)


1. At home and abroad well-known universities or research institutes to obtain a doctorate, a post-doctoral research experience at post-doctoral work during the acquisition through excellent performance.

2. Having a pluripotent stem cell culture and neural differentiation, stem cells, gene editing and lineage tracer, nervous system disease in animal model preparation and behavioural, electrophysiological techniques and animal stereotaxic techniques, morphological and bio-Informatics and other related research experience is preferred.

3. A strong sense of responsibility, hard work, the pursuit of excellence, easy communication, has the team cooperation spirit, the courage to explore and take the initiative to learn new technical methods.


With reference to the Fudan University on Youth Research Associate in the provision of preferential treatment, selected candidates can enjoy the talents of treatment up to help solve their children admission into the Park, the applicant only apartments, each year a graduate student indicators; full respect for individual career development direction and research interests, supported the Declaration of the state and the Shanghai project. The research group and Fudan University Brain Research Institute provides the best technology and service platform, the salary will be according to the Research Institute of the relevant provisions binding the applicant comprehensive capacity.

(二)postdoctoral(2-3 names


1. In recent years obtained or will obtain biological, medical or other relevant professional doctorate, those interested in neural development, human pluripotent stem cell neural differentiation, and diseases of the nervous system cell therapy-related research;

2. Hard working, highly motivated, with innovation and a spirit of cooperation, the ability to independently write English papers;

3. Proficiency in human pluripotent stem cell culture or neural differentiation technique is preferred;

4. Master immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, embryo electroporation techniques such as neural developmental researchers priority;

5. Proficiency in molecular biology techniques and stem cell gene editing technology is preferred;

6. Proficiency in mouse brain stereotaxic surgery, fiber photometry or multi-channel recording, the mouse behaviour, as well as other neural circuit research-related technology preferred;

7. Published in the life Sciences related to the field of high-level research papers by.


1. Preferential treatment, recommended application Fudan Super postdoctoral gross salary is 26 million, the Shanghai Super postdoctoral gross salary of 30 million, the National Bo new plan annual salary of 40 million plays on. On this basis, according to the performance of work, enjoy the annual performance bonus.

2. The research group to assist the declare the national and Shanghai all kinds of scientific research projects and the talent Fund to support participation in domestic and foreign high-level academic conference.

3. Out of the station when the condition is excellent may be preferentially recommended application Fudan University introduction class teacher post. You can apply for“Everest talent introduction plan”and enjoy matching support.

4. Postdoctoral apartment, household and children to school in accordance with school regulations.

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