Jiangsu engineering vocational and Technical College 2022 disclosed to recruit high-level talent announcement

Posted 10 months ago
  1. School description

Jiangsu engineering vocational and Technical College is a provincial Public full-time ordinary colleges and universities is. The school is located in known as”China's very first city”of Nantong city, Jiangsu province, in the Shanghai, 1 hour Economic Circle, the traffic is convenient, location advantages are highlighted. School in 1912 by the famous Patriotic industrialist, educator Zhang Jian, Mr. founder, has a rich cultural heritage, the National Economic and social development and the development of training a large number of outstanding talents. School for the National 100 of the exemplary vocational College, is one of the National”double high Plan”building institutions, has won the”national vocational colleges service contribution to the 50 strong”,”the National Vocational College international influence top 50”,”national vocational education advanced unit”title.

School talent strong school strategy, and constantly introduce high-level talents, vigorously carry out the production of teaching integration platform construction, together with well-known enterprises, for the majority of teachers to provide a broad product to teach the R & D exhibition space.

  1. Registration basic conditions

I have Republic of China nationality, compliance with people's Republic of China Constitution and the law.

Two law-abiding, good character, Unity, dedicated gregarious, the integrity of.

(三)adapt to the requirements of the physical condition.

(四)age requirements: PhD candidate age not more than 40 years of age, that 1982 Year 1 month 1 day after birth, where the shortage of much-needed professionals, age relaxation of 5 years old.

Five is equipped with the admission requirements of the professional, skills and other qualifications in the jobs table. Graduates should be in 2022 年 12 月 31 days before graduation, and obtain the appropriate academic degree. Country(environment)the teacher disciplines and research institutions of learning earlier graduation personnel, refers to the country of departure)the teacher disciplines and research institutions of learning, with domestic graduates the same period of graduate study in personnel over the same period, the graduation of the time required with domestic graduates consistent. Calculate work experience of the reference date for the 2022 12 month 31 day.

VI achieved the mainland College-educated Taiwanese students and made the mainland recognition of academic qualifications other Taiwan residents when candidates by country and our province, the relevant provisions.

  1. Dr. the introduction of treatment

1, the installation fee: 120 million yuan in the first settling-in allowance of 60 million yuan, second phase of the installation fee for Meet the assessment requirements after 60 million; and

2, Scientific Research start-up costs: the Institute of Technology Class of 20 million yuan; Humanities class 10 million yuan;

3, the period of 5 years to enjoy an associate Professor of related treatment;

Note: the specific introduction of the treatment according to the school rules and agreement of the parties performs.

  1. The introduction of the way

Business unit prepared within the introduction

  1. Registration

PhD resume delivery: application@techtalentsuk.com Mail the title note: candidates Post+Your Name+degree+School+Learning course.

  1. Job title

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

45 years of age

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