Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica Institute of double 翾 research group to recruit a post-doctoral

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Unit introduction

Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica Institute of double 翾 research group, mainly engaged in pharmaceutical chemistry, through the organic combination of Structural Chemistry, Computer Aided Drug Design and Molecular Biology, the innovative drug discovery and pre-clinical research work. Double 翾, 2020 12 months to join the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute any researcher, 2014, graduated from East China Normal University, doctorate, and in the 2014 to 2020 period has in the United States at the University of Arkansas Medical Center and the U.S. Buddha Luo arrival at the University as a postdoctoral fellow and research assistant Professor, with many years engaged in the protein degradation of new drug discovery and mechanism studies of the experience. So far to the first author with a total of A and corresponding author on the Nature Medicine, Nature Communications, Chemical Communications and other important international academic journal published SCI papers nearly 40 articles, and as a core inventors have applied for a number of international and domestic patents. Wherein, highly selective BCL-XL degradation agent DT2216 has authorized the U.S. pharmaceutical company Dialectic Therapeutics co-development, and has been in 2021 to enter Phase I clinical studies. Double 翾 subject up later, mainly around the following direction to continue to carry out new drug research and development work:

(1)based on protein degradation technology to optimize the target point of the medicine and the development of innovative drugs;

(2)targeting protein degradation pathways of novel biologically active molecule design and mechanism studies;

(3)targeting protein-protein interactions of a small molecule inhibitor studies;

(4)targeting cellular senescence-related pathways small molecule modulators of discovery and transformation.

Now because of the research group on development needs, disclosed the recruitment of post-doctoral 2 names. Applicants will have the opportunity to fully participate in the laboratory building, the subject of the project, Molecular Design, organic synthesis, precursor molecule optimization, druggability optimization, in vitro and in vivo activity data feedback discussion of the re-design of pre-clinical process, and with the multidisciplinary background of excellent researchers in collaboration with discussions, take advantage of the drug to the high-quality research resources, as well as a good working atmosphere. 

Job description

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for conduct problems, the participation of the research group project management, mentoring and training graduate students and laboratory staff;  

2. Responsible for the biological activity of the molecular design and chemical synthesis, associated with the project members, in close cooperation; 

3. Assist the discipline head of the develop project planning, conducting experimental demonstration, data analysis and writing research papers; 

4. The declared types of the postdoctoral/Youth Research Fund. 

Recruitment conditions:

1. About Dr. graduation or graduated within 3 years, age under 35 years of age, with organic chemistry or pharmaceutical chemistry background is preferred; 

2. The research has a strong interest in having a strong learning and innovation ability, hard working, and have good academic ethics and team spirit; 

3. Have good English reading and writing skills, in the well-known academic journals in the first identity of the author published in SCI research papers at least one article to be able to carry out independent research projects. 


Salary and other benefits will be based on the applicant's qualifications and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai drugs the relevant provisions from the check in, excellent postdoctoral salary can be up to 30 million/year; units to assist the applicant and the spouse, child check-in is settled; supports to apply all kinds of talents to project Bo-new plan, Sanofi-Shanghai Biological Sciences outstanding young talent Fund, the Shanghai super post-doctoral, etc.; and the results highlight the person may apply to the Deputy researcher.

Application process

Interested candidates please send application letter, CV, research summary, representative Papers, 2-3 referees contact details send to: the title, Please indicate“Application for postdoctoral+name.” Application recruiter will be kept confidential by the first instance will as soon as possible to schedule an interview. 

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

2 people

Age requirement

35 years of age

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