Zhejiang University International Health and Medical Research Institute, Yang Yi, a Professor team recruiting subjects post-doctoral

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Unit description

Zhejiang University International Health, Institute of Medicine of Zhejiang province, the first batch of new R & D institutions, as Zhejiang University“One Belt, One Road”International Medical School(chip)research support and Translational Medicine research platform with International School of Medicine, Zhejiang University fourth hospital“three homes in one”building together to create a high-level, innovative, internationalization of higher medical educational institutions and Medical Center. The Institute is approved to the future of pathology, Zhejiang province Engineering Research Center, and a provincial post-doctoral workstation, focused on creating“5+x,”i.e., Reproductive Medicine, Cancer Medicine, regeneration and aging of Medicine, Department of global health research and medicine and other characteristics of subjects Group, adhere to the clinical science questions for the guide, carry a high level of Clinical Translational and cutting-edge multidisciplinary cooperation. A common technology platform that research a total area of 2 thousand square meters, for the research work provide strong support and protection.

Tutor description

Yang Yi, M. D., chief physician, doctoral supervisor, Zhejiang University fourth Hospital of discipline leaders. The current Chinese Biomedical Engineering Society Youth member of the Chinese medical doctor Association Renal Physicians branch of the youth members, Zhejiang Rehabilitation Medicine Nephrology branch of the Deputy Director of the Committee, Zhejiang Medicine Nephrology Chapter members, Zhejiang Medical Association Nephrology branch of the Professional Committee, Zhejiang Provincial Association of medical doctors of Western medicine Chapter members, Zhejiang dialysis quality control expert Committee. National Science Foundation review experts.

The main research field of organ damage repair, regeneration and aging pathological mechanism studies, including organ damage after the fibrosis mechanisms, mitochondrial and organ damage, inflammation and sepsis pathogenesis studies. Published academic papers and more than 40 articles, to the first or corresponding authors of published academic papers 31 articles, which include Intensive Care Medicine, Genetics in Medicine, the American Journal of Kidney Disease And Critical Care and other well-known SCI TOP journals; and by the National Natural Science Foundation of China 3 items, other provincial and Ministerial level projects 6 items; as the backbone members of the Zhejiang province science and Technology Progress Award 1 item; access to the National Patent of invention 1 item.

Job title

【Job requirements】

1. Age at 35 years of age, nearly 3 years to get Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, pharmacy, immunology, materials science, biomedical engineering, medical and other related professional full-time doctorate degree or a recent graduate of the Respondent's full-time Ph. D. student; and

2. To the first/co-first author in domestic and international journals of high level research papers;

3. Research and rigorous style, love of scientific research work, have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and team cooperation spirit, adhere to the academic ethics;

4. With independent scientific research and Fund application the ability to have good English writing and communication skills.


1. Provide international high competitive salary, annual salary of 40 million, depending on the job performance also provides research incentive;

2. According to the policies enjoy the purchase subsidy of 80 million yuan;

3. The prioritization of children enrolled into care, coordinate and solve spouses work;

4. Excellent are available to domestic and foreign leading laboratory for joint development;

5. Bo post full assessment of the outstanding person, to clinical professional and can be preferred to Zhejiang senior College work, and other professional can be recommended to declare a distinguished researcher or a hundred people plan Research Fellow and other posts.

6. Support Declaration of a variety of post-doctoral projects and various applied research projects.

Mode of application

Interested candidates please send a personal resume, basic personal information, educational/employment history, previous participation in research work, published papers, Awards, contact details, etc. 发送至邮箱application@techtalentsuk.com , the 抄送一份到yangyixk@zju.edu.cn message subject specify the“name+doctoral+candidates”, The Interview Assessment after the merit-based hiring. Recruitment information long-term effective application materials will be kept strictly confidential.

Job Features

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Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

35 years old and below

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