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Institute of Chemical Technology Institute, hereinafter referred to as the rationalization of the formation in 1999, is based on the original Chinese Academy of Sciences, the photosensitive Chemical Research Institute, cryogenic technology experiment center as the main body, the joint Pekingese IOL research and Development Center and the Institute of chemistry of the relevant part of the integration is made.

CAS party given physical and chemical the featured locator: engaged in the national economy have a significant impact, with the market prospects and defense needs of the scientific and technological achievements into early research, promote scientific and technological achievements transformation to become the market demand of the common technologies and key technologies for the enterprise production technology, product upgrading and introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology to provide important technical support!

Rationalization of the existing on-the-job employees 513 people, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of 4 people, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 person, National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, winner of 12 people, researchers and senior engineers and technicians 99 people, associate Professor and senior engineering and technical personnel 168 people.

The physical and chemical The is based on physical, chemical, and engineering is a discipline background in high-tech innovation and the outcomes of the transfer of translational research for the duties of the mission of the research. The main research field of photochemical conversion and functional materials, cryogenic science and engineering, functional crystals and laser technology, Bionic intelligent interface material, special functional materials and bio-medical technology.

Focus on the new energy, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing and biomedical areas such as major demand

All the existing 1 National Engineering Research Centers, 1 National Key Laboratory, 6 medium Sciences Key Laboratory, 2 Beijing Key Laboratory, several research centres and research groups.

After several generations of scientists to work together, the physical and chemical where the domestic and international reputation, as the National Economic and Social Development has made important contributions, won the national award of 17, the provincial level, all kinds of fair and various trade associations, etc. all kinds of awards 80 residuals.

According to the Institute of Chemical Technology Institute of scientific layout and development planning needs, is now facing at home and abroad and high salary to the Special Research Assistant and engineer of the series staff, invites young people to join.

Post type and basic requirements

1. Special Research Assistant Post(postdoctoral)

Dr education, age at 35 years of age, and for recent Ph. D. graduates preferred;

2. Engineers series post

Bachelor Degree or above, final year undergraduates and non-graduates need to have the Beijing official account;

Hiring a professional and the specific job requirements

1. Hiring a professional

Chemical, Material, biological, physical, optical, power engineering and engineering thermal physics, refrigeration and cryogenic engineering, thermal energy and power engineering, machinery, information, Electromechanical Control, Software Engineering, Electrical, Automation, mechanical......

2. Specific job requirements

Associated treatment

  1. Special Research Assistant Jobs

1. Compensation standard

With reference to physical and chemical Deputy senior professional and technical positions in personnel average salary is performed, and the Institute for Outstanding Special Research Assistant in accordance with 10 million yuan/year, 20 million yuan/year, 30 yuan/year level to give extra performance support, currently has support for 9 people in total support of the performance of the 150 million/year, postdoctoral fellow salary up to a million yuan/year.

Housing protection: another chance 4000 RMB/month housing allowance, in order to solve the accommodation problem.

3. Benefits: pay provisions of the state insurance, provident Fund and pension, offering paid time off, medical and other benefits.

4. Title of assessment: at the station during may participate in job promotion, job hiring, job hiring reviewed, the priority tends to excellent scientific research young talents.

5. Research project: recommended declared“the Chinese Academy of Sciences Special Research Assistant funded project,”“postdoctoral Science Fund”, etc. all kinds of projects, personnel plan.

6. Future development

Outbound postdoctoral can give priority to the left of the work, and provide them with a competitive remuneration and development space:

a)inclusion of career preparation, to solve personal and spouse Beijing accounts, to help solve their children to school issues;

b)establishment of Project Fellows are senior professional and technical positions and Project Associate Professor, Vice-Senior Professional and technical positions, the excellent who may be directly recruited to the relevant post; and

c)the contract after the end of the eligible persons can apply for the Chinese Academy of Sciences“cited only program”Youth Project B Class is advanced, research funding 200-800 million, to settle charges 200 million and the rationalization of the“young talents”Vice Advanced, Research start-up funds 100-200 million relocation fee of 50 million and talent introduction plan;

d)physical and chemical the establishment of the Director of the Fund, and support excellent young officer to carry out original and innovative, participate in international academic conferences and international cooperation in research;

e)the establishment of a large project sub-project leader positions to project the Deputy head or the second project leader and other forms of encouragement in the project from the backbone of the role of the young talents take on the project; and

  1. Engineers series post

1. Solve Beijing Hukou, into the career preparation and management;

2. Wages, etc. according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chemical Technology Institute of the relevant provisions; and

The above content of the final interpretation of the physicochemical Institute, welcomed the consultation

Enrolment conditions

请将个人简历发送至, the 抄送至 the message subject is“Job Number-degree-name-school-professional”, the present posting in the long term.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

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Age requirement

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