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School description

Lingnan Normal University(formerly 湛江师范学院)is a hundred years of teacher education history of Guangdong province, belongs to the full-time ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities, located in China's southernmost of the beautiful port city of Zhanjiang in. The school is the first in the country by the Ministry of education undergraduate teaching job conformity assessment of teachers ' colleges in Guangdong province, the first batch of ordinary undergraduate transformation of the pilot colleges and universities, provincial and municipal co-construction universities and Guangdong province, College students innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model School, Guangdong province, the Special Education Teacher Development Coalition Chairman of the unit, the 2018 inclusion of Guangdong higher education“punch class, make up the short Board, strong features”to enhance the planned construction of colleges and universities, approved“Guangdong create a National Teacher Education Innovation Experimental zone”, and has won the“National Spiritual Civilization Construction work advanced unit”,“national mass sports work advanced unit”,“National Green advanced collective”“the Ministry of Education under the Law School Model School”“the Ministry of education the College English reform demonstration schools”“, Guangdong Province Division de construction advanced unit”and“Guangdong province civilized campus”and other honorary titles.

College profile

Lingnan College of Education College of science is the education section of the building the main body of the College, was established in 2002. Now to start primary education, preschool education, special education, psychology, 4 undergraduate majors, students of about 1800 people. Primary and secondary education professional as a National First-Class Professional Construction point, the psychology of Provincial First-Class Professional Construction point, a special education professional, Guangdong province, featuring professional.

To strengthen the College faculty development, to further enhance school capacity development, it is proposed to continue for the community to recruit 4 high-level talent. The relevant matters are announced as follows:

Recruitment object

Domestic and international full-time College of Education, Psychology disciplines fresh, a previous Ph. D. graduates, there is a PhD, associate Professor, or Professor and other professionals.

Recruitment requirements

Specific detailed high-level personnel requirements planning tables in Annex 1)

Recruitment basic conditions

1. Having people's Republic of China nationality.

2. Compliance with people's Republic of China Constitution and the law.

3. Having good conduct and professional ethics.

4. Have to adapt to requirements of the body condition.

5. Age requirements: PhD 40 years of age, with senior professional title persons 45 years of age with positive High title of persons age requirements can be somewhat relaxed in.

6. Teachers job requirements projecting professionalism and strong scientific research ability, and other professional and technical positions required to have solid professional knowledge and strong practical ability to work.

7. With the positions required for other conditions.

Have one of the following circumstances, shall not apply to:

1. Subject to administrative sanctions under 5 year or other administrative sanctions are under the disposition period of.

2. In the past two years, in the organs, institutions recruit(external exam, physical examination or inspection in the presence of disciplinary behavior.

3. Due to the alleged illegal misconduct are subject to audit, disciplinary review or suspected of a crime, the judicial process has not yet terminated; or criminal penalties for a period not full of people.

4. Laws and regulations of the other shall not apply in the case.


The hiring of personnel to the Guangdong provincial human resources and Social Security Department for approval after by undertaking the preparation of the introduction and the corresponding wages. Talent introduction treatment are detailed in Annex 2.

Sign up

(一)registration time

From the date of this announcement to accept the registration, the registration period expires 2022 Year 12 month 31 day.


Please candidates download the Lingnan Normal University Job Application Form and fill the basic information, and the Lingnan Normal University Job Application Form and resume to send to the mailbox:, the 抄送至 Mail the title note: candidates for certain positions+own name.

Three considerations

1. Applicants to ensure that the reported information on the authenticity of the registration and assessment when using the photo must be consistent. As a result of personal fraud, or does not meet the recruitment conditions and job requirements, whenever a verified immediately cancel the recruitment eligibility if hired, to immediately terminate the contract, to be cleared out, all the responsibility by the participant himself to bear.

2. 2022 graduates must be in 2022 12 by 31 may obtain the corresponding certificate, a diploma; the Hong Kong and Macao learning, study abroad personnel must be in the eligibility review issued by the Ministry of education of China Education Service Center overseas education, degree certification letter and a study abroad returnees proof material, is not affected by recent graduates conditions.


Candidates to the school for an assessment to be submitted himself first degree or above, the learning and work history information, the assessment of the through the after the need for a medical examination, physical examination and standard according to the Guangdong Province public institutions open recruitment of personnel examination regulations(trial) on(Cantonese people UNRISD(2010)382 number), the Convention Relating to adjust the Guangdong Province public institutions open recruitment Teacher Jobs staff medical standards notice(Guangdong and Human Social Development(2011)No. 134), the Guangdong provincial Teacher Eligibility of the applicant member physical examination standards(2013 revision) of the regulations strictly enforced. Candidates through the assessment, examination qualified, lower qualified and reported to the school meeting later determined to be hired for the job.

Annex 1: Lingnan College of Education College of Science the 2022 senior level personnel requirements planning tables

Annex 2:岭南师范学院2022年高层次人才引进待遇.doc

Annex 3:岭南师范学院岗位申请表.doc

Job Features

Job Category

Bachelor of Science, Education

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