The annual salary can be up to 180 million, the opportunity to obtain property room! Hainan University important forum countdown!

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Hainan University in 1958 founded in Hainan Island, is the national first batch of world-class discipline construction in colleges, the Ministry of education and the Hainan Provincial People's government,“the Ministry of provincial cooperation to build”colleges and universities. Hainan Island has traditionally been to livable and tourist Paradise is renowned Chinese and foreign, 2018 since, Hainan island-wide building a free trade port of national strategies, making this South Sea pearl more dazzling。 Hainan University where the free trade port of the center of the city of Haikou city, is China's first“World Health City”, is the greatest happiness of the city, is also connected to the world of the National“One Belt and one road”strategic fulcrum of the city.

Schools covering philosophy, Economics, law, literature, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, art school and University section of the category, full-time students in the school of 42,000 people, with the provincial Department of co-founding Home Key Laboratory 2 with 1 cultivation base, Ministry of Education Key Laboratory 4, agriculture, rural portion of the Key Laboratory 1, academician workstation 15, academician, team Innovation Center 29, the Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center 3, the provincial Department of co-construction, Collaborative Innovation Center 3 A, as well as provincial Key Laboratory and other research platform 110 more than one. School of Chinese Academy of Sciences academician, 1, Canada, National Academy of Engineering, 1, Japan Academy of Engineering foreign Fellow of the 1 people, the Russian Academy of Engineering foreign Fellow of the 1 People, Jason Green and other national talent 47 people, Chinese Academy of Sciences academician, bio-imaging scientist Luo Qing Ming Professor served as the school principal.

School-oriented national strategies and Hainan to local needs, according to“the state urgently needed, world-class”standards, and strive to build a service of the national strategy and the support of local leading Industries Development advantage of the characteristics of subjects system; adhere to the“support lead, signature win, the high grafting, open innovation”concept of development, surrounding trade port development and system innovation, eco and cultural tourism, the South complex with tropical and efficient agriculture, marine science and Technology, full health, information technology, etc. of the seven major areas to create advantages discipline group, to achieve to create a“world-class discipline”and“the domestic first-class universities”of the target.

Forum profile

Hainan University since its inception the school has always been with the national strategy are closely related. The older generation of scholars to work together, the“hold Yew Southern”, in natural rubber and Tropical Agriculture and other aspects of the groundbreaking contribution to a strong impetus to our national defense and the hot zone of the economic and Social Development; a new era of fully open to the public, the construction of high-level free trade port of the new Chapter and the new generation Haid brought to the new node. General Secretary XI Jinping made clear that“to support Hainan University to create the world first-class disciplines”, endowed with Hainan University major new history of the mission. For the better implementation of this historic Mission, good service national major strategic needs, and the Hainan free trade port construction, Hainan University has been continuously held the third session of the International Young Scholars Forum, a large number of domestic and overseas outstanding young scholars through this platform to join to the new sea of adults in the ranks of the school by leaps and bounds backbone.

For the global free trade port urgent need for the parties to the fellowship, to the world of Hainan University craving for young people, to this end, we intend to continue to hold the fourth session of the International Young Scholars Forum Scholarship Council“CSC alumni sink”activities, we sincerely invite domestic and overseas different academic background of the outstanding young scholars to visit the Blue Sea and sky, green trees, white sand of the island, and went into full swing, high-speed development of the free trade port, the founding of the new sea, built to power the new era.

The forum developed a multidisciplinary academic frontiers and hot issues in conducting academic research and cooperation, a total of“Free Trade Port Development and institutional innovation”, the“ecological civilization”,“culture tourism”, the“South complex with tropical and efficient agriculture”, the“Marine Technology”,“full health”,“information technology”such as the seven research sub-forum.

Conditions of registration

1. Under 40 years of age in particular good may be appropriate to relax, the Humanities and Social Sciences in the field can be relaxed by 5 years of age in the subject area to obtain a certain score or have a good potential for development of young talents.

2. (1)with overseas universities PhD; or having a well-known domestic University doctorate, and in the Overseas well-known universities, research institutions, well-known enterprises and R & D institutions and other organizations engaged in research work experience.

(2)has been in the domestic and other research institutions or universities work of high-level talent.

Registration process

1. Registration: eligible domestic and overseas young scholars in11 month 30 dayBefore using the online registration system to register and fill in the related information for registration, the registration is required to select online or offline, the participants will be. For offline reference will be in the territory and the pre-no exit plan your trip of scholars)


Or scan the QR code for registration

2. Invitation with Return Receipt: school will be in 12 months 5 days before the completion of the forum is invited to work.

School portionwise to the invited scholars to send electronic invitations, please check to close the system registry of the mailbox. Invited scholars are required to receive an invitation within three days after the complete receipt and confirm whether the participants.

Forum schedule

Check-in time:2022 12 month 14 day

Forum time:2022 年 12 月 15 May-16 May

(1. the opening session;

(2 points forum of the academic seminars;

(3)College Exchange forum; and

(4 visit the school history Museum, associated laboratory, etc.

Travel and accommodation support

During the forum, the school is offline, the participants scholars provide free room and Board, invitees custom territory of round-trip tickets for economy class, to school, according to the reimbursement(limit of 5000 yuan/people.

The introduction of treatment and support Conditions

A Hainan University high-level talent introduction the main treatment

1. Research capacity prominent in the professional field and achieved excellent results or to highlight the performance of the leaders or teachers can be a thing of the way to determine the salary, depending on the talents of nearly five years of research achievements and external work for the target task by the school distinguished meeting availability.

2. For scientific research and the ability to highlight the excellent young scholars in the school when the school is a distinguished meeting can be directly identified senior professional titles.

(二)Hainan high-level talent introduction about supporting treatment:

1. Housing: check in after the Hainan province, identified as Class C and above talent, respectively, the application does not exceed 150/180/200 sqm rent-free, can be bag check the talent of the apartment set, full-time jobs over 5 years by the government of the gratuitous gift of 80%equity, the full 8-year gift 100%equity; by Hainan identified as Class D or Class E talent, you can apply for $ 5,000/month, $ 3000/month housing rental subsidies or purchase subsidies, the cumulative issuance of not more than 3 years.

2. Hainan provincial government will provide full-time in Joan the work of the Class C and above talent buying a year to $ 6,000 or more of the commercial health group insurance, and enjoy the annual health examination services.

3. Other appropriate levels corresponding to enjoy a settled, the education of children, spouse employment and medical insurance and other aspects of the service guarantee treatment.

Job Features

Job Category

All subject areas

Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

40 years old and below

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