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  1. College profile

Nanjing University affiliated with the Ministry of industry and information, is the first batch of national“211 Project”of key construction universities, and“Project 985 advantage discipline Innovation Platform”Project key construction universities, and in 2017 elected to the National“Double First-Class”construction of colleges and universities. Independent School District covers an area of 3118 acres, with Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum scenic area is seamless, convenient transportation, fully furnished, and the school song pond glittering, the best wood and verdant, is slim political science of the ideal garden. In 2018, Wang ze mountain academician get the 2017 annual state Supreme science and Technology Award, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary, State President and Central Military Commission Chairman XI Jinping personally to Wang ze Hill Fellow Award.

Nanjing University of Jiangyin campus in the spirit of“complementary advantages, mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win and common development”principle, according to the regional economic development needs and the local industrial advantages, combined with school advantage features as well as the“double first-class”construction needs, focusing on the development of modern equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, Microelectronics, Cyberspace Security, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, biomedical and other related disciplines; building mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, intelligent manufacturing engineering, cyberspace security, and information management and Information Systems, New Energy Science and engineering features such as professional.

Nanjing University of Jiangyin campus facing the global recruitment has the domestic and foreign high-level universities PhD talents, welcome outstanding scholars declare the job application form delivered to the campus personnel recruitment mailbox.

  1. Associated treatment

▶Full-time to introduce the teacher, will be directly integrated into the National career preparation, in housing, health care, pension and other aspects to enjoy state-mandated benefits.

▶School with Professor qualifications of the overall validation of the right to self-assessment for the inclusion of doctoral tutor. For the Grand excellence Professor, purple distinguished Professor and Zijin young scholars selected candidates, the school offers Professor job offers Ph. D. assessment and recruitment of the green channel

▶Schools for the introduction of leading talent, youth high-level talent and the young Professor priority recommended to declare national and Jiangsu province, various types of talent project of Jiangsu province“dual-create team”funded 300-800 million,“Jiangsu distinguished Professor”funded 68-118 million; the overseas youth high-level personnel directly elected, Jiangsu province, the“double-invasive program”, funded 50-100 million.

▶Schools in independent research projects and other conditions of the building, for the introduction of new personnel to provide the priority channel.

▶Introduction to a College or team of teachers supporting scientific research funding.

▶In addition to the school administering the settlement fee, Jiangyin City Government also provides high-level personnel of up to 500 million home subsidies.

▶Jiangyin the region of the highest quality educational resources package to solve the child-care, schooling issues, completely solve the worries, teachers devote himself to work.

▶For inclusion at all levels of talent project, the Jiangyin City Government for supporting the provision of an outcome, the two parts of the harvest!

▶Jiangyin region is rich in high-quality corporate resources, only Jiangyin City, there are 53 homes listed companies, has a mass of R & D needs, the demand for talent urgent. As in Jiangyin school and the only high-level universities, the school will help to push the teachers to the industrial frontier show its mettle.

  1. Recruitment and contact information

School for the high-level personnel adhere to the“thing”of the introduction of the policy, other talent an application conditions and related treatment may consult the recruiter.

Resume mail:, the 抄送一份至

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  1. School description

01 Cyberspace Security Academy

The school of Cyberspace Security Professional is computer science and technology, cyberspace security, and software engineering, cross-cutting professional, and in 2019 by the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of, and the official enrollment. The professional and relying on the national key discipline“pattern recognition and intelligent systems”, the Jiangsu provincial key discipline“Computer Application Technology”, the level discipline doctoral programs“computer science and technology”and“cyberspace security”, with“wide professional, thick base, weight capacity, high quality”is the culture of the principle, focus on the medium the basis of solid, knowledge of the surface of the wide, strong, high quality, innovative, and capable in the industry engaged in the Cyberspace Security Technology and application of professional and technical personnel. The professional integration of cryptography, system security, network security, application and content security and direction to the one, to the study and application of computer technology and cyberspace security technology for cyberspace security in the field related to the hardware and software systems research, design, development and integrated application features, the culture can be in cyberspace security and related areas engaged in the production operation and technical management, engineering design, technology development and scientific research and other work, can solve the Cyberspace Security works in the field of complex engineering problems of the composite advanced expertise.

The College of another professional information management and Information Systems was founded in 1985, is China's reform and opening up since the earlier establishment of its kind professional one. In 2005 as“Jiangsu specialty”listing admissions in 2012 elected to the Ministry of industry and information“twelve five”focus on the construction professional. 2019 year to become the top International School of Informatics Court of Justice League“Ischool”the highest level of membership, 2020 approved the National First-class undergraduate construction point. The graduates all over the National Defense Science and Technology Information Research Unit, government, Finance, and related to large-scale state-owned enterprises and listed companies, mainly engaged in information resources, construction, Information Systems Development, Data Processing, Information Analysis, etc.

02 The Smart Manufacturing Institute

The Institute of intelligent manufacturing engineering to mechanical engineering, control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Management Science and engineering and other disciplines involved in the Intelligent Manufacturing Science and technology as the research object, the integrated application of Science, Engineering, Technology and other related disciplines of theory, methods and techniques, research in intelligent product and system structure, control, perception and other technical issues, with multidisciplinary integration and multi-technology integrated features. Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering aims to solve interdisciplinary cross-generation intelligent manufacturing system scientific issues and technical methods, the culture of interdisciplinary cross of intelligent manufacturing engineering innovation ability and practice ability of high-level application-type and complex-type talent.

The professional training has a generosity of mathematics, Natural Science Foundation of theory and machinery, information and other related professional knowledge, with a high sense of Social Responsibility, good professional ethics, Humanities, team spirit, physical and mental health, having the engineering practice ability, innovation ability and international competitiveness in enterprises and institutions, government departments engaged in intelligent manufacturing related products and system design and manufacturing, technology development, scientific research, management and other work, the solution of intelligent manufacturing in the field of complex engineering problems in the field of technical backbone or managers.

03 A New Energy Institute

The College of New Energy Science and engineering is a national strategic emerging industry—the new energy industry to support the professional, is a Jiangsu provincial energy and power focus on the professional classes professional, with a new energy science and engineering master's programs and engineering thermal physics doctoral new energy direction. The professional was founded in 2010, is China's first batch of 11 new energy science and engineering undergraduate professional one.

The professional in energy and power engineering core curriculum for the discipline-based, and focuses on the emerging energy, especially renewable energy development and utilization, as well as conventional energy, solid waste efficient and clean development in the bioenergy, solar energy, wind energy, new energy vehicles and energy power equipment and systems, such as the direction has the advantage.

The professional training have new energy science and engineering a solid Foundation of theory, the system master new energy and renewable energy, clean and efficient development and utilization, conventional energy and solid waste clean and efficient development and utilization of new energy vehicles and related energy power equipment and the system of professional knowledge and professional skills engaged in New Energy Science and engineering and related fields of basic theoretical research, devices, equipment and systems research, design, manufacture, testing, Operation, Management and other professional work, professionalism, and vision, competitive, innovative concentration of high-quality engineering elite and social backbone.

04 Sino-French engineer school

Nanjing University of Sino-French engineer school is approved by the Ministry of Education formally approved the establishment of Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions[the Ministry of education-teach outside of school letter[2015]No. 39], from Nanjing University with France Metz National Engineers Academy was established in the territory of China in accordance with the French engineer position Committee CTI certification standard for higher elite engineers personnel training.

Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and engineering Nanjing University of Sino-French engineer school's first batch of specialty, the use of the French engineers of the elite training mode Grande Ecole, and relying on France Metz National Engineers school in the field of mechanical engineering to highlight the advantages, as well as Nanjing University of the existing national specialty, Jiangsu brand specialty“mechanical engineering”, national key discipline“Materials Science”, national specialty, Jiangsu brand professional“materials science and engineering”and, Jiangsu province, specialty“materials forming and control engineering”, the introduction of the French a lot of quality resources for no less than 1/3 curriculum and teacher in French as the main language of instruction, English and, to a foothold in the service of National Economic and social development, for the modern industrial needs, for emerging industries, high-tech industries related to the field, the Sino-French cooperation in culture with a global vision, familiar with the international rules of high-level, General engineering and technical personnel.

05 basis of the cutting-edge Cross-center

Basis of the cutting-edge Cross-center adhere to a high starting point, high standard, high quality school Central principle of service to the modern equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, Microelectronics, Cyberspace Security, Business Management, Public Administration, Project Management, Social Work and related disciplines, the use of international school model, the implementation of small class, the College system as the core of the undergraduate and postgraduate education teaching reform, the introduction of quality education brand and teachers, promoting cooperation between colleges and enterprises of the new mechanism, to build well-known enterprises depth participate in the new talent system.

The Centre introduced at home and abroad teaching and teachers, famous professors, relying on high-tech equipment and new equipment, and built a modern basis of the lab, bear Nanjing University of Jiangyin campus of Mathematics, Physics, Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical Design, English, civic Affairs, sports, etc. of public basic course for teaching with the experimental task. Currently the center has a common mathematical Foundation of the Department, College of physics and mechanics Department, electronic and electrotechnical Department, mechanical design Department, University English departments, ideological and political Department, culture and quality of the Department 7 of the Department and College physics experiment Center, electronic and electrical Experiment Center, mechanics Experiment Center, Engineering Training Center, etc 4 experimental Center.

The center provides teachers with an independent educational reform, scientific research platform with correctional research laboratory, research laboratories, to promote the teaching reform and research and innovation. For teachers teaching levels increase, research capacity to enhance the setting of the excitation system and material security. Constantly improve my school Jiangyin campus of the public Foundation of the teacher-level, our contribution to the development of strength.

06 new Engineering Research Institute

Nanjing University of Jiangyin campus new Engineering Research Institute is a campus of the implementation of the service“of the two powers” - building, the promotion of regional economic development, an important carrier of the Institute around the regional economic development of the frontier, combined with the school discipline development, layout, to artificial intelligence, big data, bio-medicine and other disciplines in the direction of the main body, and strive to build the workforce of the cistern, crossover study of the new positions, the professional development of bred controller.


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