Anhui University of engineering recruitment of modern technology center, post-doctoral

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Unit introduction

Anhui University of Engineering is a work based provincial multidisciplinary universities and Anhui province key construction universities, located in the“Yangtze River Pearl of innovation in the”city of Wuhu-national Yangtze River Delta city group of development planning of the city, Anhui Province, Deputy regional center of the city of Nanjing Metropolitan area, Hefei city ring, G60 kechuang corridor important members of the total economy of residence of Anhui province, the second.

The school began in 1935, 2019 approved Anhui project construction grant doctoral degree units. Now a College of Mechanical Engineering, 16 colleges and more than 60 undergraduate admissions professionals, the 17-level discipline master's degree authorization points, 11 Master's degree authorization Category, 3 independent set cross-disciplinary master's degree authorization points. Nearly three years was approved provincial and Ministerial level scientific research projects of more than 400, the provincial scientific award of more than 30 in. 2020 elected to the National Intellectual Property pilot colleges and universities.

Control Science and engineering were selected Anhui peak discipline construction program. Anhui El Swift Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. cooperation co-founding local joint engineering research center of engineering lab with high-end equipment advanced perception and intelligent control of Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of 24 Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Platform.

The school is a national graduate employment typical experience with the top 50 universities, Anhui province, College students innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model College. Talent training quality by community-wide acclaim, was hailed as the“training engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of the cradle”.

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

Embrace the Chinese Communist Party leadership, love the Motherland, love of education, law-abiding, have good ideological and political quality, and ethics, having a solid professional knowledge, strong team spirit and a high academic level, the mental and physical health, have a good potential for development at home and abroad excellent Dr. and including post-doctoral, and age generally not more than 40 years of age, with senior professional titles is generally not more than 45 years of age, having 51 years of studying and working abroad, or enterprise engineering practice experience is preferred.


1. The outstanding performance of high-level talent, according to Anhui province and school appropriate professional and technical positions in the conditions of service of, the priority of appointment, enjoy on-campus treatment. The introduction of overseas high-level talents and urgently needed talents of professional and technical positions reviewed in accordance with the Anhui province of relevant documents to enjoy the“green channel”benefits.

2. The introduction of talent to meet the Anhui University of engineering“zhongjiang Scholars”program implementation approach, the pilot of the relevant provisions, may apply for“zhongjiang scholars”treatment and complete the corresponding positions in the target.

3. To the team in the form of the introduction of the treatment in a single introduction of talent on the basis of the float, and can be incorporated into school-level platform management. Specifically by the personnel recommendations, reported to the school Research decision.

4. The introduction of talent spouse employment placement according to the Anhui University of engineering high-level talents spouse employment placement implementation of measures for implementation.

5. The school shortage and urgent need to introduce a special talent, to simplify the recruitment process, the“thing”is.

Application process

Please candidates according to the learned professions, were delivered“Anhui province University of engineering recruitment application form”至邮箱application@techtalentsuk.com和相关学院邮箱 see Table 2 on.“ Job application form”from the school website-personnel-recruitment bar download. Apply Application Form please rename to“name–a*University*Professional–PhD–source green tower talent”after attachment is sent.

This announcement is a pre-announcement, in particular above the stage Department approval shall prevail. Policy details please contact: Shen teachers, teacher Huang Tel: 0553-2871214。

Attachments:Table 2: Anhui University of engineering 2022 expertise Hills Dr requirements planning. pdf

Table 1: Anhui University of engineering 2022 annual Dr. introduction treatment list

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