The Chinese Academy of Sciences Ningbo material the recruitment of Hydrogen Energy Laboratory postdoctoral

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Unit introduction

Direction description: for the national dual carbon strategic objectives of the development needs of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo materials hydrogen energy materials and Application Technology Laboratory focusing on hydrogen energy critical materials and technology studies, with the hydrogen production-hydrogen storage-hydrogen with a series of key technologies. Proton-hydrogen storage battery in the direction established in the 2022 10 months, the direction of the head of the Wang Gang researcher. The study mainly focused Proton hydrogen storage carrier/electrolyte research and development, the energy storage process characterization/analysis and Proton-hydrogen battery model designed to explore a storage/release of hydrogen integration, inexpensive, safe and efficient energy storage route. Wang Gang, now the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo materials the researcher. In 2010 graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 2016, Dr. graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, University/, Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, 2013-2015 in Germany MAPP polymer Institute, Dr. co-culture; the winner of the 2016 China Academy of Sciences Dean's Excellence Award, etc. 2016-2022 worked in MAPP Polymer Research Institute and the Technical University of Dresden engaged in post-doctoral research work, the cooperation of the instructors were Klaus Müllen and Professor von new bright Professor. 2022 年 9 月 added Ningbo material, and won Ningbo yongjiang talent engineering support. Wang Gang, Dr. long been engaged in a multi-ion electrochemical energy storage materials, mechanisms and devices of the research, to date, published research papers of 37 articles, 4 articles ESI highly cited papers, a total of cited more than 2500 times(Google Scholar)。 Wherein the first author with a total of identity in Adv. Mater. (6), Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (3), Adv. Energy Mater. (1), Chem. Soc. Rev. (1)and other international publications papers published 17 articles. Currently serving as the Processes Journal editorial Board members and more important international academic journals such as the Adv. Mat., the Energy Environ. Sci., a Energy Storage Mater., The J. Mater. Chem. A provision of the arbitration and copyediting services.

Job description

Job responsibilities:

1. New Proton hydrogen storage carrier and electrolyte development;

2. The energy storage process characterization and analysis;

3. New energy device Assembly and performance assessment;

4. Apply for post-doctoral Fund and undertake research group research tasks, and assist in routine laboratory maintenance.

Recruitment conditions:

1. Dr. graduating or graduated three years or less, issued a high level of SCI papers;

2. Having a physical, chemical, material, or engineering and other related professional background;

3. With a strong team collaboration skills, good English writing and communication skills.

4. Having an organic synthesis, electrochemical or theoretical research background preferred.


Basic salary: postdoctoral pre-tax salary of 27 million; the excellent Dr. talents may apply Ningbo material the postdoctoral talent project, the outstanding post-doctoral pre-tax starting salary of 30 million, career preparation employed; the Distinguished Young Researchers, the pre-tax starting salary of 35 million, and career preparation to hire.

Research funding: the postdoctoral research funding 5 million; the outstanding post-doctoral, and provide one-time funding for scientific research 40 million+5 million; the Distinguished Young researchers, to provide one-time funding for scientific research of the 100 million+5 million; the selected post-doctoral Fund project to provide 1:1 research funding match; selected Bo new plan living allowance 40 million given directly to the individual, research funding 23 million accumulate; to get the Special Research Assistant in the project to support 60 million, and research funding accumulated.

By the end of performance: a scientific research team based on individual annual contribution approved by the end of performance.

Welfare benefits: social insurance, paid annual leave, talent apartments, staff canteen, free medical examinations, Union benefits, etc.

Career development: in the station during the eligible can apply for the Deputy high positions; in particular, research assistant the end of the project, you can apply the Chinese Academy of Sciences young people Program support, research funding support of up to 800 million Chinese Academy of Sciences to provide 400 million, Ningbo materials provided 400 million

Stay Ningbo subsidies: in particular, research assistant the end of the project left the work to enjoy the stay Ningbo subsidies 35 million, to Ningbo enterprises can enjoy a stay Ningbo subsidy of 50 million.

Application process

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