China Agricultural University recruitment of efficient water-saving irrigation technology and equipment for the team post-doctoral

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Unit introduction

China Agricultural University of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering College from 1958 10 on the original Beijing agricultural machinery chemical Institute to create farmland Water Conservancy of the Department. The College has the Chinese Academy of engineering, the Ministry of Education personnel Project distinguished Professor, National Outstanding Youth Fund winner of the national“high-level talents support program”leading talent, education talent programme for young scholars, Ministry of Education Youth Innovation talent project, the National Outstanding Youth Fund winner, Beijing teaching teachers, national agricultural industry technology system of the jobs scientists and other components of a strong teaching force, with the National Natural Science Foundation for innovative research groups of 1, the Ministry of Education Innovation Team 1, the Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Excellence and Innovation Team 1. The College continued to strengthen scientific research platform for building, strengthening resource gathering, building Gansu Wuwei Oasis agricultural efficient water use national field scientific observation and research station, Ministry of education, the agricultural and Rural Department, Ministry of Water Resources, Beijing, China and a number of provincial and Ministerial level key laboratories, engineering research centers, field observation Experiment Station, technical demonstration base, and with domestic and foreign famous universities and research institutions to maintain long-term exchanges and cooperation.

The College always adhere to the focus of the service a major national strategies, industries, and places significant demand, focus on green agriculture, efficient use of water, efficient water-saving irrigation, hydro-mechanical, water environment and aquatic, poultry health, farming, horticulture, environmental value-added energy, rural planning, urban construction and other key areas of strength, and actively carry out scientific research and social work, has achieved fruitful results. Since 2010, the bear national, provincial and other kinds of scientific research more than 1,000 items, the research funding of 10 million yuan; in the Nature " And " Nature Communications and other top publications-series of high-quality papers of more than 600 articles; the outcome won the National Science and Technology award of 10 items, provincial and Ministerial level science and Technology Awards including the social forces set to award 36 items; the depth of involvement of the Three Gorges project, the South-North Water Transfer Project and other major national water conservancy project, the key technology research and design debugging work in Beijing, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Guangxi and other more than 30 provinces, municipalities and Autonomous regions, the construction of the base model, and to carry out technical consulting, project planning and engineering design and other social services, the acclaimed。

The Academy began in 1996 enrolled in agricultural engineering post-doctorate in 2014 approved hydraulic engineering postdoctoral station. The current flow station in the station postdoctoral 24 people, 8 of whom elected to the National“the new program”,“international sent”or“international introduction”project; otherwise the enterprise joint training of postdoctoral 3 people. For in the station full time 1-year post-doctoral, and 100%having a help guide for graduate students and assist in teaching experience, 65%by the National Natural Science Foundation of China or the China postdoctoral Science Foundation, postdoctoral comprehensive ability of comprehensive improvement.“ Fourteen five”period, the College of further implementation of the post-doctoral“multiplier Action”Project, The Standard Control official Teachers Standards, comprehensive, multi-channel support postdoctoral Bayonetta during the, when the protagonist, a post-doctoral training quality with remarkable results.

Now facing the global recruitment of Hydraulic Engineering, Agricultural Engineering post-doctorate researchers, China Agricultural University of Water Conservancy and civil engineering are cordially invited to the global talents to join us!

Job description

Job responsibilities:

1. Complete the school and the College of the provisions of the tasks and position of the target functions;

2. Assist the team to carry out the assumed subject of scientific research, site management, etc.;

3. Able to independently complete scientific paper writing, outputs high level of scientific research results;

4. Actively apply for post-doctoral surface of the Fund, to participate in the application of the National Science Foundation and other research projects;

5. Help guide the team of Master's and doctoral graduate students work;

6. Implementation of co-mentor other work assigned by.

Recruitment conditions:

1. the mental and physical health, have independent research ability, rigorous working attitude, strong sense of responsibility and team spirit;

(2)with polymer materials science and engineering related professional background, engaged in irrigation equipment material modification and new product research direction 1 person; having a bioinformatics-related professional background, engaged in the water and fertilizer efficient use of biological mechanisms research direction 1 person; having agricultural soil and water engineering related professional background, to engage in efficient water-saving irrigation equipment and technology R & D research direction(1 person);

(3)have a high level of English writing and verbal skills, nearly 3 years to the first author with tie for first author, at least in Published high-level SCI paper 1 papers.


Salary: with reference to the school standards and apply for determining the type of salary(Xing Nong young scholars gang, innovative Team gang, scientific research projects the post, cooperation special job, with an annual salary of not less than 20 million, encourage and support the Declaration Bo new plan of innovative talent support plan.

Titles found: into the station, meet the relevant regulations, may declare the recognized mid-level professional and technical positions qualifications. Work 2 years and above, and meet school-related condition, may declare the recognized sub-senior professional and technical positions qualifications.

Research awards: according to the post-doctoral specific scientific work performance, enjoy the school provides faculty research incentive policies, as well as College and cooperation mentor to provide performance incentives.

Abroad exchange: in addition to the international exchange sent items, to encourage in the station postdoctoral to Foreign well-known universities and research institutions for academic visit or academic exchanges in addition.

Team support: team provide adequate financial support, and support post-doctoral himself as the head of the application of various types of post-doctoral Fund, the national project and the Beijing Municipal scientific research projects, participation in international high-level academic activities.

Recognition awards: the creation of a school of“outstanding post-doctoral”awards, to encourage academic research, technological innovation, engineering practices and achievements, etc. has made outstanding achievements of outstanding postdoctoral。

Five insurance: the school according to the national and Beijing Municipal provisions for post-doctoral personnel to participate in the Beijing social security, Deposit, housing provident Fund.

Application process

First, the application materials and submit

1. Personal resume including educational background, work experience, research experience, the main research results; and

2. PhD thesis summary;

3. PhD degree, a degree certificate and a copy of the PhD candidates provide a relevant description of the material; and

4. Two experts recommended the person's name and contact phone, E-mail; and

5. Preliminary work on the vision and future career planning;

6. The other can prove himself capacity, the level of the relevant information.

Candidates should be above application materials and supporting documentation into one PDF, 电子版发送至 noted post-doctoral candidates+name+is proposed to post time.

Second, other information

1. Academy since posting the release date of acceptance of the application material, all year round recruitment, feel free to apply, focus-reviewed, merit-based hiring, classification and management. The applicant throughout the year the Declaration, colleges according to the academic development needs, in a 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month, No. 1, prior to determine the recommended candidates, the application materials submitted to the College. Other details please refer to the China Agricultural University personnel office of“post-doctoral”thematic website content.

2. The research team by recruiting conditions for applicants for eligibility, and notify the first instance those who pass the interview; the qualification is not by persons without prior notice;

3. Work location: China Agricultural University, East Campus, Haidian District, Beijing Tsinghua East Road 17 no.

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All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


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