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  1. School description

Chengdu industrial Academy is the Sichuan Provincial People's government held a public full-time ordinary undergraduate school. The school was founded in 1913, is now the country“thirteen five”local colleges and universities transition demonstration project, the production of teaching integration planning project implemented school, Sichuan province, the first batch of“excellent engineer education and training program”“comprehensive innovation and reform”and“undergraduate colleges of the overall transformation and development of the reform”of the pilot colleges, is the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, Sichuan provincial economic and Information Technology Office to advance undergraduate yield teach fusion“of the Office of school to build”the sole province of the pilot colleges and universities.

School always uphold the“hands and brain, learn Unity”motto and“rigorous, earthy, hard work, innovation”spirit. Established a“local, the application type and open”school positioning and“rooted in place, the soul in the application, the production of teaching Integration, Collaborative Education”School Ideas.

School of the existing PI are, Yibin, flower archway campus covers an area of nearly 2000 acres. The school has 14 secondary school and 1 Continuing Education and 1 Training Center/factory, with 36 undergraduate programs. Full-time students in the school of about 16,000 people.

The school has Faculty 1070 people, including full-time teachers 829 people, the Deputy high above the senior teachers 339 people, master's and higher degree teachers 932 people; 2 national teaching teacher and 3 provincial teaching teachers, 2 national teaching team, and 3 provincial teaching team, the teachers won the National Division's advanced individuals, National excellent teachers, provincial division De model, enjoy special government allowance experts, provincial academic technology leaders and backup candidate, the provincial outstanding contributions of outstanding experts such as the title more than 50 people.

Centennial School Heritage, casting the school of“hard work”of the school spirit of“excellence and innovation”'s pursuit of value, quality and features for the vertical correction of the present, based in Chengdu, service, Sichuan, facing West, radiation throughout the country, is committed to building a distinctive place in the high-level application-oriented colleges and universities in.

We sincerely welcome people with lofty ideals to join, the Grand total now!

  1. The introduction of talent category and treatment

Note: Yibin campus work enjoy special policies:

1. In Yibin work during the rent-free(utilities, and other expenses)stay in Yibin campus on-campus talent room.

2. According to the Pleasant only collar[2021]No. 1 and delightful only a collar[2021]No. 5 files relevant provisions, enjoy the city of Yibin talent introduction treatment.

  1. Introducing talents of discipline and professional requirements

  1. Basic conditions

A candidate should also have the following conditions:

1. Having people's Republic of China nationality, love the socialist Motherland, support people's Republic of China Constitution, embraced the Communist Party of China, law-abiding, of good character, have good professional ethics and morality therapist wind, dedication, professionalism and sense of responsibility is strong.

2. Healthy, medically qualified, having a normal fulfill the responsibilities of the physical condition.

3. With this announcement the specific recruitment requirements and qualifications.

(二)have one of the following circumstances, shall not apply to:

1. Was trained in all types of criminal penalties or being subject to criminal penalties of.

2. Had been dismissed from public office in.

3. There are illegal, violations are subject to review on.

4. Yet the lifting of party discipline, the rules for government staff to dispose of.

5. In accordance with the business unit personnel management avoidance provisions on the institutions open recruitment personnel of the provisional regulations and the Sichuan provincial public institutions open recruitment staff in the implementation of rules for the trial of the relevant provisions should be avoided.

6. Still in the trial period of the new hiring civil servants.

7. According to the CPC Central Committee, the State Council General Office of the Convention on expediting the process promises to be holders of credit monitoring, warning and Punishment Mechanisms for the construction of the comments on provisions by the courts through judicial procedures identified promises to be the executor of.

8. According to the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Security to the Convention on the establishment of the faculty and staff access queries sexual assault criminal information system of the opinion of the provisions of The had sexual assault crimes recorded by.

9. There is a violation of the relevant provisions of the unsuitable candidates business units.

  1. The introduction and management

The introduction of talent included the first class to fifth class are in accordance with the“assessment of recruitment”manner. Talent introduction is divided into the preparation within the introduction and preparation outside of the introduction, prepared to introduce personnel to use the full allocation career preparation; preparation of the external introduction of talent does not account for the school career preparation, the implementation of non-career prepared hiring system. Talent introduction of the first class to fifth class personnel in accordance with the Chengdu Industrial College of the introduction of talent management approaches(pilot)》(into the engineering Institute[2020]No. 119)(Annex 2 and file management.

  1. Apply for the program

1. Please according to the announcement of the recruitment of subjects and requirements, choose to suit your needs the post, truthfully and accurately fill in the Chengdu Industrial College of talent introduction application of Annex 3, a limited reported a post. Please fill in the Chengdu Industrial College of the introduction of talent application form 发送到application@techtalentsuk.com, CC to the corresponding College contacts mailbox, such as the subject: to apply for the Post+Your Name+degree+School+of the learning professional. Have questions, please weekdays call for consultation from 9: 00-12: 00 p.m., afternoon 14: 00 to 17: 00)。

2. The candidates submitted information and application materials must be real and effective, eligibility throughout the recruitment link in hiring any of the links found candidates who do not meet the conditions apply, fraud, breach avoidance system, the candidate or the hiring eligibility shall be invalid by the candidate's own responsibility.

  1. Assessment methods

An assessment of the way

Assessment methods include professional interview and comprehensive assessment. Professional interview General professional try to speak and reply of the way. Professional after the interview, merit into the comprehensive examination, comprehensive examination the comprehensive examine the candidate's overall quality.

Two assessment time

By the proposed introduction of the College according to the various post recruitment situation, and batches preferred notification candidates to the school to participate in the assessment, the specific time, place and other arrangements to be recruiting College notice. Participate in the assessment of candidates please bring your identity documents, related to the original certificate, the research results prove that, etc.

Three assessment results

Assessment results reported school-related functions of the Department and school approval.

  1. Public

By the school after the approval of the personnel determined to be recruits, and online publicity for 7 days.

  1. Physical examination

Through the publicity of the non-objection of the personnel in accordance with the relevant requirements to participate in a medical examination

  1. A comprehensive study

A comprehensive study of the main corresponding to the recruits of the ideological and political expression, law-abiding, moral character, personal integrity, competence, work performance, etc for a comprehensive study, and the corresponding recruits eligibility criteria for review.

  1. Hire

A comprehensive study of the Qualified Person, by personnel notification for the relevant contract procedures.

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