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College profile

Navy Military Medical University in Shanghai, now a national“211 Project”, the first batch of National“Double First-Class”and the army“double”discipline-building colleges. University in 1949 the school, named the“East China Military Region, the people of the Medical School of: in 1951 was renamed”the Second Military Medical University“in 2017 the official transfer scribe attributed built the Navy, given the name”Naval Military Medical University“, the main burden of defence health personnel training, emergency maneuver Wei Qin security, the level of wartime medical care, life Sciences innovation and research 4 big task.

University strong teachers, there are 7 academicians, 10“973”chief scientists, 22 Ministry of Education distinguished Professor, 6 of the National“thousand people plan”, 12“millions of Talents project”of the national candidates, 7“Ho Leung Ho Lee Prize”winner of 18 national“Jason Green”, 32 army of high level science and technology innovation talent.

The University built a Medical Immunology, State Key Laboratory, National Cancer Science Center, National Digestive Diseases Clinical Center 8 characters No. Science Platform, 8 national-level Innovation Team, 4 state-level teaching team, 22 provincial and military Key Laboratory.

The University has for Army training 12 million more than high-quality military talent, for the Navy transported more than 85% of the SS Deloitte talent for 98 countries and trained more than 1,600 military medical students, a comprehensive education of strength in the military academies and the national medical institutions of the first phalanx.

Career orientation

Civilian personnel and then the army and social life, are legally entitled to the national staff of the respective rights, fulfill the corresponding business.

Recruitment conditions

(1)political conditions. Candidates should meet the Army recruiting hiring of civilian personnel, the political assessment of the standard conditions.

(2)education conditions. Having ordinary colleges and universities full-time Bachelor Degree or above(part of the clinical care professional, except for the focus on facing the 985 project”and“211”Project or the“double first-class”construction of colleges and universities(subjects colleges education professional background.

(3)eligibility criteria. Having a recruitment job requirements of the professional and technical qualifications and vocational qualifications. Division laws and regulations clearly stipulate the outside, apply for Junior professional and technical positions, as well as doctoral candidates in mid-level professional and technical positions, not for eligibility requirements.

(4)physical condition. Compliance with the army recruitment hiring civilian personnel, physical examination of the standard conditions.

(5)Age conditions. Apply for Section Deputy of the following management positions or Junior professional and technical positions, age not over 35 years old in 1986 to 12 months after birth; the candidates section permanent management positions or intermediate professional and technical positions, age not over 45 years old in 1976 12 months after the birth centre.

(6)other conditions. In more than meets the basic conditions, the specific conditions apply according to recruitment positions need to be determined.

Note: admission officers obtain academic degrees and titles, the professional qualifications the deadline for 2023 7 to July 31, wherein the free written direct recruitment post cut-off time may be hired in time, but shall not exceed 2023 1, on 31 May.

Compensation and benefits

To active-duty military officers as a reference, the level of wages with the same rank of commissioned officers rather, the overall level of wages is higher than where the same staff.

(1)wages. Implementation of the military uniform for civilian personnel in the salary system, including basic pay, basic allowance allowances, special allowances, subsidies and incentives salary, etc. The primary post a monthly average of 10,500 yuan, intermediate post a monthly average of 13,000 yuan, all for the deduction of the“five insurance two gold”after the end of the assessment of the competent or more additional one month bonus salary. In addition, according to the bear to teach medical research tasks, you can enjoy teaching hours subsidies, medical and scientific positions in the rating and performance benefits. Probation salary by the army for policy implementation.

(2)housing guarantees. Civilian personnel housing implementation of social, monetization, security, mainly by the individual through the market to rent or buy housing. Civilian personnel in the Army work during the housing Fund by the employer and the individual respectively, deposited, the unified into the seat of the housing provident Fund management institutions management; civilian personnel in the Army work during the housing subsidies, the implementation of a monthly fixed payment.

(3)Medicare. Civilian personnel participate in the seat of the employees ' basic medical insurance, according to the location of health care policy, medical treatment, Army administered to Medicaid. Civilian personnel participate in military training, non-war military operations and combat support guarantee for the mandate period of Medicare, the implementation of the army of the free medical care. Civilian personnel in the Army Medical Institutions door emergency medical treatment can be in the military to the clinic area for treatment, with the soldiers equal enjoyment of registration, examination, treatment, surgery, etc. priority treatment.

(4)the social insurance. Civilian personnel with reference to the state civil service and business unit staff of the law, to participate in the local social insurance. Civilian personnel of social insurance, individual contributions, taking grants manner with himself payroll, by the army of the employer withholding it. In accordance with the provisions participate in the integrated areas of employee basic medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance. Civilian personnel in the enjoyment of essential health insurance benefits on the basis that the army administered to Medicaid. My school civilian personnel participate in the Shanghai authorities, public institutions pension insurance.

(5)the welfare pension is. With reference to the active-duty cadre, clerical staff to enjoy the summer cooling costs, child care education expenses, the couple separated fees. Visiting family on vacation, maternity leave, transportation subsidies, child-care, health examination, visit condolences, difficult, relief, etc., in accordance with the army of the relevant provisions. Civilian personnel in airports, stations, etc. can go“soldier according to the law of priority”channel, enjoy ticketing, security, boarding, boarding and check-in, boarding and other aspects of priority services. Immediate family members have access to priority medical treatment. Available certificate free from the Shanghai public transportation.

(6)the settled policy. For better implementation of the army civilian personnel welfare policies, convenient for the majority of civilian personnel in Shanghai University of political work at the production of the Naval Military Medical University, civilian personnel settled in the guide.

The post plan


The above post plan for the notice, the specific job requirements and registration information for Army Talent Network publishing prevail, please the majority of candidates personnel attention.

Recruitment procedures

(1)PhD degree, people free written through the interview, log on military talent network registration of a qualification is determined to interview the object of an interview assessment and physical examination determine the pre-selected object in a tissue political assessment to determine the proposed hiring objects can be in advance of the gang try one organization approval hired a conducting pre-job training and trial period the assessment of a check-in appointment procedures.

(2)graduate students the following academic staff login Army Talent Network Sign up for one to participate in Army Recruitment unified the written test for eligibility determination interview objects participate in the Interview Assessment and physical examination determine the pre-selected object in a tissue political assessment to determine the proposed hired the object of an organization approval hired a conducting pre-job training and trial period the assessment of a check-in appointment procedures.

2022 12 months will be announced recruitment information, the organization of registration and the first instance; the 2023 1 in early May or so, the organization of the army unified exams; 2 at the end of the left and right, to publish exam shortlisted for the personnel list; 4 before the end of May, to carry out interviews medical, political evaluation of the work; 6 before the end of the completion of public approval, as appropriate, expand the supplementary recruitment job. Wherein, fresh College graduates to be which made the recruitment requirements of the academic degree after the signing of the contract.

Site Settings

My school biology, Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Public Health, Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing and specialty medicine, 8 post-doctoral research station, the workstation to recruit a post-doctoral researchers.

Application conditions

1. Political position of the firm, law-abiding, good health;

2. PhD not more than 3 years, age at 35 years of age(time off to 2023 1, on); and

3. Must have full-time engaged in post-doctoral research work capacity conditions;

4. Strict control my school PhD graduates into the same level of discipline post-doctoral research station;

5. Access to foreign doctoral degree excellent international students priority admission, is not affected by the inflow of indicators limit.

Application procedure

1. Choose a mentor, the formation of the initial intent. The application of the object combined with a degree in professional and personal wishes with a tutor to get in contact, forming a preliminary cooperation intention.

2. Fill the reporting system, and submit a written application. Application object landing Army postdoctoral online office system,download fill the army post-doctoral researchers pitted approval form,the Division Brigade units of the party Committee for approval after local staff by the employer approval to set Station Units of the Political Work Department submitted inbound material.

3. Qualification, organization assessment interview. Each station units to be recruiting personnel qualification, and the establishment of post-doctoral assessment work of the leadership team. The head of the General by adjunct senior professional and technical positions leadership as members by the annual school senior professional and technical qualification review Committee or a local expert as, the number is generally for 9 people. Proposed recruiting personnel must pass through the station unit post-doctoral assessment work of the leadership team to focus the interview and review of control, and was more than half agreed, the parties may be submitted to the school of research.

4. Material review, presentation of the school for approval. School of Political Work Department in conjunction with the Graduate School of the declared objects of the material for review, the proposed recruitment opinion, the presentation of school leadership for approval.

Application to other schools research institutes carried out post-doctoral research work, the division brigade level unit of the party Committee of the research and the consent of the packet school political work of the approval process. Eligible civilian personnel, may apply to enter the same city Army postdoctoral research site in research work.

Treatment guaranteed

1. Wages. Postdoctoral researchers are official staff, at the time credited service. Military and civilian personnel by the Army about the policy of wage determination, local personnel per year per person 20 a 40 million yuan to determine the remuneration. My school postdoctoral researchers and established stations units scientific researchers enjoy the same research job level allowance; participate in the research project tasks, according to the army, the relevant provisions of the enjoyment of the appropriate research and performance benefits.

2. Research funding. School Organization for new post-doctoral researchers pitted assessment, qualified to give some scientific research funding, cooperation mentor can be according to the topic of the task given to relevant scientific research is guaranteed. Post-doctoral researchers every year per person, enjoy a 1-million research funding, can be used for scientific research and the required equipment, supplies, business travel and other expenses. Excellent postdoctoral researchers, the school recommended declared the China postdoctoral Science Foundation funded,“the Hong Kong Scholars Program”,“post-doctoral international academic exchange program”,“postdoctoral international exchange program”and the like.

3. Other safeguards. The school is compliant with the conditions of post-doctoral researchers arrange the apartment housing, there is no guarantee of conditions according to relevant standards payment rent allowance; and to comply with the Shanghai settled conditions personnel check-in is settled and the spouse, minor children of the account migration process; post-doctoral children into care, schooling issues, according to my school the same person the same treatment check-in for a local post-doctoral researchers to pay Social Insurance; Military and civilian personnel for the couple separated, you can enjoy a military couple separated living allowance for inbound postdoctoral provide meals.

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