Hohai University King David research group of post-doctoral recruitment

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Unit introduction

Cooperation mentor profile: Wang Dawei, male, 1989 Green, Ph. D., Hohai University, School of environment, researcher, Hohai University College of International Studies, Vice-President of Jiangsu province, is a distinguished Professor. In 2011 and 2016 respectively Hohai University Bachelor's and doctoral degrees in 2014-2016 Inter-went to UC-Riverside joint culture. After graduation worked in the United States, Virginia Commonwealth U.(2016-2018)and Clemson U.(2018-2020)engaged in research work in 2020 11 month added Hohai University Environment Institute. Mainly engaged in water pollution control, water resource development and environmental pollution repair, and other aspects of the research and teaching work. Nearly two years hosting include the National Natural Science Fund Project, National Key R & D project, corporate R & D, etc., more projects have been published in SCI journals and more than 40 articles, which to the first author or corresponding author identity in Engineering, ACS Nano, Nano Today, the npj Clean Water, ES&T, and WR and other journals published SCI papers more than twenty articles, written in English the writings of 1 Chapter; worked as a sub-forum of the President of the organization of the American Chemical Society ACS annual conference sub-forum, repeatedly invited in important international conferences and reputed universities for the academic report; current as Frontiers in Environmental Chemistry, Deputy editor, the Chinese Chemical Letters editorial Board and the Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering Early Career Advisory Board, the Water Cycle editorial Board; andNow for the International Water Association China Youth Committee member of IWA-China YWP)and Chinese society for Environmental Sciences water treatment and reuse of the Professional Committee. 

Job description

Job responsibilities:

According to the needs of the project to carry out research work, while encouraging the expansion of direction; assist in guiding graduate students; and assist in the management of the laboratory.

Recruitment conditions:

1, Environmental Science and engineering, material or in the field of chemistry Ph. D. received his doctorate not more than 3 years, of age not more than 35 years of age;

2, published first author of SCI Papers 2 above;

3, into the station must be full-time engaged in post-doctoral research work;

4, with the larger scientific enthusiasm, English writing skills, research topics task of writing ability, good research execution and team cooperation spirit, can independently carry out scientific research;

5, in line with the Hohai University post-doctoral recruitment conditions.

Research direction:

1, trace organic pollutants adsorption removal;

2, the smart adsorbent material.


Post treatment:

1, provide competitive remuneration packages, the situation is negotiable. Specifically, Hohai University, post-doctoral basic annual salary of A class of 40 million, Class B 24 million, Class C 18 million+subject Group Performance+Research/Project Award;

2, the research group will actively assist in the application of national, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing City, the grants and research funding, for example, Bo new plan, Jiangsu province, dual-wound Dr, Jiangsu excellence Bo after the other research group has 1 Bo after the success of the great Bo The Post is funded for two years and 30 million personal allowances; and

3, other entitlements and benefits of five insurance payments, and assist in the settlement school dormitories or rent subsidies, etc. in accordance with the Hohai University regulations; and

4, the research group has devoted to the performance of the funds used to reward the achievements in scientific research, including but not limited to the papers.

Our group benefits:

1, the research group relies on the“double first-class”construction disciplines, platforms and cooperation with the resource-rich, young and energetic, the students ample, is conducive to the rapid accumulation of results;

2, the research group relies on a plurality of the National Longitudinal and Central enterprises commissioned Lateral Project, closely around the actual needs, it is advantageous to produce recognition results;

3, cooperation mentor actively support the Declaration of NSFC Youth Fund, a post-doctoral Fund project, to assist the Declaration of Jiangsu province and Nanjing, all kinds of projects;

4, the research group at home and abroad cooperation extensive support of domestic and international academic exchanges, such as international and domestic conferences and other academic exchange activities, etc.;

5, outbound assessment excellent, and can be recommended for retention; the results highlight may recommend a special evaluation of the sub-senior professional and technical positions.

Application process

Applicants are requested to first 1) CV + 2) representatives of+3 research interests 发送至application@techtalentsuk.com mail subject: “postdoctoral Application+Name+source green tower talent”)。 The primaries by post, e-mail or telephone notification of candidates. Application materials are not returned.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

1 person

Age requirement

35 years old and below

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