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Chongqing Medical University description

Chongqing Medical University is located in the beautiful mountain city of Chongqing, Shanghai First Medical College of Fudan University Shanghai Medical College in 1956 the division moved to Chongqing formation of the State Council academic degrees Committee approved the first batch of having a PhD and master's degree-granting units of the Ministry of Education approved the first batch of China to study the base model, is the Chongqing Municipal People's government, the National Health Commission and the Ministry of education to build the College, is the first batch of“higher education disciplines innovation plan”to“111 plan”where the College one.

School by Yuan Jia gang campus and Jinyun campuses, campus total area of 2650 acres. The existing 8 first-level discipline doctoral degree authorization points, 13 A-level discipline master's degree authorization points, 3 doctoral professional degree authorization points, 11 Master's degree authorization points; 4 national key disciplines, 8 into the ESI global top 1% of the subjects, 4 of Chongqing first-class disciplines, 16 Chongqing“fourteen five”municipal key disciplines. The Ministry of education degree from the center of the fourth round of discipline evaluation, clinical medicine and other disciplines ranking of the nation.

School of Chinese Academy of engineering academician, consultant, and AAAS Fellow, overseas high-level talents, academics, Jay Green, preferably green and other National Personnel more than 50 people, the provincial-level talent 580 people. The existing 7 a National Post-Doctoral Research Station, in the station postdoctoral reached 382 people, talent Taki and teacher of the reservoir role of the increasingly obvious that the Talent Team Vitality is constantly increasing.

Schools built with national, provincial and Ministerial level research platform 70, and another 7 National Post-Doctoral Research Station, as well as the provincial“high-level overseas talents innovation and Entrepreneurship Base”and“academician expert workstation”. The school has Affiliated Hospital 15, wherein the First Affiliated Hospital, affiliated Children's hospital for 10 consecutive years was selected for the“China's Best Hospitals rankings”Top(Fudan University Hospital Institute of management available. The immediate hospital has a total national clinical key specialties of 28, the preparation of the bed of 17,000 more than double, and in outpatient amount of 1500 million years admitted to inpatient 60 million people.

Brain science and brain disease Institute description

Brain science and brain disease Institute in 2021, established in, is of Chongqing Medical University, the Youngest, Most Dynamic Research Institute. The Institute is mainly engaged in brain science and brain disease-related research, the development of new brain disease diagnostic tools and therapeutic drugs, boost brain diseases related to the bio-pharmaceutical industry transformation and upgrading, to create first-class brain science research and development platform, the culture to the world technology frontier and the health of the population of brain science, innovative talent. Research Institute of Chongqing Medical University“academic SAR”and exemplary of the“Modern School”, in Academy of running costs, research facilities, recruitment, admission and other aspects have a certain priority and autonomy.

The Institute by the international Alzheimer's disease and a leading expert Xu Hua XI Professor created, many academicians served as academic member of the Committee. Institute of building a“major brain diseases and aging, Key Laboratory of”successful integration of Chongqing Medical University and the Affiliated Hospital of Neurology, neurobiology, rehabilitation medicine, ultrasound imaging, and other traditional advantages of discipline, formed a branch of the old youth binding, academic, active thinking, scientific research and teaching capacity class collaborative research team, with a fixed staff of nearly 60 people, including National Overseas high-level talents introduction plan selected by, 973, Chief Scientist, National Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project, winner of the State Council Special allowance winner of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund project/Overseas Project, winner of the overseas high-level young talent national talent 17 people; Chongqing Talents Plan,“Bayu scholars”, the Chongqing Outstanding Youth Science Fund winner, Chongqing academic technology leaders, Chongqing young medical talents and other provincial-level talent to 32 people; doctoral Advisor to 31 people, the master teacher for 16 people.

The Institute has built nearly 2 million square feet of laboratory space and a value of more than billion brain research related to advanced equipment and modern Ethology laboratory. By Xu Hua XI Professor of International famous experts founded the Molecular Neurodegeneration magazine has become a neurodegenerative disease research flagship journals, the latest impact factor of up to 18. 907。 The Institute regularly organized by the international molecular neurodegenerative disease of the General Assembly, has become an international field of Neuroscience, the most influential meeting of the brands.

The Institute is now facing the global recruitment of brain science and brain diseases in the field of talent, we sincerely invite domestic and overseas talents to join us.

Hiring a professional direction

Neurology, neurobiology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Bio-Informatics, rehabilitation medicine, ultrasound imaging, etc.

Job recruitment and treatment

A high-level talent introduction post

Institute for recruitment of distinguished Professor-the outstanding talent, a distinguished Professor-leading talent, a distinguished Professor-top notch talent, distinguished Professor-the backbone of talent, distinguished associate Professor-young innovative talents of the five levels of the introduction of talent positions. The specific levels required may consult the pamphlets of the last contact.

Other treatment is as follows:

1. Offer competitive salaries, a settling-in allowance, Research start-up funds, etc., one-person-one meetings;

2. Priority Support Declaration of national, provincial and Ministerial level projects, with research assistant and around the demand for the formation of the Academic Team, offers newly renovated experimental and office space; and

3. Priority care for all kinds of Graduate Admissions indicators;

4. In accordance with school regulations related cheap to buy school talent homes housing;

5. Priority recommended to declare Chongqing excellence card, may, in settled in Chongqing, spouse employment, schooling of children, immigration check-in, high-quality healthcare, financial services, tax fee, title review, transportation services enjoy a high level of talent one-stop service.

II faculty post-doctoral post

Basic requirements:

1. Compliance with laws and regulations, has a good idea of the political performance and moral character, physical and mental health, no illegal disciplinary record;

2. With domestic and Foreign well-known universities or research institutes, PhD, received his doctorate is generally not more than 3 years, age at 35 years of age and below; and

3. With strong scientific research ability and academic potential;

4. Areas of research and expertise meet the instructor requirements, hard work and practical, a sense of responsibility, can be completed on time tutor and College schedule of work tasks.

Specific treatment:

Faculty postdoctoral A gang

Faculty postdoctoral B gang

Application way

The introduction of talents with the appraisal)

Open recruitment for the assessment)

Recruitment period

2-4 years


Out of the station into the career preparation


Annual salary of 30 million

Annual salary of 26 million

Required to pay five insurance payments

Settling-in allowance

10 million

10 million

Research start-up funds

10 million

10 million

Research Awards

In accordance with the schools, faculties related incentives to perform


At the station during may declare postdoctoral green channel to participate in the title Declaration of review

Incentive Program titles

The station reached during the school post-doctoral incentive program the appropriate conditions, can allow the post and the station into the knitting

Three teaching and research post

1. Plan Number: 2; and

2. Job category and level: professional technical level 10 or above;

3. Qualification/Degree: College graduate degree and have obtained a doctorate; and

4. Major: biological Sciences, basic medicine, clinical medicine class of geriatric medicine, neurology; and

5. Age: 40 years old or less;

6. Other requirements: compliance with laws and regulations, has a good idea of the political performance and moral character, physical and mental health, no illegal disciplinary record; diligent and steadfast, having a sense of responsibility, can independently complete the basic experimental operation.

Resume and contact information


Resume mail:

Job Features

Job Category

Biology, medicine

Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

2 people

Age requirement

40 years old and below

Apply Online


A valid phone number is required.
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