Nanjing University of technology polymer materials job recruitment notice

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Unit introduction

Center and team description:

Country Biochemical Engineering Technology Research Center NERCB, and relying on Nanjing University of technology, after more than twenty years of construction, has been built from basic research to engineering technology zoom in, from product engineering to business incubation integration of scientific research and Technology Promotion platform. Center adhering to Mr. Ouyang's“indomitable spirit”and“loyalty, honesty, precision, real”the spirit of hard work to get a large number of research results, where the iconic outcomes has been approved by the state prize of the 7 items, which the National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 national technology invention prize of 6, the center has also repeatedly assessment are excellent; also developed into an industrial biotechnology in the field of basic research and applications combined with the most closely, the research direction of the most complete studies of the strongest, industry results up to the excellent team of one.

Centre for organized research, oriented to the frontiers of Science and the national major strategic needs, and oriented to the“dual carbon”with“people of life and health”of the strategic goals, the focus of advanced bio-manufacturing in the field of disruptive innovation and the common key technology, the transformation of the traditional manufacturing and production methods, to create a series of disruptive technologies and the leading of the product. For the“people of life and health”, to carry out biotechnology and traditional Chinese medicine combined with efficient manufacturing system, through the rare herbs of the active ingredients in bio-manufacturing, lifting hundreds of times the effective concentration in anti-aging and“disease”in the field of eating out legendary effect, at the same time as the new administration of the nucleus of the molecule for functional transformation, development with Chinese characteristics of the pharmaceutical research and nutritional development, to enhance our high-end medical pension industry, helping large health strategy implementation; for our food security and food basket project, undertaken by the biotechnology and agricultural industrialization of the manufacturing system, through the agricultural production and agricultural processing residues of the high-value utilization of the production of microbial protein alternative to soy protein, the development of special cells and their metabolites, the optimization of the breeding environment, improve animal protein quality, R & D specialty artificial meat protein and nutrition, protein, sauce, etc., promote modern agriculture and aquaculture innovation, the promotion of National Food Security Strategy Implementation; for the“dual carbon”target and rural revitalization and other national strategies, conduct straw inferior biomass and high-value utilization, to achieve the bioenergy, bio-based materials and chemicals raw material resources and the production of the dual alternative, the assignment can be“carbon neutral carbon peak”strategy forward.

The Center intends to further strengthen and improve pharmaceutical and nutritional chemicals, biomass utilization, ecological environmental protection and other research direction for the global recruit talent, Nest introduced the Phoenix, looking for a dream, ambitious, want to officers, the ability of you!

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

First, the qualifications

Materials, chemical industry and other related professional, with a solid polymer materials design and processing skills, specializing in rubber processing and formulation design, biomass composite material aspects of application development direction priority

Second, the basic conditions

1, hard working, good communication skills, has the organization, coordination and teamwork spirit;

2, has struggled passion, steadfast integrity, physical health, have a responsibility to heart;

3, the PhD degree, the age at 35 years of age; and

4, have good English reading skills and strong writing ability, logical thinking ability, independent learning and data analysis capabilities.

5, school requirements and other conditions.


Reference Nanjing University of technology, the introduction of talent standards, in particular the excellent who negotiable.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

35 years old and below

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