Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Yang Jun, the research group is looking for a postdoctoral

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Unit introduction

The research group description

Yang Jun, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Basic Medical College, The Methodist Health Board is high researcher, doctoral supervisor. From the University of Cambridge as a national-level talent introduction after the establishment of the research group, the current Zhejiang University a hundred people plan researcher. The auspices of the National Key Research and development plan for the youth 973-the stem cell and translational research projects and Chinese Academy of medical Sciences medicine and Health Science and Technology Innovation Project, the National Natural Science Fund projects, etc. more than ten research. The application of stem cell technology to explore disease associated with novel therapeutic strategies, as the independent or the last communication the author of nearly 5 years in The include respiratory disease studies authoritative journal of the European Respiratory Journal, two articles, Cell Death &Disease and other international journals of research papers of more than ten articles. For the application of stem cell technology found that cardio vascular disease mechanisms and targeted therapies offer new ideas, make our country independent intellectual property invention, has obtained China patents and international patent approval. Once the British Thoracic conference Young Investigator Prize; and Pfizer Europe pulmonary vascular diseases Young Investigator Award. Has trained more than Doctor of Science, eight years with training doctor of Medicine and masters of the. Guidance of postdoctoral obtained the National Postdoctoral international exchange program of the introduction of talent and the country's natural Youth Project funding, the research assistant obtained the Concord Youth Fund.

Job description

Job responsibilities:

1. The research team independently conduct problems, engage in high level scientific research, the Declaration of the Science Foundation, write papers, guide, or assist in the coaching graduate;

2. Assist in the research group of the application project.

Study direction and work plan

To carry out stem cell Foundation and the application of research on the developmental and disease-related issues in-depth Cellular and molecular mechanisms analysis. The completion of the relevant research thesis writing and in high-level journals published.

Recruitment conditions:

1, age not more than 32 years of age, has obtained or will obtain the medicine biology PhD, the first author of the published papers;

2, there is strong experimental operation ability, there are stem cell research base is preferred;

3, physical health, serious, responsible, with the ability to work independently and team work spirit;

4, having a good scientific report writing skills, communication skills and a high level of English.


1, wages and benefits by Zhejiang University postdoctoral related provisions, the annual salary of 25-35 million, according to the applicant's personal circumstances; and

2, support application postdoctoral Fund, the National Natural Science Fund and local projects;

3, you can apply for rental teachers apartment or apply for a rent subsidy;

4, the research group published rewards;

5, personnel relations into the school engaged in post-doctoral research work 2 years and above, in the station during the performance of outstanding may declare the school full-time research associate at the chair.

Application process

Recruitment will adhere to the open, fair, competitive, merit principle, where to meet recruitment requirements and interested persons, please apply material personal resume etc. 发至application@techtalentsuk.com please title“Zhejiang University School of Medicine postdoctoral application.” The Interview Assessment, Physical Examination, review of after passing hired.

The recruitment in the long term.

Job Features

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Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

32 years old and below

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