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Unit introduction

Guo Redhill, Ph. D., National Overseas high-level Talents Project winner, Liangzhu laboratory/Zhejiang University Medical Center researcher, doctoral supervisor.

Guo Redhill Dr graduated from Peking University(2011-2016, where he studied with single-cell sequencing experts soup-rich paid Professor; postdoctoral appointment at Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital 2017-2022 years, under the tutelage of the United States, academician of the Academy, the HHMI researcher Daniel A. Haber Professor; 2022 11 January at Zhejiang University Medical Center established an independent subject groups.

Guo Redhill PhD group leader term commitment to research and development of single-cell epigenetic analysis techniques, and applying them to the disease molecular mechanisms of the inquiry, the main research results are: 1. the independent research and development of single-cell epigenetic sequencing technology; 2. the drawing of the human embryonic and germ cell development in the process of methylation dynamic changes in the pattern; (3)the fine analysis of the breast cancer and prostate cancer metastasis process in the epigenetic regulation of the exception. To date a total of published SCI papers 27 articles, which the first author of the paper published in Nature, Molecular Cell, Cell Research, Genome Research and the Nature Protocols, A common one for the papers published in Cell, Nature Genetics, Cell Stem Cell and Journal of Biological Chemistry, etc. Related papers have 4 papers to be F1000 recommendation 3: selected ESI highly cited Papers, 2 papers selected for the cover thesis. As of now, Guo Redhill Dr. Google academic General reference ultra 5700 times, H-index of 23, won the Wu Rui scholarship Peking University and the May fourth medal of honor while serving Frontiers in Genetics journal's editorial Board, Cancer Discovery, Nature Communications, Genome Biology, And Clinical Cancer Research 7 academic journal reviewers, and several times invited in the American Association for Cancer Research(AACR conference oral academic report.

Research Group the research direction:

1, Improve, and develop the latest single-cell multiple sets of measurements sequential art, drawing diseases of the single cell multi-omics profiles;

2, in breast cancer, liver cancer and blood diseases, etc. as the research object, combined with the corresponding murine disease models, the use of advanced single-cell sequencing and CRISPR screen technology, the study of epigenetic regulation in tumor-initiating(tumor initiation and tumor metastasis(tumor metastasis), and other important biological processes in the role.

The research group will work with domestic and foreign laboratories, Harvard Medical School, The Broad Institute, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Southern University of Science and technology, and Central South University, etc. established stable long-term scientific research cooperation, there is plenty of clinical samples and research funding.

Due to the research group development needs, is now recruiting a number of bioinformatics direction or Experimental Biology in the direction of the postdoctoral fellow and research assistant, looking forward to your join!

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

1. Recent or soon acquire bioinformatics, Mathematical Statistics, Computer, biomedical, or statistics, etc. the field of the doctorate(order no prioritization; and

2. Solid bioinformatics research experience, can be independently programmed analysis of genome, transcriptome, and epigenome and other multi-omics and single-cell sequencing data;

3. Proficiency in at least 1-2 programming languages such as R, Matlab, Python, php, Java, C/C++, etc.;

4. Having a strong statistical and mathematical background, correct use of statistical methods;

5. With multi-omics data integration analysis of the background, can develop independently of the database or algorithm considered in priority


1. See Zhejiang University Medical Center postdoctoral management provides professional research guidance and competitive treatment 23 million+/year, outstanding person can be a person to a conference, and offers five insurance payments, other benefits based on the candidates qualifications from the offer.

2. Support Declaration of postdoctoral Science Foundation and other national and local research projects.

3. The research group with the United States well-known Laboratory have partnered to contact, showed excellent opportunity to apply for international exchanges or joint training.

4. Postdoctoral outbound excellent opportunity to declare Distinguished Research Fellow or research associate, entry Hangzhou workers can obtain a settling-in allowance and talent subsidies.

Research assistant:

1. According to the Zhejiang University Medical Center the relevant provisions as well as the applicant the ability to work, the laboratory will provide at home and abroad competitive salary and scientific research conditions, enjoy social insurance and other related benefits. Specific treatment is negotiable.

2. The research group provides a positive working environment and flexible working system for the members of the development to provide the greatest possible help.

Application process

Please interested candidates please send the following materials to the electronic edition combined into one PDF sent to the e-mail: it. Title of e-mail, please indicate the“name _ apply for post-doctoral”or“Name _ Application Research Assistant”or“name _ apply for PhD in”. For compliance with the requirements and pass the first instance who will be notified as soon as possible to arrange an interview. Application materials will be kept strictly confidential, if you have any questions, please through message ask.

1. A detailed CV(in Chinese or English, including Learn to work experience, the main research content of the work, the representative of the treatise on the list, awards, etc.;

2. Cover letter:a brief introduction, previous work, research interests and was hired after working assumption, etc.;

3. Applicant believes the other to prove himself in scientific research ability of the relevant materials;

4. Proposed onboarding time.

For post-doctoral applicants should provide an additional lot in the 2 letters of recommendation with Dr. mentor letter of recommendation, if no, please describe, or provide a referral contact information.

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