2022 math Rover postdoctoral job posting

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  1. The Rover introduction

Tongji University School of Mathematical Sciences, founded in 1945, many well-known scholars was here to teach. Eighties of the last century onwards, the Academy have introduced many domestic well-known mathematician, in the new century and introduction of the National Outstanding Youth Fund winner and a number of young and middle-aged academic leaders. Through talent cultivation and introduction of the College in the disciplines and faculty development, talent cultivation, scientific research and academic exchanges, teaching, research and teaching materials reform and other aspects have made great progress, the teaching and research aspects of the comprehensive strength continued to improve, at home and abroad the education community and academia have great influence. The national fourth round of discipline evaluation was rated A class disciplines.

The College currently has full-time teachers 100 people, the National Talent Program 14 people, Shanghai talent plan for 7 people. The College has the“mathematics and Applied Mathematics”and“statistics”two undergraduate majors, math level discipline doctoral programs, the establishment of a mathematics post-doctoral mobile station, for the country in seven countries in engineering mathematics courses teaching base. 2019 College selected for the Ministry of Education strong base Plan 2020“mathematics and Applied Mathematics”professional elected to the National First-class undergraduate building a list of 2020 College elected to the National Foundation for the discipline of top-notch students plan 2. 0 base, with a first-class undergraduate and graduate students. In 2019, the establishment of“intelligent computing and applications”Tongji University math center. 2021 approved Shanghai intelligent scientific computing cutting-edge scientific research base. The center and the base has entered the entities of a stable and orderly operation phase, has been made in many of the leading international achievements.

  1. Recruitment conditions

1. Embrace the party's policies, compliance with the law, abide by the academic code of ethics, proactive, steadfast dedication, solidarity and collaboration

2. A PhD is generally not more than 3 years, or by the PhD thesis of graduating Ph. D., age in the reporting year, in principle, not more than 35 years old; into the second station and above postdoctoral researchers, PhD length is not limited; the applicant is able to guarantee full-time in the station engaged in post-doctoral research work.

3. Have a good scientific research innovation ability and academic development potential; the applicant should be the first author, including the supervisor of the first author, the applicant of the second author, or the international academic journal of the first communication of the author or the signature according to international practice in accordance with the alphabetical order of the ranking, at least in published or received 1: high-level scientific research papers.

4. In line with national and Rover to recruit a post-doctoral researchers and other requirements.

Description: research papers level required by the Tongji University School of mathematical Sciences math post-doctoral flow station station Service Expert Group on comprehensive assessment of the recognition.

  1. Application materials

1. Resume: include learning experiences, research or work Direction, research work introduction, academic research representative, research planning, the proposed onboarding time, etc.;

2. PhD post graduate diploma and Ph. D. certificate, or doctoral graduate of proven materials scanning device;

3. Academic research by the representative of the relevant supporting documentation, including but not limited to: retrieve the proof, scans, and other award-winning proof, etc.;

4. Two letters of recommendation must be included Dr. guidance of the mentor's letter of recommendation and referral contact information.

  1. Application process

1. The hiring long-term effective, ready to receive the application;

2.应聘者将应聘材料发送至application@techtalentsuk.com抄送一份至liangtt@tongji.edu.cn Mail the title and accessory material, named:“the 2022-apply for post-doctoral(intention of cooperation mentor's Name-Your Name”; and

3. Rover adhere to the ability and integrity of personnel standards, the implementation of open, fair, competitive, merit-based recruitment principles, corresponding to the external material of the first instance; and

4. For compliance with the material of the first instance who will soon be informed of the interview, and histology of the surgical assessment;

5. By the Rover interviews and academic assessment of the candidates, the school post-doctoral management office in accordance with national, Shanghai relevant provisions for post-doctoral handle into the station in.

  1. Postdoctoral treatment

According to Tongji University postdoctoral management provides professional research guidance and competitive remuneration. The basic annual salary of RMB 30 million yuan with the school of labor costs, in Tongji University, Boca after the base salary, participation in Shanghai intelligent calculation of cutting-edge scientific research base for joint training of post-doctoral, according to the annual assessment annual salary of up to RMB 40 million yuan.

I won the“postdoctoral innovation talent support plan”funding“postdoctoral international exchange program introduction the project”funded by the“Shanghai Super Post-Doctoral Programme”funded schools to give some ancillary support.

(二)postdoctoral relying on the Tongji University math post-doctoral mobile station, may apply for“postdoctoral international exchange program sent items”,“the Hong Kong scholars program”,“in De Post-Doctoral Exchange project”. The appropriate treatment and the hired period according to the project implementation of the provisions of the school according to the project shall be supporting.

  1. Development prospects

Postdoctoral during the performance can be stayed into faculty positions, may apply to the school of pre-recruitment of Associate Professor or pre-recruitment of assistant Professor posts, can also apply for the“Tongji University Youth a hundred people Plan B”, etc. full-time research positions.

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