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To advance the cause of rapid development, build talent strategies Heights, Lanzhou University, College of chemistry and chemical is now facing at home and abroad long-term open recruitment chemistry of various types of high-level talent. As follows: 

A College introduction 

Lanzhou University, founded in 1909, is the Ministry of Education directly under the National Key comprehensive University, elected to the National“211 Project”and“985 project”, a world-class University in A Class A building universities, located in the“One Belt and one road”of the core node of the city of Gansu province, Lanzhou. 

College of chemistry and chemical predecessor is its founding in 1946, the National Lanzhou University, Department of chemistry, the. The existing function of organic molecules chemical State Key Laboratory, non-ferrous metal catalyst to the development of national and local joint engineering laboratory for green catalysis and synthesis of National International Science and technology cooperation base of National International Joint Center. Approved the first batch of organic chemistry, State Key discipline, the National Natural Science Foundation for innovative research groups of the selected universities disciplines innovation plan, the Minister of Education, Jiang scholars and Innovation Team Development Plan. Existing chemical level discipline doctoral, master's degree authorization points, chemical post-doctoral research station, Ph. D. licensed professional 8, Master's degree authorization professional 9, master of Engineering in professional authorized Field 1 and a bachelor's degree authorization professional 4. With the Foundation of the State Department(chemistry)scientific research and teaching talent, the first batch of selected chemical basis of the discipline of top-notch students to develop the test plan, the chemical basis of the discipline of top-notch students plan 2. 0 base and chemistry“intensity-based scheme”, a national teaching teams, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center 3 months. 

School teachers is strong, the existing full-time teachers 178 people, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of 4 people with a double hired, the National Outstanding Youth Fund winner of 6 people, the“Changjiang Scholars Program”distinguished Professor 4 people, Gansu Provincial teaching teacher 8 people. Chemical disciplines into the ESI global top 1 per thousand, is the“985 project”and“211 Project”key construction disciplines, selected world-class discipline construction list. Research fruitful, won the state Natural Science Award, 6, the National Science and Technology Progress Award 2, National Science Conference award for 8 items. Teaching and research conditions to reach the domestic colleges and universities similar subjects to the advanced level. 

Second, the recruitment direction 

1. Synthetic chemistry 

2. Catalysis and surface and interface chemistry 

3. Chemical Theory and mechanisms 

4. Chemical measurement. 

5. Chemical Biology 

6. Materials Chemistry 

7. Energy chemical 

8. Chemical engineering and industrial chemistry 

Third, the recruitment conditions and treatment guaranteed 

A leading talent/young talent 

According to countries and schools of the terms and conditions of recruitment. Appointed after full-time to school work, the school hired as a Professor or researcher, competitive salary, housing allowance, settling-in allowance and scientific research start-up funds and support. Appointed after May apply for the rent to live on campus within the turnaround apartment, the opening of the health of the green channel, to arrange their children to school, into the garden. Welcome to call us or to interview mode for details. 


1. Recruitment basic conditions 

Has been in the domestic universities or research institutes to obtain an associate Professor/associate Professor and more titles, or at a foreign University as an assistant Professor and titles in the professional field of view of academic visibility and influence, to obtain the disciplines at home and abroad recognized as an important landmark achievements, hosting the National Fund and the above project. 

2. Treatment guaranteed 

In accordance with national regulations to provide payroll, insurance, benefits, and school performance pay equal treatment; the 50-to 300 million yuan in scientific research funding; 50-90 million RMB housing allowance, settling-in allowance; can apply for rent to live on campus within the turnaround apartment; arrange schooling for children, into the garden. 

Three young fellows 

1. Recruitment basic conditions 

Age, in principle, not more than 35 years of age; have a PhD degree, PhD, engaged in post-doctoral research workers preferred; able to grasp the discipline of cutting-edge development and has achieved expert recognized for academic achievement, has become the academic leaders of the development potential. 

2. Treatment guaranteed 

50-100 million yuan in Scientific Research start-up funds; and tax year 34 million salary including rental subsidies 4 million; and may apply for rent to live on campus within the turnaround apartment; arrange schooling for children, into the garden; the 5-year recruitment period nuclear qualified persons, according to the procedure employed for four, Professor, doctoral supervisor; in accordance with career preparation and management, and the provision of housing subsidies, relocation fees. 

IV foreign teachers 

1. Recruitment basic conditions 

PhD, the academic background of the good; it has outstanding innovation ability and good scientific research cooperation spirit; to meet the check-in China working visa and foreign experts certificate of the conditions. 

2. Treatment guaranteed 

Offer a competitive remuneration package, the corresponding levels of staff research start-up fee and installation fee may apply for the rent to live on campus within the turnaround apartment; the other in accordance with international practices to provide benefits. 

The extraction of the British post-doctoral 

1. Recruitment basic conditions 

Age, in principle, not more than 35 years of age; have a PhD degree, and obtained a PhD in 3 years or less; with outstanding innovation ability, good research and a spirit of cooperation, the larger the potential for development. In line with Lanzhou University of chemistry and chemical engineering“Stripping the British post-doctoral”academic admission standards. 

2. Treatment guaranteed 

Provide annual pre-tax 30-40 million of compensation; selected countries“postdoctoral innovation talent support plan”and other extracts British post-doctoral, salary accrued up to 47-60+million yuan; enjoy Gansu province, post-doctoral allowance policy support; in accordance with the provisions of the state contributions to social security and Housing Fund; assisting in the check-settled, medical care, children in school and other matters. At the station during May apply to obtain titles and qualifications. Outbound qualified persons, according to the introduction of talents conditions and procedures for application career preparation post, and enjoy the corresponding housing allowance, settling-in allowance, Research start-up funds, etc. the introduction of talent treatment. 

Fourth, the application materials 

1. Personal resume 

2. Three letters of recommendation 

3. Identity card and academic certificates scan 

4. Certificate of title scan 

5. Award certificate scan 

6. Representative papers and research results 

Five, the Apply program 

1. 有意者将应聘材料压缩发送至application@techtalentsuk.com抄送一份至 mail to“name+disciplines+candidates”name. 

2. The College Academic Committee review, the trial qualified organization for an interview. 

This job posting in the long term. Sincerely welcome you to join us! 

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