Nanjing Agricultural University Recruitment Zhongshan young researcher“Indus Plan”B gang

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Unit introduction

College of horticulture is the earliest establishment of advanced horticultural talent Agency, now has staff more than 200 people, the national talent of more than 30 people, provincial personnel more than 40 people; provincial and Ministerial level and above innovative team of 5, state-level and provincial-level scientific research platforms 15. A horticulture, medicine, etc. level disciplines, 1 horticulture post-doctoral Flow Station, 6 doctoral degree authorization points, 7 Master's degree authorization points, and 3 Professional Degree Master's degree authorization points.“ Horticulture”first round of the National First-Class discipline“Crop Science and plant production”an important part in the country in the fourth round of discipline evaluation was rated A Class discipline, into the selected Jiangsu province advantages of discipline for Class A building. Horticulture post-doctoral flow station in the National Post-Doctoral Research Station assessment was rated excellent.

For nearly a decade, the College has undertaken the National Key Research and development plan, the National Fund for priority projects and other national and provincial level projects more than 600, in place of scientific research total funding of more than 6 billion yuan, won the National Science and Technology Award, a provincial first prizes and other rewards 48 items. In recent years, our Institute at the station postdoctoral fellow by the National Natural Science Foundation of China 17, Jiangsu province Natural Science Fund of the 28 items; 2021 obtained, Jiangsu province, the first batch of excellence Postdoctoral Program 6 items, the culture with remarkable results.

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

To comply with the Constitution and the law, with firm ideals and convictions, good ideological and political quality, and ethics, having to bear the corresponding positions in the necessary knowledge, ability and literacy. Get University Ph. D., has good research and development potential, should generally be in the subject areas of published high-level papers 1 and above. Generally not more than 35 years of age; obtained a doctorate in time is generally not more than 3 years.


A post treatment

(1)Zhongshan young researchers: basic salary of 23-30 million yuan and above.

(2)Zhongshan young researcher“Indus Plan”B gang: basic salary of not less than 23 million yuan.

(3)the common post-doctoral: basic salary of not less than 18 million.

(4)the project post-doctoral: basic salary of not less than 13 million.

In the Post obtained during the“postdoctoral innovation talent support plan”,“postdoctoral international exchange and the introduction of the project”Jiangsu“excellence in Postdoctoral plan”or other post-doctoral special talent project, while maintaining the school treatment based on the full enjoyment of the relevant post-doctoral special program funded by superposition, the project funding period within annual salary of up to 65 million yuan. In addition, part of the postdoctoral can enjoy State Key Laboratory of post-doctoral special funding subsidies. College, platform, Center on this basis, provide further support Conditions.

(二)life guarantee

Enjoy school serving faculty and staff benefits, Social Security and Housing Fund of equal treatment; addressing experimental, office premises; enjoy School of Public Health, Unit of medical examination, etc.; the child can be in College the kindergarten, Nanjing Agricultural University experimental elementary school receive a quality education; provides a comprehensive education, training opportunities, etc.

Application process

The recruitment announcement for the current year effective. Candidates please email resume, 个人成果材料等至, the

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

35 years old and below

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