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Unit introduction

Aerospace structure and function of the composite team focused on aerospace equipment components integrated technology, has been advocating the forefront of basic research and the development of national economy and major national needs are closely linked. Team focus 3D printing technology, carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites, aerospace equipment part design and experimental techniques in the field of major scientific and engineering problems in the following areas to carry out research work: Aerospace aircraft component design technical research, based on a 3D-printed spacecraft components integrated manufacturing technologies research, special metal and composite powder preparation technology research, 3D-printed structural components of post-processing technology studies, an aircraft with a carbon fiber composite cabin/transmission cylinder Integrated Manufacturing Technology Studies, an aircraft with a special composite components integrated manufacturing technology research, aerospace equipment parts Integrated Environmental Laboratory Technology Research.

Job description

Job responsibilitiesto:

1. The use of the grasp of the mechanics, materials science and other aspects of basic theoretical knowledge and skills to a variety of materials laser 3D printing process parameters, prints the structure and properties of the relationship between the research;

2. The development of high-efficiency, high-precision laser 3D printing process, carried out related to the physical metallurgy and mechanical properties of the relevant experimental and numerical simulation work;

3. The use of laser application technology and materials to organization, structure analysis of technical and other skills related to the analysis of light-matter interaction principles, material structure and performance relationship. Recruitment conditions:

Research direction: Laser 3D printing technology research and numerical simulation

Job requirementsto:

1. Has obtained a doctorate or within one year of opening PhD, a metal material science, mechanics, laser physics and other related professionals;

2. There is a good scientific research ability and team cooperation ability;

3. The aerospace field to development with a strong sense of Mission, a sense of responsibility;

4. Good English writing and communication skills, to the first author published a high level of academic papers.



Basic salary: Special Research Assistant pre-tax salary of 27 million; the excellent Dr. talents may apply Ningbo material the postdoctoral talent project, the outstanding post-doctoral pre-tax starting salary of 30 million, career preparation employed; the Distinguished Young Researchers, the pre-tax starting salary of 35 million, career preparation employ;

Benefits: talent apartment can be bag check, and paid annual leave, social insurance, workers ' canteen, free medical examinations, Union benefits, etc.;

Career development: in particular, research assistant the end of the project, you can apply the Chinese Academy of Sciences young people Program support, research funding support of up to 800 million Chinese Academy of Sciences to provide 400 million, Ningbo materials provided 400 million; keep the ratio of 90%or more, career preparation job hiring; and

Stay Ningbo subsidies: in particular, research assistant the end of the project left the work to enjoy the stay Ningbo subsidies 40 million, went to Ningbo enterprises can enjoy a stay Ningbo subsidies 60 million.


Basic salary: in accordance with the national and the Chinese Academy of Sciences relevant provisions, to provide competitive remuneration;

By the end of the performance: according to the individual annual contribution approved by the end of performance;

Other benefits: units of development of the performance benefits with the development of synchronization; job Tenure Allowance in the same job year after year accumulation;

Welfare: the five insurances, paid time off, employee cafeteria, free medical examinations, Union benefits, etc.;

Career development: to provide learning and training opportunities, open positions promotion channel.

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