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Unit introduction

Southeast University is located in the Six Dynasties ancient capital Nanjing, is renowned at home and abroad famous of higher learning. The school is a Ministry of National Education under the immediate and Jiangsu co-construction of national key universities, is the National“985 project”and“211 Project”of key construction universities. In 2017, Southeast University, selected a world-class University construction of A class colleges and universities list.

Cyberspace Security College profile

To adapt to the National Cyberspace Security major strategies, the development and construction of high-quality, multi-level cyberspace security research personnel, Southeast University Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and technology and mathematics 3 A Level subjects related resources integrated, active in cyberspace security personnel training and scientific research, in 2016, received the first batch of cyberspace security level discipline doctoral authorization point, was established to on a full academician as honorary President, when any one of Southeast University President Zhang Guangjun, academician of the part-time Dean of Cyberspace Security Academy, won the Jiangsu province, the“thirteen five”focus on discipline, mid-term inspection results as“excellent”.

2017 年 9 月 approved the Central Network Information Office, the Ministry of education“the best Cyber Security College building demonstration projects in colleges and universities”; the 2019 Year 6 month through the Central Network Information Office, the Ministry of education the first assessment. 2018 Year 3 month“cyberspace security”undergraduate programs by the Ministry of education for approval; 2019 年 12 月 selected for the first batch of the Ministry of education class undergraduate construction of“double million plan”. 2018 年 7 月, the approved state Internet Information Office, the Ministry of Education“cyberspace International Governance Research Base”. 2019 Year 9 month approved“cyberspace security”postdoctoral station.

College of relying on the schools resources, efforts convergence of domestic and foreign high-end talent, the establishment of a high level of teaching staff, and actively go away put School Road, and the industry well-known enterprises cooperation in running schools, co-construction and sharing, to promote cyberspace security disciplines and talent development, and gradually formed a network personnel training, technological innovation, industrial development of benign ecological chain.

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

A PhD within 3 years of full-time PhD, recent Ph. D. graduates priority, age not more than 32 years of age, is particularly outstanding, not to exceed 35 years of age; have a good academic background, a strong innovative and academic potential, with independent research work capacity.

Application process

1. Submit application materials

Candidates please email resume, 个人成果材料等至 the mailbox theme please indicate the applied teacher category.

2. The first round of the College Interview Assessment

College interview include teaching and try to make peace academic evaluation in two parts. The Academy will be based on the applicant's materials and represent the now and College into the person needs to determine the recommended list.

3. The second round of school Interview Assessment

By Academy of the interview applicants need to provide more material for personnel organized into the interview, and ultimately determine admission list. Admitted students by the Southeast University personnel publicity without objection after the formal entry(teacher career preparation in.

4. Subjects needed or particularly good through the green channel as soon as possible into the post, the most recent batch of Green Lane Academy recommended cut-off date of 11 May 14.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

35 years old and below

Apply Online


A valid phone number is required.
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