University of Electronic Science and the Yangtze River Delta Research Institute Huzhou)Dong sails Professor team recruitment announcement

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Unit introduction

Institute description:

University of Electronic Science and the Yangtze River Delta Research Institute Huzhou is by Huzhou city people's government and the University of Electronic Science and co-organized by the public institution nature of the school cooperation, scientific research and educational institutions, located in the Yangtze River Delta hinterland, a national historical and cultural city-Zhejiang province, Huzhou City, radiation Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei and other cities. Institute of 2020 Year 9 month 4 Day officially was inaugurated, the existing area of 2 million square meters, built in the backyard area of 510 acres. Research Institute to bring together the global“electronic message+”innovation resources, cultivate innovative talents, building innovation platforms, the development of high-tech, power industry upgrade for the target, efforts will be made to build the Yangtze River Delta region class“electronic message+”talent and technology the Highlands.

Team description:

Carbon neutral and green catalytic innovation team, by the National Jie Qing Dong sails Professor headlining, mainly for the countries in the carbon neutrality, Atmospheric Environmental Governance, environmental monitoring, high-performance sensing materials and devices, and other aspects of the major needs, carrying out photoelectric catalytic CO2 conversion, environment and energy of the catalytic material, carbon monitoring, electrochemical analysis and a novel gas sensor and other aspects of the application of basic research and the outcome of the conversion. The current core team members including 1 Professor, 1-bit researcher, 1 associate professors, 4 associate Professor, 2 assistant Professor and 2 postdoctoral。 In recent years, the team undertake National Key R & D Project 2, The National Natural Science Fund project 12 and Sichuan, Zhejiang province science and Technology Project and other important research tasks more than 20, the total funding of 2000 million yuan. Currently the team has in Nature Communication, Angewandte Chemie, Research, ACS Nano, ACS Catalysis, ACS Sensors, and Environmental Science & Technology International Journal published the important original results and get to peer highly recognized teams and actively promote scientific and technological achievements and innovation entrepreneurship. Currently has applied for invention patent more than 50 authorized invention patent more than 30。

Team leader description:

Team leader, Dong sail, 1982 8 on students, Hubei Yichang people, Secondary, Professor, doctoral tutor. 2010 年 6 月 Dr. He graduated from Zhejiang University, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Visiting Scholar. National Outstanding Youth Science Fund of the winner of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund of the winner, the State Council Special Allowance experts, the National Youth top-notch talent, Sichuan province Outstanding Youth Fund winner, China Environmental Science Society of Youth Science Award winner. Get provincial Natural Science Award, the first prize of 2, the second prize of 6 items, etc. science and Technology award of 10 residuals. As Chinese Chemical Letters, Deputy editor, the Environmental Functional Materials, The Magazine Deputy editor, Science Bulletin, the Chinese Journal of Catalysis, physical chemistry the journal, ACS ES&T Engineering, etc. 7 the SCI journal editorial Board/guest editor and Frontiers in Environmental Chemistry a professional editor. The auspices of the various research projects 15 items, including the National Natural Science Foundation of Item 6, the National Key Research and development program Topic 2 items. In Nature Communications, Angewandte Chemie, Research, ACS Nano, ACS Catalysis, And Environmental Science & Technology (Letters), the Materials Today, Nano Energy, and other journals published more than 300 articles, articles SCI reference 31000 times, H-index of 95.5 consecutive years 2018-2022 in the selected section of the core the only security“in the global highly cited scientists”list and Elsevier China highly cited scholars.

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

1. Electrochemical relevant direction, the priority has electro-catalytic CO2 conversion and electrochemical analysis experience;

2. A gas sensor, a novel gas sensing materials and devices, with a self-build gas-sensitive test of the platform or the gas sensing device experience is preferred it.

3. Ph. D., Published 1 SCI-a zone thesis above


1. Full-time researchers post(Ph. D., Published 2 Papers SCI a zone thesis more: career preparation, Dr. mid-level/Vice-high/positive higher salary 30/40/50 million, with Bo after going through onboarding can be directly identified, Zhejiang Province, Deputy researcher, the annual salary of 40 million; the scientific research start-up funds 40/60/80 million; enjoy Huzhou city government of high-level talents treatment, Home fee of 10 million, the purchase subsidy of 40 million, rent subsidies, $ 1500/month, continuous grant 3 years, the spouse settlement, refund for the prior 3 years, etc. talents treatment. Institute of according to national regulations for full-time researchers to pay“five risk II Gold”, to help solve the child-care, schooling and other issues. Outcome of excellent who can recommend the application of Zhejiang province, and Huzhou City high-level talent programs, including“Zhejiang thousand/million plan”,“South Lake Tahoe Elite plan”,“西塞山 Talents Plan”and the like.

2. Post-doctoral positions(Ph. D., Published 1: SCI area papers above: the annual salary of 30 million, if elected to the National Expo of the new plan, the annual salary of not less than 50 million yuan/year; the Institute for the introduction of post-doctoral provides talent to apartment or rental subsidies, $ 1500/month, with continuous grants 2 years; access to housing subsidies 40 million; post-doctoral in the station during the child-care school with Academy faculty and staff children enjoy equal treatment; into the station six months later, the outstanding postdoctoral may apply research Institute“faculty postdoctoral plan”, outbound excellent postdoctoral, you can request a transfer to the Institute full-time researchers, enjoy the post the appropriate treatment; according to the Zhejiang-related documentation requirements, postdoctoral out of the station personnel at the station during the successful completion of the research topic, and obtain the research results, it can be directly identified as the corresponding senior professional titles.

Application process


Please candidates send your resume including educational background, research experience, published and award-winning and related documents to the e-mail form sent to the above email; e-mail subject, please write freelance jobs and names.

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