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Unit introduction

Kechuang center is a new era of Zhejiang University and Hangzhou comprehensively deepen City School Strategic Cooperation Co-construction of major science and Technology Innovation Platform, kechuang Center adhere to institutional innovation, and strive to build new R & D institutions, gathering a group specialises in industry-University-research collaborative strategies scientists, grasp the leading edge of technology entrepreneurs, oriented core technology investor, committed to building oriented talent cultivation, cutting-edge science and technology and the social services of the new University campus, to promote the achievements and industry investment in the Open Science and Technology Park, promoting technology innovation, industrial innovation and system innovation excellence and innovation, D.C., to build an advanced manufacturing model, the innovation economy of the source, a hard-core science and technology of gathering ground.

Biological and molecular wisdom Institute introduction

Biological and molecular wisdom Institute is a science and Technology Center under the scientific research institutions, the Institute focused on artificial life and the new molecule created with applications in engineering problems, the convergence of Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Informatics, life Sciences, medicine, agronomy and other disciplines, relying on high-throughput, automated scientific means, the depth of the fusion of Biotechnology, Chemical Technology and Information Technology, BTIT/CTIT, and promote data-driven artificial life and material smart manufacturing research paradigm change, achieve critical core technology of major innovations, advance bio-manufacturing, life and health, functional materials, functional molecules, green chemicals, agro-food industry development and upgrade.

Biological and molecular wisdom made the Institute now has Synthetic Biology Institute, the molecules Smart Manufacturing Institute, the AI Cross-center and other institutions, has chemical functional materials, intelligent design and manufacturing Hangzhou Engineering Research Center.

Biological and molecular wisdom made the Institute building to high-throughput technology as the core of automation science apparatus, the support synthetic biology and new material and precise wisdom made two strategic areas of research. The Institute has iBioFoundry, the iChemFoundry two major feature of the apparatus and the large-scale instrument of public service platform; the use of the device can significantly improve the experimental efficiency, combined with enabling technologies and BTIT/CTIT depth fusion technology to achieve the synthetic system of precise design, standard synthesis with precise regulation; and is expected to achieve a new material of the precision created on.

Synthetic biology automation science means iBioFoundry is in the center under software control through the track-arm implementations include automated pipetting workstations, biological sample storage, cell culture and biochemical tests, etc. all the equipment of the integrated automated operation, it can achieve the synthesis of biological research from the sample smart access, DNA element Assembly, cell sorting and culture to product detect the whole process of automation, to achieve high-throughput experiments of high efficiency and standardization.

Molecules Smart Manufacturing Institute to provide the domestic first set of multi-function automated high-throughput synthesis and characterization of scientific apparatus iChemFoundry-the molecules of the smart manufacturing platform. Platform for the Institute for the PI to provide applicable to different use of the modular system/interface with engineers supporting a customized build high-throughput synthesis, characterization and screening device.

The Institute there are currently various types of personnel more than 200 people, 973 chief, Zhejiang, premium expert, national high-level personnel and other leading experts and scholars are leading the team, in the biological and molecular wisdom made the field set smart key, crack of technological innovation and industrial innovation puzzle.

2021-2022 Institute were published, including Science, Cell, etc., the high level of papers nearly 80 articles, approved the National Key R & D program, National Natural Science Foundation of China and other more than 10 items; Institute of chemical functional materials, intelligent design and manufacturing Hangzhou Engineering Research Center approved Hangzhou Engineering Research Center; and the 2022 approved Zhejiang province science and Technology Progress Award 1 item.

Job description

Recruitment conditions

1 familiar with one or several of the common deep learning models, including graph neural networks, pre-trained model, the knowledge graph, the sample of the present study, generate models, reinforcement learning, etc.,

2 interested in artificial intelligence in computational chemistry and bioinformatics applications

3, the professional requirements: artificial intelligence, machine learning, electronic information, bio-Informatics, computational chemistry

4 number of vacancies: 3 people

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