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To meet the career development and job needs, according to the Ministry of education institutions directly under the 2023 annual open recruitment announcement, my unit is proposed for the General higher education graduates recruitment 4 staff members.

A, unit introduction

Scholarship Council was established in 1996, is the Ministry of Education directly under the non-profit event industry legal institutions, mainly engaged in the National Park. the sending State studying business and Chinese government scholarships in China Study in business with domestic and overseas counterparts to carry out exchanges and cooperation, and entrusted the management of educational communication and Technology Cooperation Affairs.

Second, the recruitment plan

This open recruitment a total of 3, it is proposed to recruit 4 people, are for the ordinary job in the Annex.

Third, the registration conditions

I have Republic of China nationality;

The political position of the firm, to embrace the Chinese Communist Party leadership and the socialist system, the tree is firmly of the“four consciousness”, the firm“four self-confidence”, so that“two maintenance”, and consciously in Thought on the political uplink move on with Comrade XI Jinping as the core of the party remains highly consistent, uphold the party's education policy, a love of education; and

(三)embrace people's Republic of China constitutional and legal regulations, moral, law-abiding; and

IV has the job required a professional or skills conditions;

(五)adapt to the requirements of the physical conditions and mental quality;

VI having a meet the job requirements ability to work, strong sense of responsibility, dedication, ability and quality is good;

VII made with the highest level of Education corresponding to the degree;

Eight meet the recruitment of the provisions of the other conditions;

IX-oriented 2023 fresh College graduates to incorporate the country selected under the system plan, the in-school period for non-working recent College graduates, not including the orientation of the students, the Commission Pearson; and

Ten outside Beijing student of the master's graduates in principle not more than 30 years 1993 1 month 1 day after birth, The Returned Overseas Students need to meet in Beijing on the Returned Overseas students to apply in Beijing employment settled in the related requirements.

Fourth, the registration procedures and methods

An online registration


The recruitment of the posts of the professional requirements refer to the catalog for the latest edition of the degree-granting and training in the disciplines, the directory of the school discipline is not a directory, but with the positions of the required disciplines in the professional category with the candidates, the candidates can contact me units to confirm enrollment eligibility.

(二)registration confirmation

My unit will be based on job requirements corresponding to the hired personnel qualification and merit-screened, approved after the screening to participate in the education student services and quality development centre of the organization of a unified written test. 12 month 3 Day 9:00 to 12 May 4, 24:00, the candidates landing“of the Ministry of education units directly under the open recruitment platform”query whether to enter the test phase. Enter the exam phase of the candidates need to be confirmed, not on schedule, the validator as a waiver.

Qualification through open recruitment process in hiring any of the links found candidates do not meet the admission eligibility conditions, will be terminated in its recruitment process. Please candidates must confirm your conditions meet the job requirements.

Three post cancel

The number of applicants or through the eligibility number is not reached 1:5 ratio of the post, my unit will study whether to cancel the job recruitment. 11 May 25,“the Ministry of education units directly under the open recruitment platform”will be announced to cancel the recruitment, the candidates corresponding to the positions of the candidates in the 11 October 27, 24:00 re-apply for other jobs.

Five, exam form

A written test

Written using on-line examination form, the written content is divided into a career aptitude test and the professional knowledge quiz two subjects out of 100 points. All post are required to participate in the Vocational Aptitude test, the project Manager English job also required to attend professional knowledge quiz, the integrated management classes, see the specific attachment of each post assessment requirements. Career aptitude test main inspection work required for basic capacity for objectivity question; professional knowledge quiz is mainly to examine the recruitment of the necessary professional skills.

1. The pre-test time: 2022 12 on 7, 8, 14:00-17:10

To participate in the written test personnel must conduct the pre-test, in the time period any time to complete the pre-test(about 30 minutes, to ensure that you can successfully participate in the formal exam.

2. Written examination time: 2022 Year 12 month 10 day Saturday afternoon

14:00-15:30 career aptitude test

15:40-17:10 Professional Knowledge Quiz

Online Written Test shall be in strict accordance with the requirements of the specification, of failure to comply with relevant regulatory requirements of, and will cancel test scores. The specific requirements please pay attention to“the Ministry of education units directly under the open recruitment platform”related notifications.

3. Results of the query: the written test results is expected in 2023 1 in mid-May release, at which time the candidates can self-sign“the Ministry of education units directly under the open recruitment platform”query.


1. Interview ratio: based on Written test scores from high to low in the order, the project Manager English gang in a 1:5 ratio is determined to enter the interviewers, the database engineer-job and Information Systems Engineer job in a 1:10 ratio is determined to enter the interview personnel. Whether entering the interview, Please log in“education units directly under the open recruitment platform”to see the interview announcement.

2. Interview time: 2023 1 mid-May to 3 months early, the specific arrangements for the notice.

Sixth, physical examination and investigation

According to exam results, according to a 1:1 ratio preferred determine the medical examination, study candidates. Physical examination and standard with reference to the civil service recruitment examination General standard pilot of the and operation manual execution. Examine the work of prominent political standards, a comprehensive understanding of the study the object of political thought, ethics, quality, capacity, quality, law-abiding, self-awareness and learning performance, etc. Physical examination, examine candidates unqualified, my unit will decide whether to turn replaced or give up the job recruitment.

Seven, to be the hiring of Personnel, Public

Inspection, examination qualified and intends to hire the list of persons United in the“education units directly under the open recruitment platform”for publicity.

Eight, the check-hiring procedures

Public shows end without objection, the required check-in hiring procedures.

IX, contact information

Contact address: Xicheng district, Beijing, Che Gong Zhuang Street, No. 9, A3 floor of 13 floors

Consulting telephone: 010-66093903, the 66093336

Mail box:

Ten, special tips for

A this recruitment program are in the“education units directly under the open recruitment platform”for, by the other way to register is invalid;

(二)this recruitment exam is not specified counseling with a book, not organized nor delegate any Agency organized Test Preparation course, please the majority of candidates to be vigilant, to avoid being misled interference, do not be deceived; and

Three in the hiring organization and implementation process, my unit will be in accordance with the Beijing new Crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control related requirements, the implementation of anti-epidemic measures, if necessary, will be about the organization of work appropriate adjustments, please the majority of candidates, understanding, support and cooperation.

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