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Job description

Recruitment conditions:

(1)embrace the Chinese Communist Party leadership, compliance with people's Republic of China constitutional and legal, no illegal or dishonest behavior; have good moral character, academic and research ethics;

(2)Physical and mental health, 40 years of age 1982 9 January to 31 December after the birth, in particular the outstanding persons age may be appropriate to relax; and

(3)have a PhD degree, secondary and higher professional titles;

(4)clinical skills is good, can be proficient in vascular surgery, open surgery and minimally invasive surgery operation;

(5)have overseas education background, preside over the provincial level and above topics, post high points treatises and monographs is preferred.


Post-recruitment period and the salary and benefits negotiable.

Unit introduction

A, Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital description

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital of Nanjing University Medical School affiliated Drum Tower Hospital was founded in 1892, is the earliest Chinese Traditional Medicine Hospital, has a long history of culture and glorious revolutionary tradition, the Jiangsu region of modern medicine in the cradle, now has developed into a discipline of wide range, strong teachers, medical technical excellence, scientific research strength is strong large-scale comprehensive tertiary hospital, the work walk in the forefront of the industry. The existing bedding 3800 sheets, on-the-job staff of nearly 6,000 people, including overseas fellow of 2 people, the flexible introduction of Academician of 5 people, Changjiang Scholars and other national talent title 21 people, enjoy the State Council Special allowance of 50 people. As the Chinese Medical Association branch Chairman, the President-elect Chairman and Vice Chairman, Chinese Medical Association branch of the Vice President and other positions 12 people, as the Provincial Medical Association branch Chairman, the President-elect Chairman and Vice Chairman of nearly a hundred people. The hospital has 25 discipline doctoral programs, 43 discipline master's programs, and nearly 10 years to get all kinds of topics Finance 2992, of which the National Natural Science Foundation 656 items, the National Key major project 33 items.

Second, Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital vascular surgery introduction

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital vascular surgery was founded in 1992, is in Jiangsu province the earliest vascular surgery specialist. Prior preparation of the beds 77 beds, medical staff of 46 people, including the chief physician of 7 people, Deputy Chief Physician of 3 people, doctoral tutor 5 people, the master teacher for 6 people, Ph. D. accounted for than in the nation disciplines in the forefront. After 30 years of development, especially in the past two years of trying to catch up, the discipline of medical education and research comprehensive strength achieved considerable development in the country's academic status and influence continue to increase, the current comprehensive strength Suwan leading in the country also ranks in the forefront. China's Ministry of Health, vascular interventional training base, Jiangsu province, clinical key specialties, Jiangsu large vessel disease diagnosis and treatment center, Nanjing municipal key disciplines; the University of Nanjing, Nanjing University of Chinese medicine, Nanjing Medical University doctoral culture point, Southeast University, Jiangsu University Master's graduate training points.

In recent years, the Department fully implement the new technologies, new projects more than 70, wherein the fenestration and branch stent in the treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysm, treatment of complex arch aneurysm and dissection is the Department's core technology. Specialist nearly five years of scientific research to achieve new breakthroughs, co-published article 127 article, wherein the SCI Article 74 article, the Chinese series of journal article 28 of the articles; access to the Chinese Hospital Association hospital scientific and technological innovation the third prize of Jiangsu Medical Technology Award, Jiangsu Provincial Medical Youth Science and Technology Award, Jiangsu province, introduction of new technology award, Nanjing introduction of new technology award and other awards.

Application process

Application materials and requirements

(一)registration time

This announcement is a long-term recruitment of announcement, the all jobs since the announcement of the date of acceptance of the registration, posts strokes full stop. The hospital according to the Post Register, to determine the assessment of the person to timely start of the assessment procedure, the competent authorities of the website and the hospital's official website will be timely job progress, job vacancies and adjustments.


Candidates must use my mailbox the registration materials scanned copy sent to the mailbox: it. Mail to“name+post”name.

(三)application materials

Registration is required to provide the following materials scanning member, including, but not limited to the following requirements, and scan to a PDF document.

1. CV, including basic information, learning experiences, work resume, teaching and research experience, etc.

2. Academic degree and professional and technical qualification certificate copy, study abroad returnees please also provide a national Ministry of education degree certification.

3. In the last five years or any current post since the auspices of the research project, award-winning and patent certificate a copy of the last five years or any current post since important academic paper copy, as well as personal resume include other representative writings cover, catalog, etc.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

1 person

Age requirement

40 years old and below

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