Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou nano-tech and nano-Bionics Institute Jiang Chun-ping, a researcher of the team is recruiting a post-doctoral

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Unit introduction

       Suzhou Nano the forward-looking layout of electronic information, biological medicine, functional materials, and other key areas of research that integrate the advantages of power, the concise disciplines direction. Actively undertake national major scientific and technological tasks, carry out the relevant areas of cutting-edge scientific research with the key core technology research, the establishment of a branch including academician, national Jie Qing and other national key talent in the science and Technology Innovation team, produced a number of original scientific and technological achievements, independent research and development of a range of instruments and equipment, formed having its own characteristics of the scientific research system, and strive to become the field of Nanotechnology National Strategy for science and technology strength. 

Technology infrastructure is Nano Science and technology innovation as the cornerstone of Suzhou Nano the closely around the key research areas, the construction of nano-vacuum interconnect Experiment Station, Nano-processing platform, testing analysis platform, biochemical platform 4 a set of scientific research and public service in one of the common technology platform, to strengthen the support of the national major research tasks, the service of scientific research and product development, the formation of common technology, focus on the original equipment research and development, the promotion of regional industrial agglomeration and development, to strengthen scientific and technological innovation resources advantages into, for Nano-Technology Development and related fields in industry development and provide a strong support. Elected to the National“double creation”model base, and in 2021 the National“double creation”base model assessment ranked research institutes class first. 

Suzhou Nano where the construction of the development, always focusing on service national strategic needs and local economic and social development, with a high sense of responsibility and a sense of urgency, a deep understanding of and resolute implementation of President XI Jinping General Secretary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences proposed the“four first”and“two to accelerate the effort”requirements, to strengthen basic research and core technology research, adhere to the open innovation, actively explore innovation, advancing a new era Nano the high-quality development, for the high level of Technology self-empowerment to make their own contribution. 

Job description

Job responsibilities:

Super surface techniques in artificial intelligence display, imaging, sensing and regulation(terahertz-visible region of the cutting-edge fundamental research and Applied Research.

Recruitment conditions:

1. With radio wave propagation and antennas, electromagnetic field and microwave technology and other relevant professional background Ph. D.; and

2. Having proficiency in optical simulation software, electromagnetic simulation software for the design and simulation capabilities;

3. Having independently engaged in scientific research work capacity;

4. Have good English reading, English writing skills;

5. Having a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit, serious and responsible work attitude, positive innovation scientific enthusiasm, a solid professional knowledge and the wealth of experimental experience.

Number of vacancies: 2 people


Salary and benefits according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Suzhou Nano and state regulations, provides monthly salary+performance+year-end bonus to. Currently the Institute in the station post-doctoral special study assistant monthly income of about 2. 1 million, plus topics of performance and year-end bonus payments. Park workstation postdoctoral fellow, out of the station after the Lingering Garden area to work in Suzhou buy can be obtained 30 million relocation subsidies.

Application process

Registration deadline: trick until full

Please candidates send your resume and related proving materials, articles, results, etc. by mail to“apply for job+name”themed sent to the mailbox: it.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

2 people

Age requirement

No limit

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