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Unit introduction

Suzhou Lawrence vocational and Technical College 2004 7 menstrual Jiangsu Provincial People's government approved the establishment of a public full-time higher vocational schools, Taicang city government investment, to born in Taicang in the world-famous Nuclear Physics Queen-Wu Jian Xiong is named, is located in Suzhou, Taicang city, in. College Area economic development, social prosperity, convenient traffic, beautiful environment, is Zheng He's seven voyages of the anchor, the Gangnam string and wind the birthplace and Lou East culture birthplace, known as the“splendid Jiangnan gold Taicang”reputation.

Court of justice, the predecessor of Jiangsu province, Taicang normal school was founded in 1907, the historic heritage of the deep, the culture of the National People's Congress, former Deputy Chairman of the Hu Jue Wen, National Defense University, the original will be Vice President of the money against the thousand, a nuclear physicist, academician Huang Sheng years and a number of pillars of the nation and thousands of education professionals. The College created the combined Taicang radio and TV University, Taicang Industrial School rooted in industry training personnel, school-enterprise cooperation experience, for a smooth transition to cultivate high-quality high-skill talent has laid a strong yield teach the Fusion basis.

The College adhere to the“deep Taicang, deepening the dual-element, in-depth innovation, won the hearts”of running thought, to build regional economic and social development“talent positions, technical positions, service positions”, the efforts of good people to the satisfaction of vocational education. Currently the campus covers an area of nearly 700 acres, the construction area of 17 thousand square meters, full-time students more than 7,000 name, faculty 397 people, full-time teachers in the senior title 41. 2%, a master's degree or above 85%, a double teacher 85. 08%, with the provincial excellent teaching team 5, the provincial“333”high-level personnel 6 people, the provincial“Cyan engineering”young and middle-aged academic leaders to 6 people and an outstanding young backbone teachers of 23 people, the provincial industry Professor of 13 people, and Suzhou dongwu scholars 1 person, Taicang city above the level of skills of the Master Studio 10, Taicang City College of professional construction leading talent 13 people. Fit regional industry, the establishment of Intelligent Manufacturing Institute, biological medicine Institute, artificial intelligence College, School of Economics and management, the College of art and design and other teaching units, the creation of mechatronics technology, pharmaceutical production technology, software technology and other professional and 31 where the “3+2”undergraduate 4, the“4+0”undergraduate 1 A, and the establishment of provincial Taicang University of Science and Technology Park, a provincial German precision machinery parts manufacturing International Technology Transfer Center, provincial intelligent manufacturing production teach integration integration platform, Suzhou green biocatalytic Technology Key Laboratory, Suzhou smart home wireless sensor application technology Key Laboratory and other business incubation and technology into the platform, and with the undergraduate colleges, local government cooperation in the establishment of the Lawrence Joint Research Institute, Taicang joint enterprise of the University, Taicang city Qin Lian Cultural Institute, Jiangsu province, SMEs, research institutes and other social service platform, the formation of full-time vocational education as the main body, application-oriented undergraduate and professional master's cultivation to Supplement Social training collaborative development of regional technical application-oriented talent cultivation system.

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

Having the appropriate degree; as when a positive high Title, Research fruitful, age may be relaxed to 50 years of age, the assessment can be used as professional leaders in the introduction.

Professional requirements:

Aircraft design, aviation, aerospace propulsion theory and engineering, aviation and aerospace manufacturing engineering, aeronautical and Astronautical Science and technology

Age requirements:

45 years old and below

Number of vacancies:

1 person


Talent categories

Settling-in allowance and housing subsidies

Research start-up costs

Rental subsidies for two years.


Professor Dr.

30-100 million

10-15 million

0.3 million/month

No, Associate Professor, the title of the PhD students in obtaining an associate Professor qualifications before 5 years before the award of performance pay assigned a reference associate Professor of execution

Specific treatment according to candidates in the actual situation of“one person, one meeting”。

Application process

(一)registration time: date of announcement to 2022 years 11 months 30 days.

(二)registration: 应聘者将应聘材料发送至邮箱 it. Send message subject format: post code+name+school+professional+education degree.

(三)registration submission

1. The Suzhou Lawrence Vocational Technical Institute in 2022, the second batch of open recruitment Dr. teacher application form(see Annex).

2. ID, bachelor degree and above stage academic degree, title certificates, award certificates and other scanning device.

3. I primarily research projects, research results, research awards such as the scanning device.

4. Study abroad returnees to be provided by the Ministry of Education Study Abroad service center to provide the foreign academic degree certification of the scanning device.

5. Candidates think Church and state engineer jobs are also required where the party issued in a total party staff CCP preliminary party members to prove material of the scanning device.

Sign up personnel should submit the material responsible for the authenticity of, where there is a failure to provide the required registration materials or falsification of persons(with the application form filled information does not match), a verified, cancel the exam or employment eligibility.

IV eligibility of First Instance

The school for registration personnel qualifications the first instance, to determine the personnel list in Suzhou Lawrence vocational and Technical College website meet the recruitment conditions of personnel, the public 3 days, the message sent Taicang city Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for the record after the organization of the relevant personnel to participate in the eligibility review and exam.

Five, eligibility review and exam

A qualified review

Eligibility review in the official examination before by Suzhou Lawrence Vocational Technical College of the corresponding recruits the network registration is the submission of the original review, the review is not by the candidates shall not participate in follow-up examinations.

According to the current epidemic prevention and control related requirements, candidates are required to 14 days in advance to apply for“SU Kang code”and daily health Declaration for the post can apply, and review(test)of the day“Su Kang code”green code, and the field measurement of the body temperature below 37. 3℃, and no cough or other abnormal symptoms, but also need to hold himself to participate in the eligibility review(examinations before the start of the 48 hour to the sampling time of the new Crown virus nucleic acid detection of the negative report of the proof, the party can enter the review points test point to participate in the review(test)。 In the hiring organization and implementation process, according to the new Crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control normalization of the relevant requirements, the implementation of anti-epidemic measures, if necessary, will be about the organization of work appropriate adjustments.

Qualification review and test of the time and requirements in Suzhou Lawrence Institute of technology official website notice.

II exam

This open recruitment no test ratio. Eligibility review by the personnel to participate in the exam.

Exam mode of teaching to try to make peace interview. Main examination jobs require expertise, business ability and comprehensive quality, etc. Scores to percentile calculation, set 60 is divided into passing score, the scores of unqualified persons are not counted in the total score, the score on the spot announcement. In passing scores above the line, exam total score calculation method for teaching Bandstand scores accounted for 40% of the interview scores accounted for 60%. Test scores retain the decimal point after the second digit, the third is rounded, such as exam total score of the same to the interview results higher in the front, such as teaching Bandstand grades and test scores are the same, then other arrangements plus the. Test time, place notice.

Six, a medical examination

In accordance with the recruitment exam final scores from high to low in the order, according to the number of vacancies 1:1 ratio, determined to enter the medical examination candidates. Physical examination standards with reference to the revised Civil Service Examination General standard pilot of execution, the specific time, place notice. Medical unqualified person may not be hired.

Seven, study

The recruitment unit to pass the exam and examination qualified candidates for the study and eligibility criteria to review, examine the standard reference Suzhou civil service recruit study related requirements. For failure to comply with the announcement of the provisions of this open recruitment basic conditions and recruitment of the required expertise, skills and other qualifications of personnel, cancellation of their admission status. In the employer Declaration of admissions and recruitment procedures before, because of the candidates ' examination, inspection and qualification review of substandard and due to the waiver of admission and the emergence of shortfalls, in Apply for the same post of staff, press the test the total score from high to low of the order were successively replaced. Hired after the acceptance letter out of date forgo hiring qualifications, no longer replaced.

Eight, admission and hiring

A school based recruitment exam results, examination results, qualification review and assessment(study)conclusions, determined to be hired personnel.

(二)intended to hiring staff list in Suzhou Lawrence vocational and Technical College website for no less than 7 business days.

(三)by the public without objection, the message Taicang city Human Resources and Social Security Bureau approval and apply for the admission or signing, authentication, and other related procedures.

(四)hired personnel should be in the "Admission Notice" within the specified time to check in and go through the hiring procedure, the signing of the employment contract due to personal reasons late unreported to the cancellation of their admission status. Hiring personnel should be in the recruiters minimum service of 3 years including probationary period,the initial employment of the staff and the business unit entered into a contract of employment, the probationary period is 12 months, other staff for a trial period of 6 months. Probation and examination, to be given the post; and assessment to fail lifting of the contract of employment.

Annex 1: 苏州健雄职业技术学院2022年第二批公开招聘博士教师岗位表.doc

Annex 2: 苏州健雄职业技术学院2022年第二批公开招聘博士教师报名表.doc

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

1 person

Age requirement

45 years old and below

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