Suzhou University of the future science and engineering recruit leading talent

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Unit introduction

●The National“Double First-Class”construction of colleges and universities

●The National“211 Project”of key construction universities

●The“2011 program”the first batch of selected colleges and universities

●The Ministry of education and Jiangsu Provincial People's government to build colleges and universities

●National Defense Science and Industry Bureau and the Jiangsu Provincial People's government to build colleges and universities

●Jiangsu province, belongs to key comprehensive University

Soochow University is located in known as“city of garden methyl world, Gusu rich crown of Jiangnan”reputation of the historical and cultural city-Suzhou. School of philosophy, Economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, arts, science and other twelve of the University section of the categories. With 1 Nobel laureates, 10-bit academicians, 9 developed countries academician, 34 countries Jay Green, including various national Champions and young talent 320 visitors.

The future science and engineering

For service to local and national major strategic needs, and promote the future of technology innovation, talent cultivation, scientific research and industry incubation“Trinity”Development Goals, Soochow University, Suzhou in the planning and force the“double first-class”construction, combined with future campus construction in 2021 formation of the future science and engineering.

As a University of the future campus of the leading Academy for future science and engineering insist on facing the future, facing the International, for the industry, the focus of artificial intelligence, the design of integrated circuits and Integrated Systems, Statistics, mechanical engineering, robotics engineering, data science and Big Data Technology and other areas, to serve the country in the Yangtze River Delta integration strategy and regional development for the location, highlight the institutional reform, international personnel training, results into industry and other key work, and strive to the Academy building became a culture in line with the development of the Times and country of the future needs of the Cosmopolitan, complex top-notch innovative talents of the educational bases.

Suzhou University of the future campus is located in Jiangsu province, Wujiang district, Suzhou city, East of the pillow the Grand Canal, North of the resort and ecology Park. It is facing the Yangtze River Delta Eco Green integrated development demonstration zone construction, closely linked to“research-intensive, international, cutting-edge, boutique, digital”the goal of positioning. The future campus is the University with the Wujiang deepen comprehensive cooperation in major projects, is the first in China to“future”named after the University campus, but also the Yangtze River Delta Eco Green integrated development demonstration area within the first College campus.

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

In the overseas famous universities, research institutes serving as the equivalent of associate Professor and above title, has high scientific research level and a strong technological innovation ability, or in the well-known international companies in senior positions in the professional and technical personnel;or in the academic frontier areas of domestic and international recognized high level of original research results, has reached the national leading talents academic standards; or long-term engaged in front-line teaching jobs, teaching outcomes and education quality of the projection,in the field of Education enjoys a high prestige,has reached the National Teaching teacher level. Have the lead in your field to keep the national leadership and the impact of world-class academic abilities. Age is generally not more than 55 years of age.


A talent project support

1. Priority recommended the Declaration of Jiangsu province“dual-create a plan”, to the inclusion of dual-create a team, the three-year provincial financial giving a total of 300-800 thousand talents of funding; the inclusion of dual-create a Dr. in two years the provincial financial giving a total of 15 million of innovation funding.

2. Priority recommended to declare“Jiangsu distinguished Professor”, as selected, hired a period of three years, the provincial fiscal given per person per year, 12 million jobs allowances exempt from personal income tax for science class, Humanities and Social Sciences class, respectively, to provide 100 million yuan in particular, excellent to provide 200 million, and 50 million of research funding. Where, as in the overseas has been made assistant Professor, and the above positions, can be directly through the“recommended”system channels directly to declare“Jiangsu distinguished Professor of.”

3. Priority recommended to declare the city of Suzhou“Gusu innovation leading talents”with the youth leading talent, such as inclusion, were given 50 million, 100 million, 200 million technology project funding; meet the conditions, in accordance with the city of Suzhou“mingle engineering”enjoy the top-notch talents of Leju policy.

Second, the individual subsidies to support

1. Suzhou“cited only subsidies”, in accordance with the corresponding levels of the introduction of high-end talent, Suzhou offers lead to subsidies, the selected talents according to the different categories of highest respectively enjoy 25 million, 50 million, 250 million.

2. Suzhou“mingle engineering”, the selected candidates can enjoy the“Mingle rental patch” “mingle boost credit”. Wherein, the highest can enjoy $ 8000/month“mingle rental patch”; the first use of the provident Fund housing loans for the purchase of first homes,“Leju booster loans”are not subject to Deposit, time limit, according to the Deposit base can be calculated loan amount, the loan amount can be relaxed to a maximum of 4 times.

3. Suzhou“talents contribution award”, the contribution of the award criteria does not exceed personal annual income of the formation of the local financial resources, and does not exceed its Su-to buy or lease a car, self-stay housing, office space, participation in professional training in the field and set up businesses and other expenditures of the total. Rewards total for calendar year cumulative total not to exceed 100 million yuan/person.

4. On selected countries to introduce a class of high-level personnel planner with youth projects, in line with conditions may apply Suzhou Industrial Park“Rooster Lakers before the plan”and enjoy supporting the life of subsidies and housing subsidies to support, the maximum funding amount is up to 350 million yuan!

Third, other support

1. The full-time introduction of talents, in addition to providing the above support measures, the school will also be in accordance with the relevant policies in the implementation of career preparation. Applicants such as for expatriates, according to the provincial, city, and school-related provisions.

2. The school is distinguished Professor and above personnel to provide adequate office laboratory space, support the formation of the innovation team, the priority is to support the recruitment of Junior faculty, post-doctoral and professional researchers, in which the post-doctoral recruit the number is not limited; graduate admissions indicators to policy tilt. Assist in resolving the spouse to work and children to school, provide the Affiliated Hospital of convenient medical conditions.

Job Features

Job Category

All subject areas

Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

55 years old and below

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