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Job description

Job responsibilities:

Engaged in front-line teaching and research work

Recruitment conditions:

  1. Having people's Republic of China nationality, compliance with people's Republic of China Constitution and the law.

  2. Law-abiding, of good character, Unity, dedicated gregarious, the integrity of.

  3. Adapt to the requirements of the physical condition, able to engage in teaching, research and frontline work.

  4. Age criteria: PhD candidate age not more than 40 years of age, that 1982 Year 1 month 1 day after birth; having a sub-senior professional and technical positions in age not more than 45 years of age, that 1977 1 month 1 day after birth; having a positive senior professional and technical positions the age does not exceed 50 years of age, that 1972 1 month 1 day after birth. Posts table with the other age requirements from its requirements.

  5. With the admission requirements of the professional, skills and other qualifications in the jobs table. The recruitment of recent graduates are required to 2022 12 month 31 date a certificate dated prior to graduation and obtain the qualification certificate, and still no work. 2020 and 2021 ordinary College graduates, if still not the implementation of workplace, which archives the relationship remains in the original graduate school, or retained at all levels of employment of graduates of the competent Department, Graduate Career Services Center, the talent exchange service agencies and public employment services, as well as abroad in the same period a graduate and has completed the academic qualifications but still not the implementation of workplace staff, you can apply for graduate jobs. Country(environment)the teacher disciplines and research institutions of learning earlier graduation personnel, refers to the country of departure)the teacher disciplines and research institutions of learning, with domestic graduates the same period of graduate study in personnel over the same period, the graduation of the time required with domestic graduates consistent.

  6. To obtain the mainland College-educated Taiwanese students and made the mainland recognition of academic qualifications other Taiwan residents when candidates by country and our province, the relevant provisions.

Number of vacancies: 4 people

Professional requirements: political economy, population, resources and environmental Economics, Finance, taxation, Science, Industrial Economics, Management Science and engineering, e-Commerce, agriculture and forestry economic management

Unit introduction

Nanjing Audit University is the only to“audit”the name of the full-time ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities, for our audit in higher education is the birthplace of one of the trial and stand for trial and memory, so trial and Xing, by trial and strong. The school was founded in 1983, 1987 renamed the Nanjing Audit University, 2002 in Nanjing financial College incorporated, 2011 of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, the Audit Commission and Jiangsu Provincial People's government“the third portion of the province”co-construction universities, 2013, master's degree granting unit in 2015 by the Ministry of Education approved more now, the 2021 approved doctoral granting units of the need to strengthen the building,2022 by the audit officially became a doctoral granting units.

In 39 years of educational practice, school always adhere to the service audit of the cause of the beginning of the heart is not modified, follow the“specialty, quality, internationalization”philosophy, the practice of“integrity, seeking, devoted to study, cause well”motto the spirit, pioneering work, the wind and rain Pass salary, it has been developed into audit personnel training of the cradle, auditing scientific research base, auditing, business development think tank and audit international exchange window.

The school has a government audit of the College, the school of Accountancy and other 18 school teaching Department, the internal audit Academy, a country rich in Trial Academy, the economic and Finance Research Institute of the 5 featured Research Institute; establishment Run Park, ze Park, Orange Park, qinyuan the College, the implementation of the College and the Academy“dual court system”education mode. The school offers undergraduate majors, 37, wherein the National First-class undergraduate professional-building points in 18, the Provincial First-Class Professional Construction point 11, the Ministry of education features professional construction point 3, the Ministry of education“professional comprehensive reform pilot project”2 entries, Jiangsu province, the“twelve-five”focus on the professional class 5, Jiangsu University brand professional 3, Jiangsu featured professional 5; built with state-level Online Courses 2 doors, the National First-class undergraduate courses 5-door, the national curriculum thinking governance model Course 1 door, a national Virtual of the Department of 1; built with state-level teaching team 1, national curriculum thinking of Church and state the scientific name of Division 8, the national curriculum thinking Church school team 1, Jiangsu province universities“Cyan engineering”excellent teaching Team 4. In 2007, the Ministry of education undergraduate teaching level evaluation to obtain the excellent in 2012, was named the first batch of“Jiangsu teaching advanced universities”; and in 2017, passed the Ministry of education undergraduate teaching work of the audit estimate. School building since the accumulated culture of nearly 7 million full-time graduates, nearly half are engaged in the audit and economic supervision of the work. According to the Jiangsu province, College admissions and Career Services Center released the calendar year in the Jiangsu province Graduate Employment Survey Report and the Jiangsu province, the employer recruiting survey report, School of graduate employment Quality Index top; the graduates of his Alma mater, the overall satisfaction and the employer of graduates, the satisfaction of rising year by year, stable in 90%or more.

Application process

A. registration

(一)registration time, place, manner

Candidates through“of Jiangsu province, belongs to public institutions open recruitment platform”registration, photo upload, eligibility for the trial, both through the network simultaneously. Registration URL: Jiangsu province human resources and Social Security online business services in the Hall. Or below delivery resume.

1. Registration, photo upload time: 2022 11 on 4 August 09:00-2023 年 3 月 29 16:00 PM;

2. Eligibility for the trial time: 2022 11 on 4 August 09:00-2023 年 3 月 30 August 16:00 PM;

3. Statement plead time: 2022 11 on 4 August 09:00-2023 年 3 月 31 16:00 PM;

4. The preliminary objection to the processing time: the 2022 11 on 4 August 09:00-2023 年 3 月 31 October at 18:00.

(二)online confirmation

1. Candidates online submitted registration information 24 hours after the holidays, can be to the registration website to query whether through the recruitment sector units qualification of First Instance.

2. This open hiring is not to close fee and exam fees, by the first instance that a successful registration.

3. Not time online to confirm enrollment eligibility, upload photo as the registration is invalid.

(三)registration notes

1. Candidates according to the job requirements and the online prompts, fill in the relevant information, and upload own recent bareheaded front two inch(35X45 mm photo, jpg format, size is 20Kb or less. The recruitment sector according to the candidates to provide information for review. Candidates fraud, a verified, that the abolition of the candidates qualifications.

2. The recruitment of long-term jobs, no test ratio. Since the announcement of 7 working days after, according to the registration situation, Self-Organization assessment. The post trick full stop.

3. Candidates only from the posts table to select a job application. Qualifications preliminary examination is passed, not to change the registration information. Not by a qualified trial candidates, during the registration period, you can change the message to meet the eligibility criteria of the other posts. Candidates to be used in the validity period of the second generation of Resident ID card for registration, the registration and examination using the ID must be the same.

4. One of the following circumstances, please do not enroll candidates to:

① Active duty military, colleges and universities in the read non-graduates; and

② With the business unit head of the member of a marital relationship, a direct blood relationship, the third generation within the collateral relatives by blood relationship or nearly in-law relationships of kinship, shall not apply for the business unit organization, personnel, and Discipline Inspection and supervision, auditing, financial positions; and the existing in-service personnel to the presence of the relationship, and shall not apply to the gang after formed directly on the lower level of the Leadership Relationship Management, class jobs, and the business unit personnel management avoidance provisions clearly should avoid positions; and

③ The new Jiangsu province public institutions open recruitment personnel measures in the 2020 Year 3 month 13 date of implementation, according to the subsequent release of public institutions open recruitment staff announcements, is hired to Jiangsu province, where all types of Business Units 3-year service period is not full of the encoder in the register personnel; and

④2022 年 8 月 31 recently, the 5-year period of Service is not full, the newly hired servants, or have provisions containing the agreement clearly cannot dismiss leave the workplace(post)personnel, or country and the province otherwise provides, shall not apply to the business unit personnel.

Second, the test subjects, time, and implementation approach

An eligibility review.

Assessment before, the school will be corresponding hired staff qualification review, the candidates must submit the following materials to the originals and photocopies of:

1. The highest degree, diplomas, ID card, professional and technical positions qualifications;

2. Domestic graduates provide where the institutions issued by the provincial education administrative departments uniformly printed by the graduates of the two-way choice of employment recommendation form, transcripts, obtain foreign education provided by the Ministry of Education Study Abroad Service Center issued by the foreign academic degree certificate action;

3. Provide other relevant material original, photocopy, such as published papers, subject, award certificates, research results, etc. By the qualification review the candidates into the examination. Assessment of the time and place of the school by phone or e-mail notice to the candidates. Candidates should be in accordance with a predetermined time and place to participate in the assessment, or as a waiver.

II assessment of the way: the interview.

Interview Assessment in accordance with the Nanjing Audit University self-developed approach to the implementation. The main test to fulfill job responsibilities required expertise, business ability and comprehensive quality. Interview score of 70 out of 100 points for qualified, interview results on the spot to inform the candidates, less than 70 points will not be hired. The total score is the interview results.

Third, medical, study

After the exam, according to the total score calculation method to determine the candidates of the total scores in each individual Test(Test)of qualified personnel, according to the job title of the proposed recruitment of a 1: 1 ratio from high to low to determine the attending medical personnel. Physical examination standards with reference to the state civil service recruitment examination General standard trial was performed.

The examination of qualified personnel by the Employer Organization study, and according to the study and examination results, to determine the proposed hiring personnel list. The proposed hiring personnel list will be in the Jiangsu province human resources and Social Security on the web site is well shown in 7 working days. Well illustrated contents include the post number, recruiters, job name, intends to hire a person's name, academic, professional, school, current employer, recruitment exams various scores, total scores, rankings, etc.

In response to recruits investigation or examination does not meet the requirements of, or intends to hire candidates for the publicity of the results of the impact of employment or intended employment candidates expressly waive the hiring, or other reasons that lead to the hiring of vacancies, it is no longer replaced. Hiring approval or for the record no longer replaced.

Fourth, the publicity and recruitment

On the public shows no objection personnel, the provincial human resources and Social Security departments for the record, by the employer for its handling of the relevant recruitment procedures, and with the signing of the employment contract, and the agreed trial period. Probation and examination, to be given the post; and the assessment of unqualified persons, to cancel the recruitment eligibility, the lifting of the contract of employment. The proposed hiring of personnel is generally associated with the recruitment unit established more than 3 years up to and including employment contracts, except in accordance with the law under random lifting of the employment contract, it should be in school a minimum service of 3 years of the trial period to.

Belonging to one of the following circumstances, the school cancelled the hiring qualifications:

1. No work unit of the staff at the school a notification, signed a contract of employment after 15 business days, not with the school signed a contract of employment seekers.

2. Graduates not in this Bulletin predetermined time before obtained the corresponding qualification certificate holders.

Attachments:The post Table(1)

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