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Unit introduction

Zhejiang modern textile technology innovation centre, hereinafter referred to as the“center”is the first batch of six provincial Technology Innovation Center. The center has been gathering the administration and researchers a total of 156 people, including domestic academician of 2 people, a foreign academician of the 1 people, the National Personnel 3 people, provincial personnel 15 people, postdoctoral 3 people.

The center is located in the International Textile City, the national well-known economically strong area-Keqiao. In recent years, Keqiao with a large textile industry as the leading and pillar industry to“leading the race”ahead attitude, positive cohesion building a world-class modern textile industrial clusters. The center based on Shaoxing Keqiao and the province textile industry of the real Foundation and development advantages, by the Shaoxing government-led, Keqiao district government and Zhejiang University of Technology Dual-LED joint field of textile universities, research institutes and enterprises are building together, in order to“based in Zhejiang province, facing the country, leading the world”, to seize the modern textile industry in domestic and International two-cycle of the strategic high point of the target, to create a leading domestic and international first-class, and there is a significant influence of modern textile technology innovative a source and a new world-class scientific and technological innovation platform.

Focus on building fiber material, advanced preparation techniques, high-end textile and eco dyeing techniques, textile, smart manufacturing and advanced composite materials, the future of textile technology of the four R & D system, build a world-class modern textile industrial clusters and engineering and technical personnel training model of the subject. Center Phase II construction project planning with about 200 acres, will be built to support the modern textile industry technology innovation and application of world-class institutions, building public innovation service platforms and professional technical R & D platform, laboratory, and ancillary testing center, in the test base, industrial accelerators, high-level talent training base, excellent engineers training, academic exchanges and technical trading platforms and other facilities.

We are invited to engage in the modern textile industry chain related material, chemical, mechanical, information technology and other research fields at home and abroad of excellence: the center, the total could you!

Job description

Job responsibilities:

Declare and undertake all levels of the longitudinal project;

Undertake research and postgraduate guidance work;

Patented, new products, technology incentives and other types of outcomes.

Recruitment conditions:

Research direction:

Digital measuring the color and the outfit

Textiles a visual defect detection and pattern recognition;

Composite preform molding equipment design and control;

Smart textile equipment network system architecture design

Job requirements:

PhD, age 35 years or less;

There is a stable direction of research, published by a high level of academic papers or make significant technology progress, with a strong research and development potential.


A welfare and security measures

1. Centre for high-level personnel in the salary system for the scientific design of key positions, key talent tilt incentives, offers competitive remuneration. The post can assist eligible people to apply Keqiao District of talent subsidies, the full-time post-doctoral stop center to provide research start-up funds, the outbound to stay described in the work of the post-doctoral according to local policy to give home fee subsidies;

2. The center has a complete talent training system and performance incentives for candidates to provide talent development and academic upgrade opportunities. The first recruits to the end of the period, research outstanding performance, it can be recommended to the Zhejiang University of technology to give BIS recruitment jobs; and

3. Increased year by year Social Security and provident Fund to pay standard, providing free accommodation, meals allowance, paid annual leave, medical and other benefits; assisting high-level talent to solve the housing, schooling for children and other issues.

4. Working hours: 8:30-17:00, double break, enjoy national holidays.

(二)remuneration system

Researchers, the analysis of the test personnel

1. Salary:

Master of pre-tax annual salary of 15-30 million yuan;

Young Dr. pre-tax annual salary of 35-to 50 million yuan;

Research backbone pre-tax annual salary of 40-80 million yuan;

Full-time post-doctoral salary of 35 million yuan, supporting scientific research funding.

2. The Center encourages the conditions of the excellent reporting of provincial and Ministerial level and above Talent Plan projects selected can be while enjoying a center supporting the provision of funding.

Leading the team

1. Job requirements

The introduction of the team should have the following conditions:

1. the team should have a clear research directions and scientific research goals and research content, talent reasonable structure, innovative obvious;

(2)with the provincial portion above the level of all kinds of focus, and major scientific research projects of the ability to produce a batch of having a high level and the significant impact the iconic research results;

(3)team research direction and content shall be in line with the center of the overall development planning;

(4)the team size in principle by not less than 5 research backbone and scientific and technical personnel constitute, wherein the core member 2-3 people. Team PI should, in principle, in the professional sphere or the industrialization has a major impact, the core team members generally should have a doctoral degree; and

(5)the General requirements for team leaders and core members of the full-time introduction.

2. Salary benefits and perks

(1)according to the introduction of team size, given the lucrative remuneration package, experimental site and project requirements for the particular thing; and

(2)assist eligible team members to apply Keqiao District of talent subsidies, and the highest enjoyment of room ticket subsidy of 500 million yuan, the home subsidy of 100 million yuan, according to the specific Shaoxing City personnel policy dynamic adjustment;

(3)the team members of the first recruits to the end of the period, research outstanding performance, it can be recommended to the Zhejiang University of technology to give BIS recruitment jobs.

(4)Innovation Center to encourage conditions for the excellent who declared the provincial and Ministerial level and above Talent Plan project, included in the rear can enjoy the corresponding provision of funding.

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